2015 Audi S3 Sedan (8V) Review

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Torrey B says:

I’d get the new golf r over this for three reasons:
1) Cheaper
2) Hatchback
3) Manual option 

mercmilan06 says:

I love my S3 so much!! Thanks for the vid!

podi8 says:

great video as always Nick. 

Greg Laurence says:

S4 motortrend 4.4 0-60, 12.8, 108 trap speed. Is as fast as S3. S4 stopped
in shorter distance. Dyno is closer to 390 hp and 385 torque stock S4 by

1seipai says:

No gorillas, what an absolute disgrace! You deprived us of an opinion on
back seat comfort during violent acceleration!

Nathan McConnell says:

Best review by far, Nick well done on improving your videos they get better
and better each video you do I liked the bloopers at the end thanks nick
for being a great car review but one criticism how dumb do you have to be
to forget a gorilla what car review forget to bring a gorilla! Thanks for
being a great you tuber Thanks a bunch!


Trevor E says:

i enjoy your videos, nick, but have one nit to pick: you consistently use
the word “dampening” instead of “damping.” damping is the work of a car’s
suspension. dampening is what happens to the interior of a 911 when you
have the very unfortunate luck of buying a lemon and then end up driving it
in the rain. (sorry, i couldn’t resist.)

keep up the good work!

bassdemon16 says:

I think it’s universally recognized that Audi drivers are all wankers :p
Any time someone cuts me up, doesn’t know lane discipline or frankly,
shouldn’t be driving, they’re in an Audi. Even some arsehole this evening
decided he was too important in his Audi to wait in a queue to pull in to a
slip lane, so he drove right to the fucking front, and then cut in last
second, practically pushing a car off the road.

Audi = cunt.

Carl Moritz says:

couple things you should know as a reviewer. 1.the S4 is Supercharged not
turbo 2. the M235I has an option for X Drive so yes it can be had with
awd. the are a few other options as well for the S3, diamond pattern
stitched seats & red calipers to name a few. BTW I have a sepang blue S3
and its awesome

anotherone10 says:

10:12 Great number plate :D

Broncho Gillespie says:

Nick, you seem to criticize the Mercedes in some of your videos, any chance
of a review of one so we can see what you are saying? 

Red Cuffs says:

I have to agree about the lack of Gorilla. You come off as much more
amateurish when you don’t have William or Albert to keep you in check. I
think you might need a Third Gorilla and name is Chauncey because remember,
3 Gorillas are better than 2! Oh, before I forget, excellent review yet

GTgameTime says:

Should that not have been the A45 AMG in the list? it is much more like the
S3 especially the hatchback, the one I much prefer too.

sdemetriou says:

Nick, great review as always. Quick question – what go pro mount were you
using on the driver side window? Looking forward to your M4 6 month review!

Nick Murray says:

Audi S3 review… Wooho

Raymond Torres says:

i hate this new 60fps standard for anything outside of videogame
footage…gives mes nausea

Bestwick1983 says:

Great review, Nick.

I’ve never understood those that insist on having these Quattro equipped
S-cars in manual format. The understeering nature of the car doesn’t lend
itself to hooning about in the first place. It’s a safe, all weather, fast
daily driver that works best with the S-tronic box.

I owned the previous model with S-tronic and drove a friend’s with manual
and the above is quite clear. If you want something in this segment aimed
at being more of a driver’s car then get yourself the RWD M235i with a
manual box.

Smokin with Chris says:

This was by far my favorite video you have done! The outtakes at the end
were a really nice addition. Audi is an amazing vehicle I am hoping one day
they will sale it in the U.S. as a hatchback. 

Freddy Medina says:

is it me or was the audio delayed ? Great review none the less besides you
forgetting the gorilla ! that was rule one nick !

Keiser C. says:

m235i vs S3 ? which one would you pick ?

justin bouche says:

sounds good but exterior styling feels like its behind its competition. 

xkrnxboix says:

A good note to add to the S3 vs S4 list: They have quite different AWD
systems. Haldex vs Torsen I believe.

mntbighker says:

At least this time you mentioned the Audi and the VW are on the same
platform ;-) I think I would have to choose the Golf R over the Audi
myself. But I do prefer the Google Maps Nav.


First BITCH!!!!! first! !!!

P. A. Grens says:

I’m curious as to what you’d think of a new Chevy SS.

Greg Laurence says:

Great reviews. A lot of of time and effort to get these videos out. I’ll
let the S3 is faster than S4 info slide:). Looking forward to others
reviews. Congrats on some great high quality reviews. 

Jay J says:

Hey Nick, yea agree with you on the sound enhancing that manufacturer’s are
doing now…however the only time i’ve thought it’s going a bit too far is on
the Renault Clio RS 200, where you get like 6 choices including Nissan
GTR,clio V6 & even a bike engine sound?!?!? (Not sure on the other three
choices) Lol. 

N1ckN1ck100 says:

Excellent! Thing packs a punch. I have an 07′ a3 3.2. Really wish I could
look forward to a wagon Audi in the future.. besides the Allroadad car.
(Drove it, still like it)

Think you can get your hands on an SQ5?

seven2uno says:

Thanks for the upload Nick, taking delivery of my S3 in Daytona gray and in
hatchback form(Aus) at the end of this month, great to see your take on it!

Martin Davanger says:

The new jeremy clarkson?.. Just kidding Nick.
Keep up your good work, love it :)

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