2015 Audi S3 – (Snake) One Take

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Matt reviews the 2015 Audi S3 Sedan at first light on Mulholland Highway’s famous “Snake” section. With 300 HP, a dual clutch gearbox, and a world-class interior, is the S3 the perfect daily…


Cameron Russell says:

Jesus Matt, how old is your phone??

fe1138lix says:

APR’s Stage 1 Golf R did high 11′s to low 12′s in the 1/4 mile, so the
engine seems very responsive to a tune

Andrew Cathcart says:

Great review! Matt, whats your take on auto makers (Audi, Merc, even Mazda)
putting the nav/info screen on top of the dash? It is a really minor point
I know, but It seems like it is becoming a trend, at least Audi hides it
away when its off it seems…

stoopidvideo says:

Small little tune would get this to atleast 360hp.

TheSmokingTire says:
100vasiliy says:

i want a Versus between this and an STI

Adrian Paul says:

love you Matt 

MrNuggetface says:

Why do I relate to Matt so much more than other car reviewers? 

MikeHuntIsItchy says:

Love this car, beautiful and knowing the amazing numbers the Golf R put
down with APR magic, it’ll scoot and make for an amazing time.

$49k though…maybe im just a broke ass, but WOW that’s a lot of freaking

RB26 likeaboss says:

man u americans like euro cars haha

scarface450514 says:

If I held a gun to your head, M235i or S3 ?

Jonas Rosenven says:

Damn, Matt. Your concept here is so simple and enjoyable. It’s like eating
hot dogs whilst being drunk. I mean that in the best possible way. It’s
just good clean fun :)

DG Filmz says:

Usb ports should’ve been standard in every car since 2010 tbh 

flunk77 says:

Sounds like dust buster, still nice otherwise, wouldn’t dissuade me.

J. Martinni says:

Audio seems great (and better than previously) to me at 1080p!

Kevin Cormier says:

Really enjoyed this one take. I appreciated the quick walk around, as I
haven’t seen an S3 in person yet. I like that the video was sub 10 minutes
as I normally stop watching around there. Looking forward to watching more!

Neye~ says:

my grandad bought the first one in the uk :D white, love the car.

Norman Wong says:

Wait til you get on the rs3

MikaOwns says:

49K? Take the M235i.

Torrey B says:

I would like to see how the Golf R compares on this same road…of course
they will be very similar..but surely a different feel.

Antwon Jenkins says:

This thing is pretty much the same size as a B5 A4. Just shows you how big
cars have gotten in the past 15 or so years.

Jake Maletesta says:

The way some of these vloggers drive and vlog is quite unbelievable.

Joe O says:

can you share your thoughts with the S3 and Golf R(when u drive the Golf R)
which is better for daily/track? Also throwability/handling/acceleration

beeeneee says:

Cool video! Now i really want to make a test drive, always thought that
this S3 looks unbelievably good.

Bruno Oliveira says:

I’m not a fan of the grey leather on the seats.

Max Schlossberg says:

@thesmokingtire There is no baffles in the exhaust. Their is a “soundaktor”
which is just fake noise pumped through the stereo like the M5. On my B8.5
S4 we took it out when we installed our AWE Exhaust. There are numerous
threads on Audizine that talk about it if you don’t believe me. Besides
that, great vid as always! I live near your hometown too so hit me up if
you ever want to film something.

Nathan Bancroft says:

Wish I could have listened to your review, step-father kept talking about
the 40th anniversary of the Vietnam War. Lovin the One Take’s!

connoisseur de camembert says:

the us needs some more rs cars

Ryan Jung says:

The stage 1 tune puts down 325 WHP 350TQ thats like stage 2 pro tune evo.
It will be pretty quick.

Alex K says:

Unitronic > APR

DJ Nasu says:

Little Audis are the best. The size is perfect

Samuel Wu says:

Compare this with the Lexus IS350 F-Sport since they’re similarly priced. 

Justin Key says:

My wife’s very base 2011 Fiesta has a USB port that can charge and play
media from iPods or flash drives. Why is this not a standard feature by

Shane Massa says:

Wish it was still a hatch

TheLastTank says:

Audio is much better in this video

G. Warren says:

So it’s basically a Jetta with a Audi front clip…and a +20k markup.

Frozen Canuck Patrick James says:

45 degrees is chilly? I am living in the wrong place.


but is it worth the extra $$$$ over the VW Golf R???

headcas620 says:

Nice gti. 

mynameisrits says:

pretty much the same car in the previous video (jetta GLI) lol, love both
cars though, thinking about getting an A3, but it’s between that an the
GLI, GLI is a lot cheaper tho, but the a3 looks better

ThatGuyNamedScott. C says:

I was In a SE spec A6, and I went over a speed bump on a angle. I basically
got thrown. The Audi range needs to sort that haha

randombloke10 says:

What’s the steering like on the move, last Audi I drove felt numb :(

Chuzo1946 says:

Awesome as always! Keep them coming

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