2015 Audi S4 Showroom Review-1080p HD

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Nice black Audi S4 2015.


Vavazelus says:

Ok shitbirds GTFO out of the car! You guys do not have 2 nickels to rub
together. Try rubbing your cocks against each other at home. 

Seth Farber says:

Your stupid that’s a 14 the 15s haven’t even been released and the new 15s
have different headlights

tksemipro says:

The passenger can’t seem to keep his hand off that stick. 

rope rider says:

buncha pricks

Miro Vojtechovsky says:

that V6T badge is killing me

00dempsey says:

You guys should have been scoping the RS5 if they had one there.

McGough22 says:

Dinks…. Going through the gears???? Yup, shift works…

Too bad he didn’t get a shot of the VIN so everyone would know which one to

TimeWithinTime says:

Not 2015 obviously.

mbenzsl2000 says:

Why the hell is he giggling at his freind like a school girl?

00dempsey says:

Hell ya, 6MT is the only way. Especially in an s4 

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