2015 Audi S6 Review

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The Audi S6 car flies so low under the radar it could scrape its belly on street signs. Enthusiasts know what it is, but the average motorist has no idea what caliber of heat the sedan is packing….


AutoGuide.com says:
Ara J says:

if I be honest it is very underpowered for a 4.0 L twin turbo V8

AdvancedEliteGaming says:

Just so good to watch. Awesome reviewer with great quirky sense of humour 

Augie2119 says:

Dude you are one of the best reviewers out there, I’m talking Brian Cooley

alanb:) says:

Autoguide, more of this fella and you will have more success. Really good
and entertaining review mister.

jump oricakle says:

was that rainbow at the end photo shopped or real?

Aaron A says:

WOW! as others have mentioned you are definitely getting to that brian
cooley level!
can anyone explain to me why those connectors are even a thing…come on
throw in a USB like everybody else

healingduck says:

That USB connector thing is just plain stupid. Most people who are buying
an Audi will obviously most likely pay for it, but the fact that it’s even
a thing is ridiculous.

DevPack says:

no USB port…wtf

PussMag says:

owning a ten-year-old S6, it puts a smile on my face EVERYDAY, I can only
imagine this one being much better
you can criticize me about other cars that have more horsepower, the
feelings are not the same

Just D8vid2 says:

Now I want lobster…

Lu-Hiep Phan says:

Another excellent review from +Craig Cole . Just the facts, with huge doses
of personality and humor. Looking forward to more videos. Shame that you’re
still an associate editor. That’s the real WTF! 

Mighty Vicious says:

Hi there! Although english language is very simple it is also rich enough
to have other words which can replace : “What the fuck!”. It is really
really sad that wtf is so commonly used in everyday tv/internet broadcast.
Hope next video will be better.

Venkat Sai says:

the 2016 model has 450 bhp.

Nathan Sijpkes says:

Nice car good platform for tuners

Sash says:

one charger hellcat in red please!!!!

fwirs says:

Heck of intro …..

” mesmerizing “!!!! Dude how these words comes to ur mind ?????

Brilliant son of @&$@&!# 

ray britton says:

lol great review. Loved it. but im not paying 80k for that

AJ Lee says:

This is a late review. The refreshed 2016 has been on sale for weeks now. 

keri ellerbe says:

At 3.12 the navi don’t line up good to the dash… Now I’m sure if this was
Caddy or Lincoln everybody would have a field day with jokes. Just saying.
Like everybody say at this price point that ain’t expectable , tho I could
careless. Lol

anthonyxavinha says:

It isn’t 2015 modell. It is modell 2012. In 2015, the audi a6/s6/rs6 had

Leo Khedr says:

Look at the backdrop when he speaks about the rainbow @5:50 A rainbow
slowly appears. Nice Touch Auto Guide!

Mohammed Aloraini says:

you should make review on 2016 instead!!

Ilija Petrovic says:

Absolutely awesome complete sedan, car done right.
Also nice review packed with info and balanced humor – well done +

Mohsin Alam says:

The guy in this video, is he the riddler from the TV show Gotham?

ben better says:

V8 and turbocharged with ONLY 420hp? Huh?

NZsarge1 says:

Sepang blue would be my choice too

Denton Armstrong says:

As always, greet review Craig

However, I don’t feel the S6 is nearly as much a sleeper car as the 550i
is. BMW doesn’t put quad exhaust on a 550i, nor does it put a special
colorful badge on the back (like the red square audi s badge), yet it has
445 horsepower. 

dalvin edward says:

Dam nice I love audi

kenbefound says:

What a beauty, but as I can’t afford this blue gem. So I, like most, will
have to settle for gray :(

Average Duck says:

Would rather have a CTS-Vsport

Moby Dick says:

3:50 oh my, nerdplosion!

Sash says:

CHARGER hellcat eat your hart out!!!!!

r2stik says:

* USBC!!???

Darren Loke says:

The V8 of the R8 is now going to an Audi S model?

aquateen77723 says:

Craig Cole is too awesome for words.

Ivan Vojt says:

I could care less about this car but I had to start playing it to see who
the reviewer is, hey it’s Craig, i’m watching this!

Fire the other clowns.

sherwin leggett says:

i drive in grey scale cuz thats what i can afford lol

Evan Brudnicki says:

At 4:04 was i the only one that prayed he didn’t hit the pot hole

Thomas John says:

Very nice review style. 

ytwizzle says:

Bars.. But next time let us hear that exhaust note. S6 has a sweet exhaust
not which you didn’t let us hear. Other then that word play was the best.
Especially that lobster tail line Lol

kido hop says:

that fake rainbow thooo… lol btw nice quick review…

ThatBlackGuy says:

Craig! You’re my highway lol!!

jonaswang79 says:

Why would I ever drive in gray-scale? Because I’m poor, you inconsiderate
bastards! ;)

Siddharth Virkar says:

Am I the only one who was caught off-guard when he said ‘What the fuck
Great review though.

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