2015 Audi S8 4.0T Quattro Start Up, Quick Drive, and In Depth Review

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irdi basha says:

Coming from s class amg to this haha what a difference xd

Bati Tsogtsaikhan says:

They aren’t even in the same market segment but the new MB C400′s interior
is just so good compared to this. Audis, with the exception of the really
upper end models like the R8 and RSs, are starting to look bland and old.
The interior needs an overhaul update, not adding in carbon fiber trims. 

Bright Ivan says:

I’m just wondering what will happen if they came up with a RS8.

frodekf says:

I miss the days when you used to upload classic cars videos :(

KidWeazel says:

this car for work and 911 gt3 rs for track

NikoBell12 says:

It’s funny to see people ranting about how all Audi’s look the same. What
about Mercedes or BMW? They all look the same too. It’s just how most
German brands are, get over it.

Othmab Ans says:

Damnnn better than the s class 63 amg 

thetruthis9 says:

they really should have this in a long wheel base model… :-(

Raymond Walls says:

Finally! Thanks for reviewing this car, I was wondering when you be doing
the Audi S8. 

CheesyTV says:

I think there’s something wrong with the rear indicators – they appear to
be blinking red instead of orange.

Vane Ajta says:

Great car, great review. But, you said “Push and hold the button to start”
You dont have to hold down the button to start up the car. You press it
once and the car starts by itself. I know because my one of my friends have
2010 A8 4.2 TDI. Also I’ve tried it on my friends 2008 Nissan GTR. Try it
yourself Kyle, you will see :)

TheTypeRTheory says:

Obviously a great car, but damn all Audis look the same to me. For the last
5 years, an Audi is an Audi.

Carne Frita TV says:

Dated. Nothing new. All Audis look the same.

accirt82gmail says:

probably the only markets are US and China. None mentally healthy in Europe
would ever spend 130.000€ (160.000 US $) for this creepy pullman. for
30.000€ less you can get a maserati quattroporte.

idh0530 says:

It sounds BEEFY!

marc1093280 says:

For me

Daily Driver: Audi S8

For Weekends: Bentley Flying Spur

Japanhong123 says:

Would prefer the S63 AMG

snikerdoodles856 says:

Got damn this sounds mean….but 114k? at least change the body. The thing
looks just like an A4 from the outside. 

PlazmaBooy says:

My absolute dream car! Only problem is the price. It’s extremely cheap in
the US. It’s $409,175.45 where I’m from.. 

William skagen says:

Why havent audi made an a8/s8 stationwagon?

AndrewMacedonia says:

ill stick to my 350zed

JeremyMakers says:

I know the a8 or s8 rides smooth but it is worth the 100k

OG Badger says:

I’ll take this over 2015 s class… fuck it

Roman Alekseev says:

so the only difference from pre-facelift car is a new headlights and
taillights, not much of the facelift AUDI!

weirdshibainu says:

Why anyone would consider a Tesla when this is available is beyond me.

blanchbacker says:

Awesome review Kyle, one of my favorite cars of all time. Audi always does
an incredible job, that’s why I drive one!

bornfromawish says:

Has any one else noticed that most “black” interiors nowadays are actually
just a really dark charcoal-grey color?

Austin V says:

what is the little key with waves on the centre stack for? I’ve seen it in
a few higher end cars but never knew what it did.

YouTube d says:

114 thousand dollars.. lol.

Chrstian mrclep says:

Take note America! This is proper V8.

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