2015 Audi SQ5 Road Test and Review

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https://www.facebook.com/vehiclevirgins http://www.audiannarbor.com/index.htm 2015 Audi SQ5 $60325 3L Supercharged V6 354hp 346 lb ft 0-60: 5.1s Vehicle Vir…


Na Vi says:

Does the transmission in this car rev match downshifts? 

TheZombaslaya says:

My mom’s Subaru legacy has paddles. That’s not a sports car. it’s a 4

Sam Nelson says:

The camera work keeps getting better and better! Keep it up!

Sam Forster says:

What’s deferent though

Lakaiguy9 says:

Not shit vs. the x5 m sport

rbassdo says:

If you like the Macan but can’t justify the price after adding options, the
SQ5 is a great alternative that comes loaded for much less. 

zmanoside says:

Nice to see a SQ5 review that captures the intoxicating sound this car
makes. I’ve test driven two of them and will be selling my WRX STi to get
into one of these soon!

GTAFiver says:

I know it’s an old one but please review BMW e34 M5 (3.6 or 3.8l doesn’t
Nice Videos. Thumbs up!

FishFind3000 says:

Try to get an E60 M5, and E46 M3/E92 M3

applesappleapple says:

A review of the Acura RLX Sport Hybrid would be awesome! Rare car.

Audi Ann Arbor says:

Want to see more of our gorgeous #Audi SQ5? Check out this great video
review from +Vehicle Virgins 

Lucas Short says:

I’d like the convertible Ferrari F12 reviewed. That’s a great car 

Ricardo Silva says:

In europe we have a 3.0 TDI engine with 313hp for the SQ5

Thuxury says:

Love the intro, keep it up. Looks very professional.

adis dizdar says:

a very good locking car

Vehicle Virgins says:

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