2015 Audi TT: Slick, Fast, Sharp – XCAR

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XCARFilms says:

The new Audi TT is finally here! Thoughts?

XCARFilms says:

What do you think of the 2015 Audi TT?

XCARFilms says:

Here’s a question for you all…….Is this better or worse than the
previous TT model? Let us know your thoughts!

XCARFilms says:

Audi’s new TT is phenomenal! – check out our new film about it

XCARFilms says:

To see how the 2015 TT compares with the R8 V10 Spider click here: Audi R8
V10 Spyder, Shmee150′s Custom Wrap & Exhaust – XCAR

theokan89 says:

When I pay my hard earned money for a premium car, I want it to have tailor
made chassis&platform. I’ll have a merc or bmw, not a golf/skoda. Now all
audi owners who know this will get all angry and try to comment “ohhh noo
but it has a screen but it has led lights…”

Mr Ol Skül says:

I really like the angular lines of the new 2015 Audi TT. It looks crisp and
purposeful. Additionally, the interior is nicely done, especially the
re-configurable instrument panel. Furthermore, nice touch with the HVAC
controls inside the vents (way to save dashboard space). I don’t care for
FWD and don’t need AWD, so RWD would fit the bill perfectly. It shouldn’t
be too difficult to build, as the engineering dollars have already been
spent for the QUATTRO system. Make it RWD, with 350 HP and a 6-speed
manual, all for under $30K (U.S.) and you would have a winning combination.
Make mine red, please.

Paul McGuire says:

This sharing design idea has gone waaaaay too far now.
Soon we’ll go into dealers and they’ll just ask you if you want your car in
small medium or large. 

Emanuele Pinna says:

In my opinion, the perfect TT, should have the 1st generation exterior
looks, combined with the 3rd gen interior with all its new features. And of
course it would be all wheel drive (Quattro).

William Thieme says:

better in absolutely every way, IMO

TheRealZurkio says:

I’m from Germany, and I think, I’m the only one in germany who HATES the
new TT :/ I used to love the Audi TT :)

BDF30 says:


Philson says:

Audi TT vs Peugeot RCZ?

Pedro Macário says:

The thing i hate the most about the tt, especially the first gen one are
the people who drive this cars. (i don’t need to explain why…)

Anthony Neilly says:

Did he say he was a hair dresser?? Also how to export rain?

Dineth J says:

Hopefully this new aggressive look will help with US sales. I cant remember
the last time I saw a TT here I see more 911′s and Bentley’s than TT’s. I
love the minimalist interior too.

J.C VenomDrifter says:

Good car but doesn’t look as good as the model before, hopefully the RS
version can look better since I love the old one! 

SKShawski says:

US bound??????

Narrow Lanes says:

2015 #Audi #TT #review


Jon Car says:

Check out the electronic dash. 2015 Audi TT: Slick, Fast, Sharp – XCAR:
http://youtu.be/uEjOa2NKtOI The LED dash would look good in a Volt II or
use the one in the ELR

Prathamesh Labhade says:

Please make a video on BMW i8

Liew Wilson says:

Something wrong with the looking of the tt

jody024 says:

i like the looks of it but it does look like Audi designers played it safe,
the wow factor of the MK1 will never be achieved again 

eddie machete says:

What a mess! Ruined! Looks like a Passat or some other school run car! 

round51 says:

Okay enough with the commercials. But then how else would you pay the bills?

Thing is, I agree with other who have said it really doesn’t look that

Sandouras says:

I dont care for that exterior anymore, but god damn that interior is
amazing. Dare i say better than that on the Z4 (which i absolutely love). 

Supercars of London says:

Vast improvement on the previous TT. Looks great! 

kicksoffs says:

I love this car.

Narrowc ross says:

Good looking from the outside and inside, though I still wished it had a
central screen. Biggest problem is that the tt is not a standard
convertible like the BMW z4 or MB SLK

capturedbytee says:

The wheel arches haven’t changed since Gen 1.

Zapp Rogerstein says:

The front is great, the rear is still odd. Needs to be angular.

ismazara says:

Car designers have become lazy now, German cars like audi, BMW and mercades
look the same. They all have the same style but with different sizes, what
is happening?

Michael Klein says:

Interior is innovative and perfect for this type of car, but the exterior
is just, not right. 

Noah Brigdan says:

Damn, I hate how the front end looks and the interior / dash looks super
boring as well. Sure it drives well, but, eh.

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