2015 Audi TT, what it is and where it came from – Geneva 2014 – XCAR

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We take a look at the all new Audi TT at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. Not only that, but we had a look at its roots, from the 1998 original, to the latest TT …


james737 says:

Looks like the last TT, and like every other Audi. A rectangular block with
rounded-off edges and a goatee beard on the front.

647killa says:


MomoiroOmnio says:

Glad you guys like the looks of the these TT concept models.

But I have to disagree; the front face of these new TT concepts looking
meaner, less cuter, and overall more terrible. How can Audi go through with
this? It became more like a men’s car, too… I don’t like it!

The 2013 and 2014 TT models looks better at their front then these 2014
concept models… The 2013 and 2014 models are also more girlish but still
cool for the guys.

Other than that, these new concept models sounds and seems to have overall
improved (except the front face).

NikoBell12 says:

This one looks so much sexier than the others. First TT I’ve actually like
and would actually buy.

Nicktrance1 says:

I always thought the original looked a bit girlish with all it’s curves, it
did get progressively more aggressive and IMO better looking though.

Scrustle says:

Cool. I really liked the way you seamlessly transitioned from the road
test/retrospective of the old cars to showing off the new one at the show.
Felt very natural.

MikeRelvasR8 says:

I absolutely love the new TT. I’ve always been a diehard Audi fanboy
because of their looks, technology and capabilities. Now they are stepping
their game to a totally different level. Their new designs are insanely
beautiful and clean and the interiors are even more perfect!

When I saw the TT yesterday I immediately fell in love. I’ve been
daydreaming about it! It is a trully excelent car and I can’t wait to see
you and other reviewers taking it for a spin. If I’m lucky I can go toba
dealership and sit in it, as that interior is magnificently beautiful!

As always, great video! :)

Arch says:

Nice video! Love the mix of review and news. Also I must say that, while it
looks a bit similar to the car it replaces, this is an amazing, modern good
looking car! I wish I could afford it – and that they put that concept out
as the TT RS.

chicolatinochevere says:

My next toy.

J0lker says:

I missed the interior footage of it ; )
But i really enjoy the fact, you made a review you haven’t even driven yet
; D It’s so different than just making video and talking. Good point about
the history of the model, cheers!

S1DZ0M8Y says:

them indicator lights .. woah

Eric Jia says:

Nice video, but I have to say fuck you with all your MPH and MPG! 

kraenk12 says:

why didn’t you even mention the new digital cockpit?!

Kian Alam says:

The 420 is magical. 

Hadie Kumastar says:

they should have called it “TiTS”

Kevin Cheung says:

Audi’s are old man cars 

ki flex says:

new tt…ohhh yeah ..see the 420…

Aidan Alexander says:

My dada had an Audi and said that it sucked, but this one is just too

holotropiklive says:

Where did the 5cyl donk go? :(

DedicationBlog says:

I like it. I didn’t realise that new sport quattro concept thing was
basically going to look the same as the new TT though – I thought it was a
totally separate thing. Also its a shame it “only” has 420 bhp when they
originally said it would have something like 600.

Sathesh Kumar says:

When other channels just showcases the new TT, you guys do that with some
creative history lesson, which makes me all the more desire the 2015 model
. :)

Visham Ramsaran says:

Sell by the bucket load >? 

Mikee CZ says:

Did they announce the price? Your video really did its purpose, i want one! :-) And that 420 is completlly stunning

nestor gomez says:

Soooo sexy

JJ Sian says:

Very nice! That 420 looks epic!

rapperdoctordee says:

I’m not sure about the nose of the new TT. I prefer a happy faced TT, not a
fierce one … 

salar shojaei says:

this is some great television :D well done he knows what he is doing i
respect that very much

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