2015 BMW 1 Series Facelift on Everyman Driver, Dave Erickson

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Jerry Jung says:

Bmw really has to change update interiors… looks way too outdated..

Nathan Spence says:

Hey dave…did I miss read that that Detroit Auto show goes all the way til
the 26th?

senorgato70 says:

Not coming to the US. That’s okay because they are truly ugly little

russell brenzel says:

Slowly but surely fixing it. Like the 7 series.. They almost have the new
one, well it’s coming out in a few months, almost right.. smooth lines,
front to rear, don’t skimp on lights, or get Overly Creative. High tech is
great. The new 7 series will have the first ever Laser headlight system.

Christopher Deguzman says:

but will the u.s market get these cars? or will we have to wait for a sedan

Vinay R says:

What’s the background music Dave? Good taste in music :) 

giff74 says:

MMMMM, I like me a sexy wagon!

neorick27 says:

Petrol? Are you British now Dave? Haha

sunsirel says:

it looks so odd from some angles. The back is kind of interesting

Everyman Driver Car Reviews says:
Patrick Figalan says:

Is it coming to the U.S.?????

Mitul Jariwala says:


ahmet emre öz says:

Thanks dave

Jermon Robinson says:


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