2015 BMW 228i 0-60 MPH Test & Track Review: Fast & Friendly

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http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2015 BMW 228i is a small, fast and friendly BMW that will put a huge smile on your face. In this TFLcar Track Review Nathan not only finds out how well it handles…


David Lawman says:

LOL…”who am I to talk about lightness” :)

Vaas Montenegro says:

Once again, a great review! Love it

Alien Or Sutin says:

Surprising they don’t offer the manual in the states. They do make one, and
it’s about 3 thousand bucks cheaper. Blame BMW USA for that one. They’re
the ones that figured the buyers wouldn’t want it.

Adrian B says:

Isn’t this supposed to compete with the cla250? At $44k it’s veeery
expensive . if i had 44k laying around i would use it as a down payment for
an m4.

Dblock Medina says:

But you have to think again Nathan you cannot disqualify a car because is
not a manual transmission, now days almost all cars that are coming out are
automatic plus some of us prefer automatic over manual. Just a thought.

Dongi says:

5.74 at a mile high? That is real quick for a 240 bhp car! Two things, one
the power is under rated, two, the car really puts the power to the ground
very very well. I have driven this around a track at a BMW event. Supreme
fun car it is. 

kenshin moriame says:

I really love this car, quick, looks good inside and out, good mpg, and
with the M package perfect set up, balanced, and under $40k with the option
packages you would want, BMW really did a great job providing the customer
with what they want, modernized old school BMW fun, it’s like having the
E36 again but with better fuel economy

The Fast Lane Car says:
klc317 says:

What a good looking and fun car. Very appealing.

wantsanewvehicle says:

My first and only time ever driving a bmw was a used 2009 335xi. I was very
pleased! I can see why people like bmws. I can’t justify 32k base price for
this car, though. Bmws in general are expensive. Maybe I’d buy a used one..
but for the new price, I’d rather buy a muscle car.

Zachary Jones says:

Why do bmws have to have all the douchey drivers tho

andyhoov says:

I can’t believe I didn’t hear they had started offering the 2 series with
AWD. I now have a very strong contender for my next car.

donE37100 says:

I would agree that the previous 1 series had a stubby rear, but the 2
series is much better. Maybe even looks better than the 3/4 series bigger

headcas620 says:

2-series is the best car BMW makes. Everything else is too big and heavy.

Michael Reece says:

One of my favorites ..i love that pearl white paint too. Wish I had the
money to buy one

goatmonkey2112 says:

This is what the 1-series should have been all along. That’s the one
that’s really stubby and pot bellied. The 2-series actually looks pretty
good. If they had done it right the first time there would be plenty of
used 1-series cars that would seem like bargains by now. You can already
find a nice 228i used for just over $30k. Another year or two and there
will be used sub-$30k 228i and 235i all over the place. 

Ricardo Lara says:

Looks the same, like every other year!! You guys are whipped over BMW cars 

Alien Or Sutin says:

0:28 It’s the new BMW 228i Koop. Yay for Koops.

I’d take a Coupè over a Koop every time myself.

jamesgjt says:

wow this car is fun but not for nathans height. that pillar is banging his
head. I test drive the a3 and sat on the cla before and has the same issue

kowkicker1 says:

It’s a very feminine looking car. I would buy a Dodge Challenger instead.

IMakeOrWatchVideos says:

Thats quite nice. Too bad I dont ever see myself in the position to get a
BMW. :(

123bigred says:

samsung and sony are having issues with there server, so blu ray players,
home theater systems ect, cant access YouTube. It should be fixed soon, I
wasn’t able to watch any videos yesterday, so I’m watching them on my PC
today, not as good watching it on a big screen with surround sound, but its
still OK. Keep up the good work guys.

Diesel Review says:

I think it would be awesome in diesel form.

Hellfax says:

I love the front end of this car more than the new 3 series design. The
tail light are a little too big though, but other than that its a beautiful
car! Love that pearl paint too.

jonathan castro says:

Yo yo!. I a fan of you guys. I watched every video.

Questions have you made a video of 2014-2015 scion xb 5 speeds because I’m
in the market for 1. I tested drive a 2011 scion xb automatic is ok! US 4
Speed Auto ewww! 

Felipe Queirolo says:

however however however

gb291 says:

Why no 335i

threepac3 says:

Did you turn off traction control and run it. In this car traction control
holds it back by a bit. It also might be to cold up there run better

Alex Stern says:

I’ve been thinking about trading my e92 335 for the same car with a manual?
Do you think I would miss the 60 horses? 

ibeastly says:

Didn’t you reuse this video

Cadillac Car Guy says:

Nice lil car.

Chris Correa says:

Ron Chen says:

I usually hate BMWs but this car hit the sweet spot and I love it. Decent
performance, style and luxury all in a $33k package.

吴琎 says:

I own a M235i, absolutely a nice car. Really looking forward to the new M2.
It will be a beast.

Christopher .WalkenPNW says:


jonathan castro says:

My phone keep doing type o’s. 

TheSuperMotoHooligan says:

B to the M to the W…

Johnny Barrett says:

I’m not a big BMW fan but I kinda like the car it should have been the 35

Stephen Bradley says:

A chubby man driving a #BMW is a Mid-Life crisis waiting to happen in North
America but put a cute woman behind the wheel and Sales will nourish the
Sports Automobile industry!

Weapon X says:

My 2003 Honda Accord sedan can get to 60 in 5.9 so I think I’ll look for an
older more affordable car that’s quicker than this BMW. It’s ridiculous
that it also weighs as much as my big sedan. 

sailingtime72 says:

Nice review!, now how about 235i?

凸(-_-)凸 says:

True the front looks awesome the side looks okay don’t mind but the back
… Not digging it. BUT awesome all rounder 

texasyank48 says:

My local BMW dealership is selling a certified 2012 335i coupe, with < 5k miles, asking $36k. Who’d prefer that over the 228i in this vid.?

MrDago16 says:

Do a infinity Q60 and 328I comparison

Lbolting005 says:

BMW = ultimate driving machine…

However, a pain in the ass to maintain & the cost is out of this world.

xbradx11 says:

The BMW is stubby to you….have you looked in the mirror?….pot calling
the kettle black.

tommy chong says:

I Hate ”car racists”

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