2015 BMW 228i Coupe Review

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The 228i may be the cheapest car in the BMW lineup, but it’s also one of the most authentic. Read more at http://www.autoguide.com/auto-news/2014/11/2015-bmw…


justin bouche says:

i am glad they are really focusing on the 2 series BUT and its a BIG but…
it just feels like you are literally getting simply less in interior,
performance, handling, and exterior styling then the 3 / 4 series. now i am
a bit partial as i own a 09 M3 coupe (which by no means is superior
interior wise) but the 2 does not feel like the “new” interpretation of the
M3… its just lacking that BMW performance, quality, and lineage. 

John Nguyen says:

The lisp is too distracting.

Slickpete83 says:

does this 2015 228i have better handling then a 2011-2013 135i ???

Ultimatemxcn says:

I am probably alone but as ugly as some people claim the 1 series was it is
a thing of beauty compared to this lipsticked pig

VTEC kick in says:

Love this car….. I just think the A3 is a better luxury car but this is
obviously the better performance car.

AutoGuide.com says:

The 228i may be the cheapest car in the BMW lineup, but it’s also one of
the most authentic. 

Wi says:

Dat Listhp 

neha bhatt says:

2015 BMW 228i Coupe Review: http://youtu.be/QVCtJ7Za7NU

Torrey B says:

Why do ALL BMW exhaust tips look soooo small… even on their M series cars

Russ A says:

heard the car rub in that bump lol 

TeReNo223 says:

His lisp gets to me…

Silverdeamon92 says:

Even though BMW is throwing crazy models out there like Samsung does with
their mobile devices, it is nice to see that with this car they are showing
they have not forgetten their roots. Great review and you make a good point
in the conclusion.

Nate Dog says:

2015 BMW 228i Coupe Review

TheWangPro says:

here we go again, it’s the guy with the crazy lisp man

Lawrence Lo says:

Great review! Keep it up man!

t Harris says:

2015 BMW 228i Coupe Review: http://youtu.be/QVCtJ7Za7NU

krauser979 says:

I loved the 128i i wished they gave it the option to have the naturally
aspirated straight 6 engine like the 128i did. It’s the most reliable
engine there is and needs far less oil changes than a turbocharged engine
and it’s really where BMW’s roots are.

theBluseal says:

Cheapest and the junkiest, saw this car in person. WAY too much plastic and
closing the door sounded so cheap. I dont consider this “bmw” at all.

juyeop says:

I have 2013 128i. I bought it because I didn’t want the turbo engine that
was likely to be in 2 series. Design-wise, I love 2 series better than 1
series because it has more mean look to the front and side, but I just love
NA engine. I couldn’t get mine in manual since I bought it brand new when
BMW discontinued their 1 series production, but I still love it and plan to
drive it as a daily one until I buy some sedan later and make it a weekend

lazarus mctasty says:

Daffy Duck no

gene978 says:

Sami’s reviews have come A LONG WAY. Much more entertaining and confident
Sami! Great Review!

scamper robinson says:

Can’t wait.

Altin Bajrami says:

2015 BMW 228i Coupe Review: http://youtu.be/QVCtJ7Za7NU

TheSuperMotoHooligan says:

What is the difference between a sunroof and a moonroof? Can you only use
one at night?

Yuan Kong says:


Neo Racer says:

God I hate BMWs..and their drivers

Anderson says:

What a looker! I would pick this over the other entry levels if it were up
to me 

MultiRyan2112 says:

Was you even born when the 2002 was out or the E30?

MelCanuck says:

Totally agree with the first 30 seconds comments of this video!

phone920 says:

A No nonsense car would not have a heated steering wheel, auto memory seats
and a navigation system.

Charles Edwards says:

Even with the lisp he has always been very articulate…keep it up fuck the
haters man

Aaron Walker says:

Z lisp izz quazy zou!!!

FirstJ LastB says:

Awesome review, and very on point. Had the opportunity to take a 228i M
Sport on an autocross hosted by BMW and this car is an absolute blast to
drive, is very balanced and surprisingly roomy inside even with 4 adults in
all seats. But let’s not knock the 4 Gran Coupe, as that is one of the most
beautiful BMW’s in a very long time and also an amazing drive. 

Joe Morello says:

Cool review!

Rogerio Oliveira says:

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