2015 BMW 3 Series Review

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This BMW 3 Series video review features information about the sedan, wagon and Gran Turismo body styles as well as the 320i, 328i, 328d and 335i trim levels. It discusses performance, handling,…


Michael Dooby says:

BMW’s are my favorite cars, I just wouldn’t buy one because the reliability
is shitty

vaajchang says:

Reliability suck tho.

jamesgjt says:

anyone says BMW has reliability issue, but they dont know that reliability
depends on which car u picked or even which model, trim lvl u picked. This
is not like ur jap cars like toyota/ lexus, honda/acura, nissan/infinity
that share the same engine, chassis, electronics and trasmission on most of
their model (mostly those 3L+ V6 engines). Thats why u need to pay extra $
for the parts and service ur BMW because those parts are more unique. if u
are so unlucky, no matter it is a lexus or bmw, u ll just pick a shitty
unreliable car anyways.

quietguy1948 says:

Unlikely I’ll ever own a BMW product, I’m certain they’re a fine
automobile. Nice review but with one glaring omission: Price.

stumbledotcom says:

I pooh-poohed the 3-series for years. Then finally drove one. Guess what?
It is every bit as sublime as the car scribes say. I bought a 2009 and
never looked back. Worth every penny. Reliability has been exemplary as

Things the video doesn’t say: 1) The 2.0 turbos are gutless with the
automatic. It tries to keep revs low for economy but the four winds up
feeling coarse, kind of agricultural. Switch into manual mode (or go with
the six-speed) and keep the revs above 3000 for more fun. Really though
choose the 335i, every enthusiast needs to own a BMW inline six at least
once in life. 2) BMW offers more interior options than the competition if
you’re bored with the black/grey/beige schemes that verge on banal.

greg davison says:

Great car! I own one… but ill never buy another one because of

God Lee says:

It just another car that I can’t afford and maintain cost more. 

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