2015 BMW i3 Range Extender – Top 20 Questions Answered!!

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What’s the range extender like? How long to charge? Is it a hybrid or an EV? All that and more answered in this frequently asked questions video. More videos: http://goo.gl/Kj1FlI Best cars…


Alex on Autos says:

In this video I answer the top 20 burning questions about the all-new and
all-modern BMW i3.

Robert Cheung says:

Saw one of these today in the parking lot. Really cheap looking.

jowowetan says:

i can’t wait for the detailed review for the i3, it’s a very unique car! 

James Gordon says:

Good info as always but discounting other EVs “that I could not really
deal with on my commute” is key.
The pure BEVs (like the Leaf, eGolf) offer the pure BEV experience at much
lower cost than either the base or extended i3 version and can be a great
fit for people with shorter commutes or just urban requirements. The i3 is
pricey, has only four seats, and the requirement to open a front door to
let a rear passenger disembark is a nuisance for families.
As always people should carefully determine their transportation
requirements and gauge each vehicle that they are considering against those

Astravall says:

Interesting … looking forward to the review … although i have already
ordered an i3 BEV which should be delivered in May ;). But always a
pleasure to watch reviews to ease the wait :).

Ford Fan97 says:

When will you have a chance to review the Tesla Model S?

Ivan Vojt says:

The 1st row has to be opened first to let a 2nd row person out correct?

Kip Amore says:

This BMW is nutty looking. Here again we find an automotive truth; if it’s
got a revolutionary drivetrain, it needs to look like a revolutionary
freakshow. This is why the Prius succeeded, and the Volt failed. The Volt
needed to look like a spaceship or clown car, but it looked too normal. The
Prius looks like a cartoon, and that’s a good thing.

I just noticed my theory is shot to hell by the first gen Honda Insight.
And my theory is somewhat challenged by the Mitsu iMiev or whatever you
call that abortion. Oh well, it’s just a theory.

The Days of Wrath says:

Wow ! those tires look narrow :O

TechExplorer says:

Thanks Alex !
How do you think this will do as comparison to the New 2016 Chevy volt with
its stated 50 mile EV range and purposed 41 MPG
rating on Regular Fuel ?


sstevenn1212 says:

I’m a little confused so you are able to drive the car regularly even with
a completely depleted battery

nooooddy says:

I’m a LEAF and i3 owner and thought this was an excellent review, cutting
through all the usual EV BS and getting right to the heart of the matter
without mincing words. I’m glad you made the distinction about this being
an EV-X as nobody else seems to understand that it is NOT a hybrid (in ReX
form)! I’m subscribing on the basis of this review, keep up the good work.

davinalex says:

thank you for this break down!!! priceless. you went above and beyond
breaking it down for me.
since i cant afford the Tesla, and because its still banned in Texas,
having to decide or shop for an electric car has been difficult. I was
hoping to lease an electric car for 2 years, and HOPEFULLY by then, the
Tesla ban in texas will have gone away. 

Jan Sivek Hanzilio says:

Looking forward to full review.
Thank you, Alex, yet for another great job.

Walter Black says:

I’d rather not risk a house fire charging electric cars at home.

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