2015 BMW i3 Review – Kelley Blue Book

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It may be small, but the i3 is a big deal for BMW. It represents the first example of the automaker’s “i” sub-brand of eco-conscious cars. Does it still driv…


Rajeev Sahu says:

Ill byt electric cars when they reach 300 miles a tank. 

gene978 says:

I think the person with the electric Chevy Spark has the best idea. Simple
Cheap Transportation with out the high prices. And the SPARK EV has quicker
acceleration this year with no loss in battery and 4G connectivity comes
loaded for $27K before any incentives by State or Fed. 

bambam12345678910 says:


Will Duff says:

I love that the Trivago guy works for KBB

ladyvee7110 says:

Leather-like upholstery when you shave $10,000…lol. :-D

jump oricakle says:

it’s a nice electric care but I can’t get over the low range sure it would
be good for everyday driving but it just can’t go for the exciting long
adventures you can have with a gas guzzler of BMW will imply that if you
can afford one you probably already have a second car that runs on gas.

ewt415 says:

Would it really have been that difficult of a task to make this car look
better…? Come on BMW.

Kopam Nos says:

fuck crossfiters

Bryce Hale says:

I test drove one it’s a blast to drive

MrNicholg says:

Gonna chop veggies on that dash?

Mrchevy baja says:

I love my Volt, and i can take it on long hauls. Averaging 193 MPG.
However, i really find the aesthetics of the i3 pleasing!

Ivan Vojt says:

Pointless without the range extender. The frunk isn’t watertight. The
Euro version has a larger gas tank. The 1st row has to let the 2nd row
person out.

It’s ugly but this would be perfect for me. 90% of my driving would be
covered by EV range.

1fnfigi says:

42 grand yeah no thanks

healingduck says:

I just can’t get on board with the styling. Tries way too hard to be
different and quirky looking.

Young Knives says:

Is there any front storage under the hood? 

Niran Tilakaratne says:

great video KBB!

chltmdwp says:

Volt and Model S look the best in my opinion

Catman says:

For some reason Micah always comes off as gay.

CantoV says:

It’s uglier than my inbred sister. 

Chasen Daniels says:

No sunroof available in the US on any trim/ “world” level. Also the
navigation screen size can be increased with a package on any of the trim

Aaron Brown says:

Do you ever film in Murrieta or Temecula?

David Roth says:

Driven one. It is fun. But prefer my Volt.

Eric Heydenreich says:

Nice! The charger door flex reminds me of a Saturn, which was all plastic

quietguy1948 says:

Probably the Only BMW I’d consider purchasing…

Lbolting005 says:

So…. This car is $42K, probably $45K with tax is small, hard to find a
chafing station, cost as much as a Lexus ES, & only provides 40 miles? No

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