2015 BMW i8: Is i The New M? – Ignition Ep. 115

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On this episode of Ignition – Presented by Tire Rack, Motor Trend’s senior features editor Jonny Lieberman takes a hard look at the new plug-in hybrid perfor…


Charles Washington says:

No, thanks.
If it doesn’t run on gas/ethanol, it’s bullshit.

TheEryk03 says:

Massive understeer at 4:50 

senorgato70 says:

So, at the end Johnny says, “Is it perfect, far from it”. Yet, I didn’t
hear one critical remark about the car. If I hadn’t heard him say that, I
would have thought the car was, actually, pretty perfect. 

paul williams says:

Take a second to think about what Lieberman said.

This *mid engined AWD BMW* is faster than a *Dodge Challenger*…forgive me
for being underwhelmed. And the F type is a shit car imo, it has no price
bracket that makes sense.

Andy Esho says:

How ugly is this car OMG!!!!!! I don’t love the world that much to drive
this piece of garbage. Seriously who would spend big money on this car. So
many better cars. Only the extremely wealthy will buy this. If you have 90k
and will be spending it on 1 car this would literally be last on my list

Steven D says:

Its not that the i8 is .1 second faster than the HellCat around the figure
8, its that the HellCat is only .1 second slower.

Jaleed Ahmed says:

German engineering at its best wow

funnyfailer99 says:

10 seconds and already you’ve mispronounced two words 1. Jaguar is
pronounced how it’s spelt (not jagwaa) 2. Coupé not coop.

Guy Kawasaki says:

2015 BMW i8 review


DarkRendition says:

I’m probably the only person here that’s actually ordered an i8. 99% of
the critical rhetoric on this page is your typical, garden variety
ignorance spawn from uneducated individuals incapable of embracing
intelligent technology. People feel threatened by quickly changing
vehicular climate – from IC to plugin hybrid, they’re finding it difficult
to embrace a changing industry, I resisted until I understood the benefits
of aforementioned technology. People are drawing false conclusions, making
sweeping generalizations and reinforcing their own confirmation biases
without actually engaging in any critical or objective thought. Oil isn’t
going to last forever, if legislation controlling efficiency had never been
introduced, car manufacturers would still be producing the same old
technology. Do you like the internet? That was a result of innovation
from our friends at DARPA; but I guess it would be pretty cool if we still
had PC’s incapable of communicating with each other. Oh wait, no it
wouldn’t. Technology changes, instead of throwing down a blanket of hatred
for it, backed by ignorance, try to understand that leveraging electric
motors *with* IC engines yields a net result greater than IC alone. In
time prices will come down increasing the accessibility of high performance
hybrids to the masses as well.

kirbyswarp says:

The grey insert in the back look like it ate a 911.

King Jack says:

You can get a M6 for the same money. Which one would you buy? 

IIAmGothamsReckoning says:

Seriously? You’re surprised that the i8 beat the hellcat around the figure
8. The hellcat is typically american. Shitloads of power but with wooden
brakes and suspension that belongs on a 1920s car. Not to forget thats its
a heavy piece of shit. 

Luis Ritchie says:

Sack the designers of that BMW ugly
Look at the jag beautiful. .and i am a big BMW fan

smsuperman says:

“Sound is fake. Who cares?”

Really now? O_o

Samer spark says:

How many miles per galon you had? And i dont want to know what BMW says, I
want to know your opinion. Thanks

Arden Unger says:

The Tesla Model S could beat that thing any day but without the looks of
that BMW i8.
But i have to say that Machine of a BMW is a ECO efficient monster!

Raul Meza says:

I really, really hate this host. I hate his voice. Why can’t Carlos Lago
host all the shows?

Aneesh Ramaswami says:

@9:40 well, back in 1983, BMW took a 1.5 liter 4 cylinder M10 block, put in
some turbos (which generated 50 – 60 psi of boost) and cranked out
1300-1500 bhp 

cory hoisington says:

I am not one for styling on it but its a cool concept, I think almost all
sports cars should have an electric motor but i wouldn’t consider it a
sports car unless it has 5.0L of displacement or more. With a sports car it
goes with out saying its going to have a big motor but this doesn’t. Part
of a sports car is having that loud obnoxious noise of an exhaust and
motor. I would consider this an in between of sports car, hybrid, and
super-car because it is. And for the electric motor, its an amazing Idea
having one, the feeling of the instantaneous and constant torque is just
incredible, combining the two would be amazing.

sinoperture says:

Jag-gwar? :-S

Guilherme Sousa says:

+Jonny Lieberman great review, as always, but next time you tell that
Porsche joke again, at least give some credit to Alex from +Car Throttle ,
man. lol

TheLordWillis says:


Piotr Pajewski says:

How do you do inplace burnout like the one in the beggingin with an
automatic transmision? 

tcv4 says:

All wheel drive will almost always be faster around a figure 8, especially
when you compare it to a jag that has over 500hp going to the rear wheels.
Yes, it’s as quick as a corvette, but at what cost? You could easily have
like 5 of the unreleased z06′s that would whoop this thing. Is it cool that
they were able to do this? Sure is, but as of now it’s one of the least
practical sports cars out. However, it’s definitely a good example of
what’s to come in what I hope would be the 60-100k range.

Jared Caputo says:

I don’t understand how 24.6 seconds is considered “remarkable” when a CLS63
does it in 23.9, a Panamera Turbo in 23.7, an RS7 in 24.2 (which Johnny
called an “elite supercar time”), and the SLS Black Series in 23.1

Sam Harper says:

Wife and I just got driven around in one of these yesterday (we weren’t
allowed to drive it ourselves yet). Ordered it basically within five
minutes of getting back to the dealership. It was utterly fantastic. The
interior is beautiful and everything just works. Hopefully it’ll turn out
to be reliable. We currently own an E46 M3 (that’s staying) and my Merc
SLK (only a 350) is being sold. 

Christopher Speer says:

BMW is a joke if you compare it to the Jaguar looks wise. 3
cylinders….really BMW? That is NOT innovative. Look what your
competition die ie – Porsche for one.

Jason Wagenmaker says:

Hey MT, Best Drivers Car week coming soon?


I appreciate what this car is about, but am I the only one that really
dislikes this car?

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