2015 BMW i8 Racetrack Review: The Ultimate Hybrid Racing Machine?

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http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2015 BMW i8 is a fast and sexy plugin hybrid. But how will the car perform on the racetrack in the capable hands of Justin Wils…


Chris Juarez says:

The race car driver is the sensible one suggesting you lease this thing.
It has no luggage room. Other than the tiny back seats. The front cowl
doesn’t open and the rear is completely occupied by the gas engine. This
is crazy. Over 136G’s US for this???
Get a used Ferrari F430 for this price (in manual to boot!)
Or if you really want a new car, and that’s truly electric (with tons of
room inside to carry people and luggage) the Tesla Model S.
Good publicity stunt BMW. :-)

cadilacgm says:

a manual moving steering wheel on a $137k are you kidding me come on bmw
this is Cadillac ELR round 2
and i love 99% of GM cars but the ELR Chevy Sonic Chevy spark need to GTFO

Brian Catnut says:

another pig ugly BMW did someone put ugly pills in the designers coffee ?

Jonathan Harper says:

i8 engine is not in any way “identical” to the motor in the Mini Cooper @

Yippie says:

Demolished the track record? Nathan gets 1:10 in an Audi S4, which may very
well be a slower car than the BMW I8 around the track, and a Pro gets 1:06
in the BMW. Then you guys try to compare them and act like it’s amazing?
Sorry, but I don’t get it. It might be a hybrid but its a sports car. I
think it just goes to show just how well Nathan did in that S4. Why not
settle it and let Nathan drive it around the track and take it 0-60 as

t Harris says:

2015 BMW i8 Racetrack Review: The Ultimate Hybrid…:

javaoful says:

I think bmw has had the best design in the last 30 years! 

OG Jawdinz says:

That thing is slow

where my fren fries says:

Get that black shit off the car that Color scheme is what makes it ugly 

CanadaCraig says:

It doesn’t seem all that impressive – to be honest. If you paid $5,000 for
a pair of shoes – wouldn’t you except them to have hovering capabilities? I
see no reason whatsoever to buy this car over a new Stingray. 

whiteandnerdytuba says:

fake exhaust not in the cabin because the engine sounds so bad reminds me
of the type of woman that just fakes it cause he aint big enough anyway

M Gvasalia says:

stig enspired episode? :D

MrKeyboardCommando says:

NATHAN AND AN i8 !!!!!!!!!!! Ladies, please form a disorderly queue, you’re
about to live the dream !!!!!!

Bluurie says:

That was pretty awesome.

Kenny M says:

Cant find a bad line? Ill show you a few… pick a pannel… I do not like
the look of this car at all. Maybe its just me but id ratger have the 5
series they made 10 years ago over this…

Sheelo A. says:

Ooooooohhhhhhh! Pretttttyy!

shinnyspace says:

It has great sound though… It’s like some V8 or V10

Jerome Burrasca says:

That is one ugly looking plastic car. Looks like a Saturn. Yuk, no taste

Dan Lubar says:

Excellent !!!! One of TFL’s best reviews & test’s 

headgamer4297 says:

+The Fast Lane Car I have seen you drive lots of old and new vehicles but I
never seen you test drive the 2003-05 Mercury Marauder, so I was wondering
if you could do so.
Please and Thank you 

C3ByAx says:

This car is all about ‘show’ or ‘move in style’

Ram Berto says:

That was cool….

The Fast Lane Car says:
Kenny M says:

Cant find a bad line? Ill show you a few… pick a pannel… I do not like
the look of this car at all. Maybe its just me but id ratger have the 5
series they made 10 years ago over this…

RazsterTW says:

This car is a POS

masscashstacks says:

I like the channel guys but I feel like you never give me a good look at
the outside of the car from the angles I want to see them in.

Павел Дзугаев says:

Русский тип порадовал

zero emissions says:

A tesla model s would eat that car
The BMW i8 is a joke the electric motor on has 131HP ,ha
And 23 miles of electric range , a Nissan leaf beats this car , and it’s
extremely over priced, guys do tesla model s p85 VS a BMW i8 please , the
tesla owns the electric car market . 

Michael Atchison says:

BMW why electron blue safety belts? 

dchawk81 says:

So it’s a Lamborghini shaped Volt with an MP3 of a V10 pumped through the


Erick Kollaritis Schwingenschloegl says:
Roclee612 says:

where is the 0-60?

Bruce Solomon says:

It really is a beautiful car but honestly I think that the Porsche 918 is
the engineering miracle. You guys have to test it!

Ty Bryant says:

Justin the formula 1 driver is cute! Oh and the car is cool too. Great

MrJonas says:

“Alright Nathan, we officially suck” :-D Don’t worry, guys, you’re great

VW Golf 2 - Make Car LED says:

Nice car

Sanic says:

I HATE the new electric BMW designs.

AgentPig007 says:

you guys need more views 

icecreamania says:

I’d lease it.

Lucas Farlow says:

I had no clue there was a race track up there. 

Barobran92 says:

I just can’t get over the rear end looking like it’s pooping out a Porsche

needforsuv says:

now how fast can roman lap the i8

Bazil Prosianos says:

hmmm let me see here,
fake engine sounds
plastic cladding everywhere
basically no space for luggage or seating 4 under 3 feet tall
front doesnt’ even open
130k price tag.
wtf is bmw trying to sell here!?
tesla is way better than this except styling.

velocity211 says:

tom cruise actually drove a futuristic lexus in minority report

Jorge Nieto says:

Ugliest bmw ever 

Marty Swanson says:

The “artificial” exhaust sounds very similar to the W12 (Bently) & W16
(Veyron) engines.

theaviator06 says:

Would probably have to go with a Cayman GTS or Corvette. Fun review
though! Would be interested in seeing Justin drive that Audi S4.

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