2015 BMW i8 Review – Fast Lane Daily

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It’s time to review the BMW i8, the most innovative automobile of 2014! Fast Lane Daily’s Tom Albrecht takes the new BMW i8 for a test drive around a private…


FastLaneDaily says:

Before you wrap up 2014 – make sure you check out our review on the all-new
2015 BMW i8!



Dan Frederiksen says:

It’s interestingly looking but it has a multitude of problems. The primary
being that it’s foremost a fossil fuel car. The idiots at BMW just couldn’t
help themselves because had they made it primarily electric so the dumb
combustion engine doesn’t start every time you want to exercise the
performance, then they would have to admit to themselves that electric is
coming and those morons weren’t ready for that. Which just gives Tesla that
much more of an opening to take over and hurt them.
It’s a gasoline car and intelligent people can’t enjoy gasoline cars.
The use of carbon fiber might sound cool and I’m sure it fools many of you
too vin too diesel knuckledraggers but it’s a smallish 2+2 with a
3-cylinder and it weighs 1500kg. You can do that with steel or alu and get
it lighter. An all steel 5 seater Golf 7 starts at 1050kg. 450kg lighter
than a small carbon fiber car. Do you dullards see the problem? of course
you don’t or you wouldn’t be dullards.
So the idiots wasted the use of carbon fiber. Which brings us to the final
major problem which is the price. This is a 4.4 second vehicle when it runs
on gasoline where it has no green cred among those who can actually think.
The 105k$ dual motor Tesla Model S does 3.2 second acceleration with a
single gear in silence and with solid green credentials. Arab fossil fuel
need not apply. No oil wars required. And Model S is a large 5+2.
BMW i8 is thus a massive fail yet motor journalists are too dumb to realize
that and so are you the viewers. Heck even BMW is too dumb to see their
The problem could somewhat be salvaged though with a new drivetrain option
more like the i3. performance electric and a tiny range extender. They
could make it a 3 second car, retain some credibility. And base price has
to come down to say 70k$.
But because BMW is populated by nitwits, that’s not going to happen. It
will be a 135k$ gasoline car and you vacuous sheep will think it’s

Chad Bremer says:

Interesting tech, hideous looks. 

Redmond Bandy says:

When Albrecht said “private track,” I let out a single tear out of pure

R95FTW says:

It’s $300,000+ here in Aus
And that’s just the base model with no options

F**k me -_-

Groaznic says:

It’s only fitting that this wonderful but chubby fucker would review the
i8… the i8… the i… 8… the i… oh gosh I’m hungry now.

nastraightsix says:

Absolutely loved the review Mr Albrecht! What a stunning vehicle and that
track is just stunning. the sound from that engine is surprisingly
pleasing. Plus, your wicked Sauber hat was much appreciated ^_^

mynameisray says:

Yeah, it stands in the fuck ugly lane while beautiful cars like the 458 and
so on ride in the gotta have lane. If I want a small eco car that’s good on
fuel and range I’ll get a small eco car that is designed for that and
produces better numbers than this lump of shit. Cars like the M3 will eat
this thing alive and pull better fuel numbers out of it. It’s all in how
you drive your car, this lump of shit isn’t worth the time of day though.

Henry Kincaid says:

How is that interior boring? Granted it’s not a Pagani Huayra but it does
look significantly better than a standard BMW. Makes me think of the new
Citroen C4 Grand Picasso’s interior which is definitely a good thing!

KingStivan says:

after the wow and all i gave it another look and i do think it looks kinda
ugly :S and its like they design it in the 90s and just forgot about it and
then picked it up and finished now ….

josh davis says:

I’ll stay with Tesla when I comes to the future of automobiles. The i8 is a
nice looking car but has it’s flaws and with a 100+ thousand dollar price
tag; flaws like a crackable hood when opening by yourself is redundant. 

jusuf velovic says:

all I heard was lots and lots of future problems. the hood will crack if
you lift it by yourself? that has to be a joke. its a interesting car none
the less, but give me a beefy m5 fully loaded and come out with about 10k
left over. 

TheDonBarracuda says:

The price is ridiculous, especially when you can buy a P85D for that price,
better economy and has a better launch than an Aventador.

ShengTooFlash says:

as a german I find it weird that tom isn’t capable of pronouncing his name
the right was…oh well,generations

Marschmellow says:

I can´t handle to hate on this car beneath another video. It´s decades
behind the technology of Tesla and get´s all attention through promotion
only. Even though I used to be a BMW fan, I hate the brand nowadays more
than any other. It´s more like Red Bull now. Just over advertise a product
and make it look like super awesome no matter what kind of trash you are
selling, people won´t notice.

Rasmus Hvid says:

To be honest, this was a pretty bad review. Camera work was amateur, lots
of the movements were shaky and camera angles have all been used before in
a million other videos. Also would have been nice to in general just have
gotten more camera angles inside and outside the car as the video became
somewhat stale after a while. The reviewer was also somewhat bland and at
times some of the comparisons between this and the 918 and especially C63
made me question his credentials. While i love the FLD show, these
“reviews” are honestly just not worth watching.

samuel lopes says:

they need to do some more to the body, needs to be more smooth and flush..

Jerome Burrasca says:

That car is so ugly it will never sell in any big numbers. Who ever buys it
better buy a black one to hide all the busy goofy body lines and joints.

Henry Kincaid says:

How is the interior boring? Granted it’s not a Pagani Huayra but it does
look significantly better than a standard BMW. Makes me think of the new
Citroen C4 Picasso which is definitely a good thing!

Ridiculous Comedy Productions says:

Am I the only one that thinks that this episode was incredibly dull,boring
and banal?

ryanwilsonbackup says:

I genuinely enjoyed this video. This guy did an amazing job reviewing the
car. Much better than that awkward blonde chick.

videonaj says:

Mr Reviewer, It represents people who want to save fuel and have fun at the
same time, not the other BS you were spouting. Americans are so in their
own world when it come to environmental concerns.

tobhal99 says:

If I am reading the facts about this car correctly and the facts about the
new Tesla model S, the Tesla is better in almost every way, except the
looks from the outside. I think that it is smarter to buy a Tesla if you
are going to have a fast car and you want to have a good feeling after you
have bought the car. This is chat I thing, and I am a Tesla owner (if that
changes easy thing).

Javierm0n0 says:

you need more than one person to pop the hood… what, is that to prevent
people from looking inside it when it’s just chillin in their driveway?
They coulda spent a little more time and engineered that better. 140g’s and
the owner needs their significant other to look at the engine.

Iam TheOsprey says:

shitty, half-assed review. If you are trying to communicate via the spoken
word it helps if the chosen spokesperson speaks clearly. Maybe you were
doing the review and camera work by yourself or you were otherwise rushed
or flustered? Either way this one sucked.

Mandy Gutierrez says:

Its so bad but i guess the look of the car is pretty cool but its not like
$100,000 cool and im pretty sure you can buy something like a v8 f-type and
still have money left over to do who knows what 

William Grand says:

its not worth the money.

zmansporscheboxster says:

Good review Tom and that car would probably look better in Pearl White. The
fact that BMW is spending money on a Hybrid Concept is a good start. This
Hybrid can not be compared with a full electric. It appears that BMW wanted
a WOW factor because I am sure they could have easily made a 3 series
hybrid but no one would be interested. Either way this means that more and
more auto makers are investing in future tech well done BMW!

Nathan Kilgore says:

Hey D, I’m gonna be at the Detroit intercontinental auto solution, what are
the chances I run into Bob Shubin or any of the fld crew?

randomquickness says:

this car does NOT share a motor with the new Mini Cooper S. It shares a
motor with the new BASE model Mini Cooper. It is, however, significantly
more powerful than that motor.

Bryce P says:

I see this as a BMW collector’s car, to be driven a few times and then
parked the rest of it’s life. It’s kind of like a purchasable prototype. 

Tony Tanti says:

This reviewer must of loved having this car with the silent electric
motor… He could sneak out of the house and whip down to Burger King with
out his wife knowing.

H Mack says:

Man! Were is Sara?!

BitchIAintStupid says:

if i had the money id buy it

oaccessasia1 says:

This Alan banker guy please kill yourself you useless cunt. His money was
made off the backs of hard working American workers. In fact all bankers
need to kill themselves. Parasites all of them.

DeadlyDre says:

Other than the 918 and other super cars, this BMW is no different than a
Toyota hybrid and is disgustingly 100k overpriced on average imo.

paradoxdesigns says:

Man, would I hate to be a mechanic having to work on this thing 20 years
from now. 

Darko Vujicic says:

Great review with (at times) awful camera work. And the car is awesome!

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