2015 BMW M3 and M4: Specs and Engine Noise – XCAR

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This is the closest look you’ll get at the all-new BMW M3 and M4. They’re both very quick, very good looking and loaded with tech. We also got the opportunit…


Soprano313 says:

The new M4 will break into the 7:30s on Nurburgring guaranteed. Remember,
it took 500hp, AWD, and computer aids for Nissan to do this, and 638hp for

ewt415 says:

I’m sure both these cars will be brilliant in every measurable way, but
neither of them look (or sound) as special as M3s used to be.

sultanabran1 says:

any datsun gtr fags going to make some comment about their monster exhaust
sounding better?

hyungwoo0312 says:

I love how that thing looks, and the fact that the M4 will be lighter than
the old E46 M3(no disrespect to the E46 at all) makes me even more excited
about how it’ll be. I guess I’ll wait on the engine sound since this one
wasn’t recorded at full rev, but what I heard sounds promising to me :)

Toxxic88 says:

Does the M3 come in coupe?

647killa says:

Any one of those with a manual gearbox to go with my current e46 M3. I
welcome the straight 6 engine and turbocharging with it. Once tuners get
their hands on these, it’ll be like the b5 Audi s4′s making a box load of
power all day. These M’s do have that twin turbo 2jz supra formula down.
Can’t wait to see a proper review. Sounds good so far (pun) !!

DeltaPhi79 says:

At least it sounds better than a 911.

Fredrik Kalgren says:

he was barely revving, it, i’m not one to make excuses but the most he was
hitting was 3k RPM

ni xiangrong says:

BMW said its brand new series, but its actually based on the 3 series, the
technology almost the same. And BMW is good at transfer the 4drs cars to
2drs cars. M4 is sporty and fashion. 

JamesJDMoe says:

not only are these cars M3 and M4 stunningly beautiful…they are gas
efficient! 34 mpg on a sports sedan and sports car???! thats so nice! Great
job BMW!! //M <3

cococly says:

1:55 Thanks Captain, I have NEVER, EVER thought BMW knows that at all


sounds like a car with a broken muffler

briguy91931 says:

Many aftermarket companies offer very good products such as titek, tcd,
etc. not necessarily some “grease monkey” lol

Marq333 says:

Shoulda left the NA V8 and up the ante to 460-490hp

GaNgStAlBeRt says:

not as pretty as the e46 and e92 m3, but still very nice

Vladimir Debeljak says:

M3 E46 is best sounding M3 EVER, coming from E93 M3 owner, this M3 looks
fantastic and I love technology but sound is RUBBISH WTF.


Never thought id say this m4 > m5

ohhhgggeeezzz says:

sounds.. not to good…

tokyomada says:

I think this needs to be my next car. What do you guys think manual or DCT?

Art Vandelay says:

sounds terrible,I hope they fix it before release

Ayrton Atif says:

Xcar do you know when you guys will be able to drive these heavenly

fordisgarbage says:

Sounds like a weed wacker :(

Jim Beau says:

Turbo engines are for posers, naturally aspirated engines are for racers.

Stefan Wojcik says:

If Toyota want a new supra why not just use this platform and whack a
Toyota badge on it? they’ve been talking about collaborations for ages,
would much rather that than the horrible FT-1 Concept

ViB33 says:

sounds awesome

JT1000RS says:

basically m3 and m4 is exacly the same car, just changing the number…

Inklebonker Wone says:

These cars look so good. It would be a hard choice to pick between the two.
Even harder to pick either of these against the new Lexus RCF. 

Colby Church says:

Sounds pretty weak. Preferred a V8.

José R. Ortiz says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

thebigbus1 says:

Sounds like a fart can. I’m sure they will drive great, but I’ll stick
with my e90 M3. I love the high revving v8. It’s quite special. :)

MrMister1227 says:

150 Top Speed…..
So why F****is there a 200 MPH speedometer -____-

Dom Toretto says:

rev that cold engine baby

allen freeman says:

beautiful thing

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