2015 BMW M3 & M4 0-60 MPH Review in TFL 4K (BMW M Week)

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http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2015 BMW M3 & M4 are two fast cars both around a track and in a straight line. But just how fast. In another accurate, fun, and…


Dennis Bamfo says:

I didn’t know you needed a college degree to turn a lunch control…

senorgato70 says:

What did this tell me? That I don’t want to embarrass myself at a
stoplight if I didn’t take every single perfect step to launch the car.
Where is my RS5 or C63 507? BMW probably should have paid you NOT to post
this video especially with a BMW lead instructor in the pilot seat making

Jay Singh says:

The New M3/M4 does 0-60 in 3.9 sec

Evan Ganske says:

Our 2014 Malibu with its 2.0t will easily keep up! Also, what engineer
okayed that engine note? It sounds awful..

The Fast Lane Car says:
Maad Dan says:

Useless system, give it one button, stand on brake and accelerator then it
engages launch, make it that simple. 

Jonathan Washington says:

Why you guys fool around to get to a complicated launch control I would
have already looped around the race track.

Marq333 says:

Wow. A seven year old can launch that car much better than these

n777ua says:

Oh my god that “noise” hurt my ears

Ultimatemxcn says:

LOL i always see magazines have a hard time with BMW launch control, it
seems like not even BMW can figure out how to use it.

Jacob Saca says:

Yeah you both are complete morons that cannot drive for the life of you. 

ocalaeyeguy says:

Lots of excuses coming from the bmw guy…… Hmmmm

MrKeyboardCommando says:

Hey, Roman, didn’t the car come with an instruction manual ????????

Connor M. says:

Pretty hilarious even a BMW driving instructor doesn’t know how to use
launch control in a BMW haha… Mr. Instructor! If you’re reading this,
please feel free to contact me & give me a job. I know how to use launch
control hahaha

jdlarson11 says:

Program one of the ‘M’ buttons and you have one button launch control

bezor Ta says:

No need for LC in a M3/M4, hence no direct LC button. Just floor it and it
will do a 3.9 sec every time.

Bahecuk says:

lol, this car goes to 60 in about 15 minutes – it takes time to push all
those stupid buttons xD

LittleBaneling says:

Couple of constructive comments:
1. Music is too loud.
2. Music choice is terribly annoying
3. This video taught me absolutely nothing
4. Too much useless footage and talk.

Love you guys, but there is some work to do! Keep up the good work. Hope
this helps.

Chris Lube says:

This launch control is too complicated why not just make it simple?

Salvador Tomas says:

Does anyone know a free ios app to check my 0-60 mph, 0-400 m, etc?

David Crabtree says:

All that effort to accelerate quickly.

I think BMW have gone a bit wayward with their M cars these days.

If you’re gonna have LC it needs to be just ONE button that sets everything
else up.

Cripes, they could even just sense the brake pedal and throttle position
and road speed and set launch control automatically so you don’t even NEED
to press buttons.

But then all the buttons are probably there for the demographic that don’t
like changing gears and want gadgets to feel like they are getting more for
their money.

M for Marketing… and even that is failing!

kobe lejordan says:

That music between the attempts is terribly annoying 


The only excuse forgot to say is that the car was 1 mile above …

max audi says:


E92 M Fan says:

My e92 will do 0-60 in 4 seconds…6 sp manual….not even kidding…and it
sounds better than this muted turbo cunt shit

DaBrute says:

This episode is weak

sead garanovic says:

wow… I counted 22 seconds to 60mph. My veloster is so much faster by the
time you disabled traction control, i’d be at 60 lol

Amr J. G. says:

the best thing about this shitty video is it gives you clear exhaust sound
from interior ..

jariol says:

Not to be rude but launch control should only be used when drinking to much

Ali Al Romaithi says:

i wish i didn’t watch this video.

Prince Jayden says:

STOP Laughing so much in your videos. It’s hella boing and getting on my
nerves these days

Nathan Piper says:

truly awful video! The point in it was?

Vlad Saghin says:

I miss the old tfl with simple reviews and mashups and stuff like that…
Now it’s just Ike gauntlet and track days nonsense :(

Federigo de la zion says:

failed test driver

Feher Al-Shareif says:

What’s up with the music!… too much!

Terry Kendrick says:

If it’s not rap it’s this crap. I’ll find other youtube videos for my car
reviews. I’m cancelling my subscription. I’m outta here.

TheAdventurable says:

My god, where do americans learn how to drive? this presenter is a

Daniel Grilo says:

this guy should be fired, on the spot. I’m sorry, are you kidding me? Your
one job is to drive M cars and you don’t know the BASIC STEP of getting a
new M3/M4 into launch control for the launch event with journalists in the
biggest M market in the world? Goodbye, sir! There’s the door.

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