2015 BMW M3: Restoring the Faith, BMW M is Back! – Ignition Ep. 112

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On this episode of Ignition, Carlos Lago heads to a rain soaked Road America to test the limits of the all new BMW M3! Reworked from the ground up, the 2015 …


metersocket00 says:

It looks like a 2003… Outdated styling!

Brando T says:

Why would people pay premium for this car while they can get a more
powerful Mustang for less? And maybe invest the extra cash in stocks or

Juan Galvis says:

This is crazy.. The FIRST time I truly disagree with Carlos and it’s an M
Everyone that has touched or reviewed this car says it is terrible for a
plethora of reasons.
Simply put that old formula, the race inspired engine, the passion, and the
track oriented performance is gone.
The car power slides all day, great. But that’s all it does. The rears get
overwhelmed constantly.
The old V8 had low torque not because they couldn’t get it to pump out
more, it was simply not desired. Too much torque spins the wheels on corner
exit constantly.
Besides that, it has a hopped up 335i bmw engine which isn’t special or as
they say has no “soul”.
the sound just isn’t up to par with what an M3/4 should have. & It’s fake
in the cabin >.>
It has a bunch of borrowed parts and design elements from the M5, not parts
or designs that were specially designed for the M3′s specific purpose of
top notch handling.
The list goes on and on and on…
BM is wrecking the letter M or at least greatly modifying it’s meaning.

Pranav Mukesh says:

faster than a 911 carrera s 50th anniversary edition around the figure 8
and the 911 has 5 more horsepower, weighs 200 pounds less and costs 90k

Dudeman9339 says:

…. Another car pumping in fake noise through its speakers.

Pali4life2 says:

Can someone suggest similar youtube channels to the drive network and motor
trend? I’ve been looking for replacements in order to make up for the lack
of content from both channels.

Alfred Munkenbeck says:

They named it wrong, the should have switched the badges with the M4,
because the M3 should not have 4 doors, period.

JamesJDMoe says:

Mercedes c63 sounds so much better. but BMW //M performs better and is more
fuel economical and looks better and costs less. obvious better choice. 

Nicholas Wigchert says:

I know the M series isn’t about the highest horsepower, but for switching
away from something people enjoyed. The numbers don’t seem to justify the
loss of v8 status or justify it as a TT set up. And more just my opinion,
the car lost its curve appeal. The fenders don’t seem to mold out over the
wheels in the front like they used to and they deleted the m3
coupe……(m4 prolly just won’t be apart of the history)

Darkmatter28031 says:

Why would you even consider the M4 when the Chevrolet Corvette exists? The
M4 isn’t a bad car, but you aren’t getting as much out of your money as you
would the Corvette. And no, the “2 extra seats” argument isn’t valid since
nobody except amputees can use those seats anyways. 

Po Russki says:

So what’s the difference between the new M3 and M4 Gran Coupe?

ApocalipticBanana says:

still……….the e46 is the best

Daweisstebescheid says:

but the E92 8-Zylinders sounds much better …

SupraWes says:

I’d still have the E92 in a 4 door

Trades46 says:

Better specs, but I hate how BMW M brought back the ‘urine’ color back from
the E46.

The inline 6 turbo feels almost too mainstream vs the 335i motor, and while
more powerful, it is not as special as the 8000+rpm S54 3.2 inline 6 or the
outgoing S62 4.0 V8.

Overall faster & better to drive, but decisively less special as a complete
package. I’d take a lightly used 911, a C63 or RS4 instead. 

Kufre Udobong says:

Am I the only one that hates how BMW M series exhaust pipes are designed? I
mean make them fit like part of the design like the AMGs

MotoBoy says:

Is anyone else disappointed that he mentions it handles like an M5? I don’t
want it to feel like a bigger car :(

pixelsmack says:

It never rains in California. All press events should be here. We have
Infineon and Laguna. :| (yeah and Auto Club Speedway, but it’s dull)

Dontcallmeshirley says:

That white E92 M3 looked miles better than this M3 with this color: “sort
of a cross between piss yellow and puke green, ain’t it ?” :)

Jerome Burrasca says:

No thanks. I’d rather spend $60k on the Challenger Hellcat. It has 707hp,
650 lbs of torque, seats 5 people, does 10.8 seconds in the quarter mile on
STREET LEGAL drag tires and a estimated 205 mph top speed. My four friends
and I will wave to BMW owners as we pass them on the way to Vegas.
BOOM!!!! :o) Don’t you love it when the underdog wins? It’s a good day in
America!!!!! ;o)

LordFridge1 says:

Buy a V6 Mustang and put a super charger on it. Now you have a v6 with 475
hp for a lot less money. Plus the Mustang is a better looking car.

Motor Trend Channel says:
Sarin Murlidar says:

ENTHUSIASTS ENJOY. I occasionally drive my dad’s 535i and while it only has
300 lb ft of torque, it is still way too much and I never get to enjoy
hearing that straight six sing. I love the way the e92 use to rev and rev,
and since when is ~300 lb ft too little torque. I don’t understand this.

BallerG1000 says:

please do the bmw m4 next week! please!

CarsFan says:

What did we learn: Nothing sounds quite like a Naturally Aspirated 4.0l V8

ChuckS117 says:

Will AMG also turn to V6 engines? D:

Cantenkerous Tim says:

Does the engine have VVT?

AlexRmF says:

a 4-door M3… nope… put those 2 back doors and it’s no longer the M3.
small M5… Carlos said it.

marc1093280 says:

Needs more power and torque and better steering

andrefrbk says:

The only thing BMW improved is the AMG sales.

SteveOTheMan16 says:

The 2nd gen M3′s will always look the best in my opinion.

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