2015 BMW M3 Review

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The BMW M3 has long been the benchmark in the compact performance sedan space. For 2015, this all-new 425hp M3 is better than ever.


RayzaBlayz says:

omg..91k and it doesnt even have the ceramic brakes

Trollling Ufaggutz says:

Might as well just get the m5 if it’s 91 grand, add the carbon ceramic
brakes and it’s 100 grand. Awesome car, but over priced. You should be able
to get more standard at 74 grand base.

david dykeman says:

Great review as usual Zack. I agree excellent colour. I have an S3 and
would not buy another car unless it has all wheel drive. The dual clutch
manual is great. That way the wife, kids or others can drive your car
without instruction. Anyway….

Huss Ali says:

Would rather big a GTR for that money and drive it all year around! 

Scott Campbell says:

very composed car in the snow with winter tires

same car in the u.s. cost 62k? in canada it cost 10k more, really?

darwandoo says:

I really think the C7 outshines this car if were looking at the price tag.
The V8 sounds alone keep you wanting more. 

Greg Laurence says:

Hate the color. Love the car. I have an Audi S4 and love it. Canadian
weather I’m sticking with S4. 

Torrey B says:

That colour is awesome !!! I really wish I could drive a BMW–there are
just so many douchebags driving them. Audi is heading that way as well !!
Still an awesome car! I kind of feel bad for BMW that everyone thinks that
way, though. haha

nickolastiguan says:

this video should be long enough for people who thought the last couple
videos being too short eh haha

Motormouth Canada says:

The #BMWM3 is still the benchmark. Great looking and wicked in all
conditions. @bmwcanada

Lazio2009 says:

Great review! being in Canada I’d buy this car if it was AWD, looking at
other options. M5 X-Drive

Neo Racer says:

I cant wait to see an 18yo driving this around Seattle, whos rich chinese
dad bought it for him for xmas! lal

TFiPW says:

It has the same color scheme as a Polestar Volvo. 

Ahmed AlSubhi says:

very expensive 

Murilo Simão says:

Germans do terribles cup holders because they, like most of the world, they
don’t like to eat/drink inside their cars like americans and canadians do.

Rob E says:

Pretty spot on review. I have had mine for a couple months now and love it
all, except for the price. Will probably have to sell it in a year or two
to get a chunk of that money back. On the plus side, re-sale values of M3s
seem pretty good so long as you don’t crash it, because so many people do
crash theirs it decreases supply and increases price.

ghd bfb says:


Rants Rants Rants says:

91 grand! Damn….

Monkey Kiss says:

With that kind of money, i’d get a Tesla Model S. Will you be doing a
review of that car anytime soon?

aquateen77723 says:

I have to admit that I was never a BMW fan, but I’m really loving this M3.
That paint looks amazing. Like you said – it’s such a good all-around sport
sedan. I just wish I could afford it!

Mike M says:

I would just buy the base model for 74k. Beauty of a ride!

Eric Kokins says:

they killed it with turbos, e92 m3 v8 vas the best, same as e60 v10

Reid Martin says:

You do excellent reviews I must say, keep it up!

Darsion says:

Excellent review , the m3 is my dream car

TIEDefender2nd says:

Review Lincoln MKC please =)

sonic763 says:

Man… BMW and their cheap looking paint (i.e. this blue color, puke

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