2015 BMW M4 Coupe Exhaust, Start Up, Test Drive and In Depth Review

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Facebook Fan Page https://www.facebook.com/Automoho An In depth review of the 2015 BMW M4 F82 Coupe with Alpine White exterior and Full Merino Leather Seats….


Majed Al-Salem says:

I liked the e92 more, especially the exhaust sound 

Lavdi says:

imo it looks better than the m6 

Allen Vega says:

how much would it be to lease one of these, with excellent credit? and a
down payment of around $3,500

Lexus Cohen says:

Very nice vehicle, if I could afford two high performance coupes, I would
buy the RC F and this. I love how bmw and mercedes offer high performance
models for almost every car in their lineup. Lexus is great, but when it
comes to performance bmw and mercedes is ahead. Coming from the owner of an

Tirso Mathilda says:

Looks really nice ;)

86stax says:

we get it bro….”it looks very nice”

lilmario0 says:

i honestly dont feel like the passenger behind the drvier should have
control of the driver’s seat, maybe the seat next to the driver but not the
driver. Anyways, this car is awesome

Monk MonkMonk says:

You have to stop saying “really nice” every 10 seconds. I can’t take it

MrJoris0123 says:

looks really nice

Rottensteam says:

Dupper cutch transmission? 

Philippe Renaud says:

Everything “looks really nice”

BlackSwoldier o says:

Buk Lau is that you :) ?

Ahmad Abu Sneineh says:

i really like it but i still prefer the e92 M3 with the v8 and the
look…and also guys who does not seen lexus rc f go check it out…M4 who

Mikkel .Scheufens says:

You realized we are in 2014, since you say 2015 BMW M4 Coupe?

Tee Giang says:

great review and walk around!

Slic Ric says:

Nice video!

Roger Lee says:

Is LED option a MUST?

007mmaelite says:

M3 2015 white plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!

tony nguyen says:

i heard the driver said : like (canh canh đèn xanh) isnt it?
ps: damn how i love this car. <3

Mua Lan says:

Can you do review on 2015 M3? I like 4 doors.

Dalvin Anderson says:

Great video! 

George Kalogerakis says:

Could you please make a review of the new BMW M235i ?

khanvict1 says:

awesome video!

Chris Lander says:

I’ve never watched a car review by Bak Lau…

DrAcid12 says:

What’s the point of having this car in the US when u can’t go above 60mph,
at least here in Europe minimum speed limit is 80mph.

Jive Turkey says:

sum booooodeeeeee

polybrizo says:

the guy talks like a robot

Kevin Gardner says:

yuu sound lik duh azn ghuy from duh raged azn prank call… “lika sum
boooooooooooooooodee!” lol jk. good video

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