2015 BMW M4 Coupe – Exterior and Interior Walkaround – Debut at 2014 Detroit Auto Show

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DeusExAstra says:

Close to the perfect car.

Jack says:

Anderson C: thanks!! The new C63 might be 4matic. Something to think about.

MusikLover2011 says:

<3!!! Fuck!! I want this so bad!! So Sexyyy So happy they brought the
In-line 6 Engine back! and There gas milage on this car is amazing!! Go
BMW!!! ///M Power!!

Nima says:

I wanna lick that car!

What’s the name of the paint? Anyone?

Shy Talk says:

James Bond’s mid-life crisis car.

Life Long Learner says:

I want this car in that color. 

JamesJDMoe says:

I’m in LOVE. BMW <3

R_10 says:

Just perfect ! 

Jack says:

Is that a glossy grey paint on the rims? Prefer that over the all black!

SinozukeBMW says:

when the fuck BMW will make a BMW M3 & M4 V10 , when the fuck

MJ Wu says:

nice car

ViCtor Gesztesi says:

Sapphire black?

joseph domingue says:

The badge should just say “M” not “M4″… Just a thought. Beautiful car!!! 

whal8y says:

Engine isn’t made by bmw’s ///M division… First non ///M car. It’s just a
335 engine. Sad damn day. 

Steveindajeep says:

thumbs up for bmw finally putting in traditional cup holders lol

David Mallayev says:

this car is crap has straight 6 and the exhaust is the worst sounding thing
on this planet it sounds like a broken vacum 

ikaRUS8022 says:


Philips Filis says:


Irakly Chanturia says:

Completely INSANE!!!

slayer1129 says:

i wonder what it would look like if it had CSL style wheels. Hoping to be
able to get one next year

marco teymour says:

Does anyone know the colour code? is that the mineral grey exterior? and
what about the interior

mermolamo says:

this color with sakhir orange interior would be perfect :)

362chop says:

The puffy front end is a deal breaker….Rest is fine

Colin Lavery says:

Bad ass bmw 

TheOfficialPayne Nürburgring Videos Youtubechannel says:

nice car and interesting colors available

AutoMotoTube says:

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