2015 BMW M4 Coupe Review: Two Doors for the Price of Four Doors

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http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2015 BMW M4 is a two-door version of the legendary BMW M3. It is certainly fast, fun and very sexy, but is it a good car to buy when you can get cars like the…


scterka says:

I considered this car but after careful consideration I purchased a
Corvette Stingray convertible. The Vette just has a mesmerizing look and
awesome sound. It just feels super special. I love them both.

David MuscleGuy says:

really great review guys i love it maybe one of the best ever! it was very
relaxing and honest straight forward, no bias…Nathan you’re my favorite
here glad you did this(i love Roman too) btw can you please take 2 minutes
from your life and tell me more about how it accelerate does it slam in the
face like let say new Mustang and maybe Camaro ? and how does feel overall
again compare to V8s? btw thank god it comes with a manual as standard and
they’re selling more Manual than the lest Gen E9x which good! PLEASE DON’T
IGNORE MY COMMENT!! i need you to tell me more about it. hey you seem like
you lost some big part of your manliness you’re so sad:( i told people
Manual and Automatic are just like a Woman with no boobs, yes they’re fun

Kopam Nos says:

lol at title “Two Doors for the Price of Four” wtf?

MotorMike says:

the fact of the matter is that bmw is garbage.

ukropadam says:

Why the music is so sad in this video?

Andy Esho says:

Almost 90K for this car? NO Thanks.

kara88bg says:

Dear Nathan, here in Europe we drive mostly manuals for the last hundred
years, and we are kind of fed up with manuals and clutch replacements and
all that.

PureDetroit says:

the best M series is still the e46 M3… that beauty is timeless…

John (new channel) says:

The transmission on this car is regarded as one of the best on the
performance car market at nearly any price. I realize some prefer manuals
but what could be wrong with this dual clutch.

Kevin Rogel says:


Gazooo29 says:

This guy needs to visit a doctor,he’s obsessed with “Sticks” in cars. your
in a $86k BMW not a $25k Civic SI. Look at all the high end car companies
very little offer sticks. It’s all paddle shifters now.

I’m just waiting for him to say BMW needs to wrap this car in Camo and add
room for my gun-rack while I shift my own gears.

Tony Tanti says:

No sunroof?? 

Brandon B says:

But it is NOT an automatic. It is an automated 7 speed manual dual clutch. 

Carbon Fiber Honda says:

There is a manual version though. Which is quite suprising of BMW to still

inchskater says:

Very stiff, moving around cojones, yet a few seconds after that you say
it’s comfortable. Which one of the two is it?

Joshua Anderson says:

Maintenance nightmare after warranty..coming from someone with an E46 M3

Gaming 4 Ohio says:

First ///M

ImSpruic says:

Slower than the c7

dschonsie says:

The price makes it exclusive. That’s what some people pay for. 

JE Torrico says:

Hey TFLC, is the 2015 Mustang GT w/6speed manual the poor man’s M4, or is
that not a fair label for the Mustang? 

Joe Wigfall says:

Not much of a car person but i thought BMW was European 

CYKBC says:

Another bush league review by this gent and channel 

Abdul Nagadi says:

Great vid guys. Nathan : why so sad ?

KingPNW says:

It seems like suspension comfort on these cars simply comes down to
engineering. My 991 C2S was very comfortable, the suspension soaked up
everything really well. My current Audi RS5 is so stiff that I almost don’t
enjoy driving it on a daily basis. Makes me wonder how stiff the 1M, and if
it is a good daily driver…

revolutionday1 says:

No fireproofing under the hood at all, and I bet that engine gets hot as

eduardoig17 says:

no video of how you got your ticket?? :(

idh0530 says:

I really like the M4, but I’d personally take a C7.

Fraidoon Khuram says:

Awwww he is getting emotional. Makes the show more human not just numbers
and straight reviews. :)

Greg Laurence says:

Hella of a hideous color. Front bumper holes looks like it could hold a
couple cats. Great car, but would go for a Cayman or Jag ftype. Bmw badge
is losing its appeal for me. Bring back a new Z8 

Mike Johnson says:

I’m a Corvette guy, but this looks like an amazing car. I always have had a
spot for BMWs, great review and keep it up! Weird question for a review
video however, but what is the song used in throughout the video? It really
was a nice piece to go along with the review.

That Dodge Guy says:

Still slower and way more ugly compared to the Hellcat Charger.

Adrian B says:

Looks awesome :)

James Persing says:

Did you do this at ‘Garden of the Gods”

whiteandnerdytuba says:

same thing as a m3, only difference is the door count.

juan tafoya says:

When will you guys get your hands on a Lexus RC F and can you guys make a
match up against the M4 with it maybe throw in a c63 too thx

Monster says:

This guy is good at reviewing

Ultimatemxcn says:

84,000 is quite a bit. This car is too unfocused. It is trying to be a race
car with its jarring suspension, but then it wants to be a luxury GT car
with its plush interior and generous proportions. In a way BMW should have
taken the performance hit and gone with a slightly softer setup. If you
want a race car on the street Mitsubishi still sells the Evo X.

Fly High says:

Come on Nathan this review, in this review you look sad!!

Brett Peterson says:

I like this video more than the usual ones. The music was not annoyingly
loud. I do like some juvenile delinquent but that’s okay it’s nice to see a
straight up professional video

However, you never did mention the one thing in the interior that you did
not like. And why was I speeding ticket worth it?

jdlarson11 says:

I love this channel, but bringing up manuals all the time is getting old. 

MrKeyboardCommando says:

All this talk about the ” purity ” of the manual transmission and the
feeling of ” control ” a clutch and gear lever give the ” proper ” driver
always puzzles me. I can only assume the people who feel this way have
primarily driven automatics. It’s the only explanation.

Marijn Kramer says:

Com one guys, like thus video just for the speding ticket :P

Joe Reilly says:

What instrumental is at 1:00?


What a boring review:( natan are u ok?

macfan999 says:

Grossly overpriced for what you’re getting.

100vasiliy says:

very good video. one thing i like is the backround music. 

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