2015 BMW M4 Review

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When BMW said the new M3 coupe would be called the M4 it didn’t just seem idiotic, but sacrilegious. Now it all makes sense. http://www.autoguide.com/manufac…


Bati Tsogtsaikhan says:

What happened to the skinny white dude with glasses? I really enjoyed his
reviews more than one should ever enjoy video review of a car. 

juan tafoya says:

Now can you guys make a head to head video on the M4 vs Lexus RC F? 

KingPNW says:

Odd that almost every other review has nothing but the highest praise for
the 6-speed manual, but you didn’t like it. What accounts for the

ewt415 says:

It’s not an M3? Excuse me, but the M4 is a 2 door M3, so on the surface and
underneath, it is an M3. Now, the M4 is not a TRADITIONAL M3, but that’s a
different subject matter. I’d expect journalists to be able to make and
express this distinction. 

justin bouche says:

ill keep my 4.0 FOR LIFE fuck this I6 (happy)

Joe Morello says:

Awesome video, I like the editing upgrades! : )

Michael Zubritsky says:

Over rated and overpriced. Better off with Japanese

Keyy Thompson says:

You had me at 6 speed manual… I can always rely on BMW!
This is a drivers car… I Applaud BMW

demoskunk says:

The front end and profile look good. The rear section looks like a fucking

dave dunn says:

Im not a bmw fan or german car fan as they are unreliable and ridiculously
expensive to maintain but i love the look. Those mirrors are sexy, front
end, the rest is meh 

Blitz4000 says:

Die worm die!!!!

angelo haka says:

bmw is gone loose too many clients with this turbo experiments,let me gues
what is next m3 4×4 diesel

Phuong Le says:

YES its a fucking manual. 

fikes73 says:

I agree, cant wait for the M2. The M235i is already pretty beastly, add a
real lsd, tighter suspension, and lighter weight, it will be the car of

Pranav Mukesh says:

As said by EVO car magazine and Autoweek netherlands, “its only starts to
feel like a sports car once you drive at the limit!’, rest of the time it
feels big, and feels like the front doesnt want to turn in”! Shame but
makes it for an exciting car at the limit!

Rajeev Sahu says:

We want the guy who reviewd the e63 and s class etc!

billystutz55 says:

Thank goodness for the manual. Keeping a sports car a sports car!

KingPNW says:

Thank you for getting a manual transmission!!

A226044 says:

Ehh i’ll take a 2015 Mustang GT with the track package instead for $30k
cheaper and more HP.

I like my E46 M3 but I miss the feeling of a V8 muscle car :/

Saif Ahsanullah says:

Can’t wait till the next gen Cadillac V gives these guys a whooping! 

Mohamed Duhoky says:

this is a pure beast

quack man says:

I’m glad someone got a manual to test, good review

DONALD Jean-Jacques says:

Wicked Whip Man I’m glad they chucked that damn V8 it was a waste of money
its bad enough that the car is hella expensive but now it gets decent gas
mileage. DAMN GOOD JOB

ForTehNguyen says:

its not lighter by 180#, people on bimmerpost did real life weight
comparisons and the best they could get is 84# lighter. BMW lists this car
as 3590 on their website. So the E9X weighed almost 3800#?

Anthony Ciani says:

Save the manuals!

J.C VenomDrifter says:

E46/92 is still the daddy!

Ulisses Costa says:

Engine sound is so bad :S

mr17krm says:

I like eggz

LaoK8710 says:

A gold iPhone plus this one will make you feel good all day everyday I
guess lolz

Chris McManus says:

Prefer the Baby Blue color 

markjwil says:

BMW is developing an M2 Stay tuned…..

blainevaq says:

Why is this car working out at £39,600 Sterling In the US and £61,000
sterling here in the UK?
Really is a disgrace. 

sophisticated says:

good honest review

Ricky Vang says:

funny how they put speakers in the car so it sounds louder in the cabin 

Kevin Gates says:

Love, love, love the new format… Much more opinions and real world
feedback and less reading of specs. Thank you!!

Christopher .WalkenPNW says:

I really dig the yellow colors on the M cars. If it didn’t rain/snow so
much in the pacific northwest I would be all over them.

superchan7 says:

So it’s like a baby M6 now!

Cole Middleton says:

Ugliest paint color 

Euphorica says:

This car is meh. Love the torque. ..but otherwise . Forget it 

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