2015 BMW M4 – TestDriveNow.com Review by Auto Critic Steve Hammes

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TestDriveNow.com Drive Time video review of the all-new 2015 BMW M4 DCT by automotive critic Steve Hammes. MSRP as tested: $86225. http://testdrivenow.com/2…


schwartz wolfe says:

I am so sick of people using the word über when describing sonething

Powaup says:

I’m surprised at how good the review was lol good stuff

TandemDawgBMG says:

I remember when all you had to do was press the M button to make it

RugerReaper says:

Correct me if I am wrong, but did you not mention the HP/ft.lbs. of

Paulley To says:

Another flawless review, great job! 

TestDriveNow.com featuring Drive Time with Steve Hammes says:

Bred for the racetrack yet destined to be driven every day. My review of
the all-new ’15 @BMWUSA #M4

Bill Brooks says:

Steve vs. LEXUS RCF thoughts?

LZSchneider says:

I love how the same thing can look completely different to different
people. The front end looks frumpy and bulbous in front and the side gills
look cheesy, if functional. One things for sure though, a 0-60 time of
under 4 seconds is phenomenal.

This car is basically a Corvette with four seats. Maaaan it’s so awesome
your job is to review cars, Steve xD

Scott Villeneuve says:

Steve, I feel like you made a couple references to myself and Chris in this
video. ;)

prodigy1210 says:

Steve, I would love if you could include what you think of the audio
systems in the cars that you test. This M4 had the harmon kardon upgrade
and I wanted to hear what you thought of it. Cheers for a great review

Dan Bui says:

I enjoy your narrative tone along with the thoughtful vocabulary atypical
of the other reviewers.

FreewayMT says:

“A car far too capable for roads with speed limits”. That’s a sad thing for
North America. WTF with that 55-60 MPH speed limits? you have wide,
straight, smooth highways over there :)

Mike Clark says:

Finally a terrific review!!! My hates off the you sir. 

brian garrity says:

Next generation of Bavarian madness! Yes!

Jon Car says:

86 grand! That is a college education. This proves the destruction of the
US dollar by the Federal reserve. Insane inflation rate since the EURO is
30% higher on the exchange rate. Great review!

G. Warren says:

Looks good…sounds horrible!

Bo Vorachack says:

I’d rather get the challenger hellcat for $20k less.:)

Dnaovrimdan says:

Fucking beautiful.

Mike Clark says:

Finally a terrific review!!! My hates off the you sir. 

Billy Sou says:

Had some fun with the M4? 17 city/ 24 highway — no yucky non-eco tax (aka
gas guzzler tax). 

oscar trujillo says:

how much I would love this car but it would kill me be stuck in Chicago
traffic and when not in traffic worry about the stupid speed cameras that
have been placed throughout the city

alexnanynets says:

Great review though I’d watch an M4 review for hours.. lol. Wondering if
the display is pop-up like in Audis or if it is fixed?

ishyR34 says:

Lol, this car is upwards of 180k in Australia. The u.s has it very very

Burbo Turbo says:

I have to buy an E92 M3 soon before they all get a owner…

MrKnnknn says:

The decision to change the M3 coupe’s name to M4 is as bad as the use of
the Turbo engine in it. My guess is that BMW wanted a way back to the M3
coupe in case the M4 wasn’t successful. The whole idea behind the M badge
is the normally aspirated engine linked to a manual gearbox, 2 doors not 4,
call me classic, old fashioned, whatever. BMW currently does not have a
purist car available for purchase, as Porsche does with the 911 GT3. BMW
lost its exclusive M drivers, at least they lost me as a customer. My last
M3 and the last real M3 was the E46, which I sold because of the expensive
maintenance, otherwise it is an amazing car. Goodbye BMW, hello Porsche!

antgun007 says:

1:53 any one else notice the damn curb rash on the wheels? come on man!

The Prince says:

How many gallons of gas the car gas tank can hold 13 gallons ? 15 gallons ?
How big is the gas tank? 

billystutz55 says:

I’ll take the manual please

Navapon Pon says:

In thailand we can only buy 320i sport 184hp (CKD) at the same prize as
this m4. 

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