2015 BMW S1000RR Review

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Outfitted with the Race and Dynamic package, the 2015 BMW S1000RR is an HP4 in all but name. More importantly, what BMW has recreated with the 2015 iteration of the S1000RR is the world’s most.


CycleCruza says:

That bike may be sick in every way accept it’s looks now, headlights look
even worst than before and that huge monstrosity of an exhaust on the side
looks out of place. However, when you throw a leg over the bike looks
doesn’t matter. Just expressing my opinion.

Phuc Du says:

First heated grips and now cruise control. Wtf is this… A fucking
minivan? Lol. Let’s not talk about how hideous the headlights are. Bimmer
needs to look at Kawasaki and takes note :))))) 

sephiroth1386 says:

I’ve never taken my bike to the track, so I don’t understand what he means
by moving the shift linkage back. Does that act sorta like a short shifter
on a car?

Daronshae Moore says:

Will you guys be doing the 2015 Yamaha R1 or R6 if they provide a press
intro? +Motorcycle.com 

TheVitaoBR says:

The URL of this video is gay…

Bruce Kendall says:

Awesome bike,thks

Emil Sosnin says:

“All Hail the BMW! Ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.”

grim R says:

I love the new changes esp. The headlights and bmw is still the only street
with heated grips.

Fabio Santos says:

Just wonderful.

SW20AE86 says:

Digging that ability to go to “gp shift” with the stock rearsets. 

Shen Hui Wang says:

Its kinda nice to see BMW work on the Kawasaki-esk looks instead of the
GSXR chassis platform. The old S1000RR looked awkward even though it rided
like a dream. The new look is a HELLA better now. I might even consider it
over the S1000R next spring.

Donn Kimp says:

When is the release date?

TheKooster31 says:

looks nice, i’m gonna save up for this!

Jon C says:

Ooo, tell me more about the rider modes and switches!


quwers says:

hey sexy

Paddyhudson says:

Glad it’s still ugly, it can be a little tiring hearing about how perfect
the bike is otherwise.


It’s traditionally bmw, I love it and I’m not a super sports fan, as for
the big exhaust 90% of people who buy this bike will change that anyway,
this bike puts any other bike to shame with electronics, and cruse control
that is awesome 

Nskawtea1 says:

Heated grips and cruise control on a hyper sport bike? damn!

Cohiba says:

2015 S1000rr great bike with the expected upgrade path.
I have a 2014 HP4 Competition and absolutely love it. New model years bring
new upgrades to base models as well as specials/limited no matter which
brand you may buy. I paid the premium to buy a HP not a S1000rr, much like
you choose to buy a Panigale S over a Panigale or an BMW “M” car over a
regular 3, 4 or 5 series.
The HP4 will always be a “HP” and not a S1000rr and a Panigale S is always
an “S” and not a Panigale.
Trying to make an argument that the new models are cheaper, lighter, faster
than the previous limited release or base model and hence a far better buy,
don’t accept that each year is a snapshot and relative to what is available
at the time of purchase. 

hackneo64 says:

So basically all the suckers that got the HP4 could have waited a year for
a bike with more and better features. Glad I sold my 2nd gen RR and waited
for the third refresh. 

Abdulaziz Alothaymin says:

2015 BMW S1000RR Review: http://youtu.be/cZKfTgnzgaY

Sea Tac Assassin says:

Scweet lol

TheSuperMotoHooligan says:

This is getting out of hand….

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