2015 BMW X3 xDrive28d vs. 2015 Lexus NX 300h

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Mercedes, Audi and BMW all currently sell a diesel compact CUV with a turbocharged diesel engine. But there is a luxury automobile manufacturer lurking in the shadows, looking to disrupt the…


Johan Herstad says:

why is comfortable always considered to be dull by car journalists? they
are not synonyms you know;P i would bet most people would choose comfort
over sporty. sporty sounds cooler, but gets tiring when you have to feel
bumps in the road every day(unlike journalists who only test the car for a

AutoGuide.com says:
jamiraquijorts12 says:

id rather get an Hyundai Santa Fe or a Hyundai Max Cruz. with a cheaper
price yet luxurious. Just an Opinion

AAJAA5 says:

Does the BMW have adaptive dampers/eco-comfort-sport-sport plus -modes? It
seems like the cameraman avoided filming the center console of the BMW
intentionally (where these buttons would be). How about the tires, do you
take those into consideration when evaluating comfort and sportiness? It
seems these two cars had completely different kind of tire sets under them.
Wish there was more professionalism in these head to heads. But at least
you had a nice day driving around

cesar malabrigo mujica says:

someone looks like shia labeouf… 

Watson Lee says:

Ok I don’t get it. Even though BMW is sporty that doesn’t always translate
to a harsh ride. You can balance ride and handling and in my experience BMW
can tackle corners with ease and ride over potholes like a carpet smooth
ride that won’t shudder the cabin. And remain super quiet with all windows
down. Also I think Lexus paid for them to say how much quieter and better
riding the NX is because consumer reports said in talking cars that Bmw and
audi impart a solid feel that lexus can only dream of. 

Ronald Suizo says:

i wanted to watch this comparo but after the first 15 seconds i had to
stop. yes you know why.

Aaron Walker says:

I’m shocked the BMW won; shocked I tell you!!!!

kirbyswarp says:

I hate BMW and I hate to say it, but I’ll take the BMW…

More efficient, more cargo space, not as horrifically ugly (but not pretty
either), more torque, faster, better handling and somehow cheaper. BMW is
clear winner here. 

Denton Armstrong says:

“Lexus remote roach interface still sucks”


Skyler91 says:

So, diesel are starting to spread across US, uh? u.u
(very few ones though…)

ProductofNZ says:

I find myself doing double takes when a new Lexus SUV drives past. Can’t
say the same about BMWs range.

David S says:

I know the NX is a mild hybrid but, it does put the fact out there that the
entire hybrid movement is a gimmick… Hybrid have almost no sales outside
the US were diesel and ethanol engines are available more commonly, we have
been enjoying great gas milage for ages without having to play a premium
for batteries 

Mike Fusco says:

Need to work on the lisp, it’s very distracting. You can do it. Otherwise,
good report. 

kirbyswarp says:

Listening to Kaskade & John Dahlback-Little More at 3:46

Really good song.

MotoGuide says:

Excellent Review AutoGuide. Sami, really enjoyed the whimsical remarks!

Khemistry says:

All I could think of this entire video, is the ComedyCentral roast of the
century, based on that comical Sylvester the Cat lisp!

Mike Schlee says:

BMW X3 xDrive28d or Lexus NX 300h?

P R says:

TOday i ve seen X3 on the street looks one generation older than lexus.
Thtas is fact!!!!!!!

L4TIn0St4NdUp says:

His lisps is unbearable…..

threepac3 says:

BMW’s are somewhat limited by there choice of tires. Opting for run-flats
reduces ride quality and increases road noise.

Ali alnaqbi says:

i will take neither of them instead i will take the nx200t f-sport 

madant1977 says:

BTW there is nothing to fix in the X3, it’s a BMW.

Saablives says:

They both look horrible

pachy190 says:

Lexus is the best car….

Shanmuga Sundaram says:

you guys may prefer x3, but the average joe or soccer mom wud pick lexus.
Also follow trucks to find diesel pumps.

Jaffar Abdul Baqi says:

What if you test the X3 with the trick suspension ? What does BMW call it?
Adaptive? W 62n’t that fix the ride?

Fazlkarim Khan says:

Shut The Fuck Up The NX Is Clearly The Winner End Of Story

Mark Atkinson says:

NX anyday

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