2015 BMW X5 Start Up and Review 3.0 L 6-Cylinder Turbo Diesel

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shums0355 says:

Here are some tips you can use for your car reviews
-rate like the seats out of 10
-in sedans show if the rear seats are too upright
-show how to fold the seats down

John Hancock says:

I prefer the Acura MDX.

Daniel Laurel cadena says:

Why not do the revised most luxurious?

John Hancock says:

Could you review the Volvo XC90?

Just, Ricky! says:

Great review! 

Fazlkarim Khan says:

The BMW X5 Is Still Better Than The Acura MDX

Антон Шепелев says:

What creaked during all video?

ThatShit Cray says:


Camerons Car Reviews says:
shums0355 says:

EPIC car review as usual

ebuff57 says:

Inline 6? Ancient.

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