2015 BMW X6: Don’t Believe the Hype – XCAR

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The BMW X6 has a pretty interesting rep in the UK, Alex wanted to find out why. Thankfully the newest X6 was on hand to help with his enquiry. Subscribe for …


XCARFilms says:

The 2015 BMW X6 is here, what do you think of it?

Alfred Munkenbeck says:

That is, by some measure, the ugliest BMW sold today. It might actually be
the ugliest BMW of all time. Why does BMW insist on making SUVs if none of
them are any good?

philip danielsson says:

BMW have lost their identity, bunch of cunts is what they are!

Javon K says:

I actually really like it, I hope they bring the M50 D to the USA

Scrustle says:

I think the X6 is very much aimed at people who do care about what other
people think. They’re just also the kind of people who don’t actually know
what other people think. They think everyone has taste as bad as them.

David MuscleGuy says:

Nowadays its really hard to be Loyal to such a brand:( i loved Mercedes in
the 90s cause(mostly 1997 S600 my grandpa had ) they were amazing i loved
they way the looked the smell from the leather you get and so on… then
they started making shit like the first C class we had in 2000 i can’t tell
you how many times it broke down and it was BRAND NEW!! yeah so we moved
from Mercedes except the S class and you know after that what M-B started
making,right? RIGHT? so we got a BMW 540i E39 in 2002 and holy shit it was
really really fast(from what i can remember) and it was so durable and
looks epic we called it Boing 747 btw. and now WHAT THE FUCK GUYS??? X6
which is not that Bad but think about BMW making FWD cars 2 series AT and
our beloved hot hatch that is the only one with RWD 1 series going to be
FWD!!!!! holy shit and now i’m loving Dodge and Jaguar a lot more, YES I
SAID DODGE since it will be the sport division in Chrysler group and they
make great car except the Minivan i hate.
SO what DO YOU Guys think? is there a brand that’s kept the Loyal Happy
and can be loved forever?

theokan89 says:

This is a beautiful car and the sales statistics prove it. Its like people
calling angelina jolie not pretty these days, it’s popular to hate on
success. Just admit it is beautiful with the BEST available diesel engine;

Mr Ol Skül says:

Maybe it’s for people who want coupe styling with the stance and commanding
view of an SUV. Why does a car have to be so practical that it requires a
2-box silhouette? To many, it’s about how they look and feel while driving
the car. Much like the Miata MX-5, VW CC and Mercedes-Benz CLS aren’t very
practical in their seating capacities, neither is this concoction of a
vehicle very practical. As we all know most car purchases are emotional
purchases and not practical ones, otherwise we would all drive mini-vans. I
say if you want an ugly car and have the money, then by golly, buy yourself

kezboy1 says:

My My, That’s one ugly looking BMW IMO….

Natan Epstein says:

not impressed … i do not like it ..

MTC0316 says:

A car for people with no sense, and the worst thing is X6s I see are all
ruin by even worse looking bodykits and revolting colour scheme.

X5 makes more sense, but that isn’t a great SUV to start with.

Btw, more and more rich people are emerging and not all of them has taste.
Hence the high sell of such awful cars.

Grandmaster Baum says:

This car is like the “i am rich-app”.
Completely useless and just for showing off.

lookatmySB says:

- Design: ok
- Engine: good
- Trans: good
- Quality: good
- handling: good

the only reason it deserves to be hated is .. it is a lifted 4 series, WHY
IS IT SO HIGH ? there would be no drawbacks on just making it fuckin normal
! and its unnecessary in BMWs lineup .. many cars are unnecessary in the
lineup like 4 gt, 3 gt, x4, x6, x1

The x6s developement is a joke, first you build a good offroad/suv platform
for the x5: lets make this car a bit higher for ground clearance – then
comes the x6 where they lower the car a bit to make it handle better ? wtf
… just buy a damn 6 series if you want a luxurious bmw coupe !!1

ellieisfit15 says:

Sorry bmw, just drop the X6… it’s dull and rather ugly.
Replace it with a more bigger luxury X5 with X6 badge though.

Matthieu Coffinieres says:

Come on, only blind people can say that it’s an uggly car….

linkxx11 says:

I like it. It’s unique and rare. There’s way too many badges on the back of
this specific model though… X6 M50d… I think I’d go for the X6 M 

9huu08ijokp says:

There is no car that gets so much hate as the X6 and there is no phone that
gets as much hate as the iPhone, especially iPhone 6 Plus. Imagine sitting
in a traffic jam in your X6 with an iPhone 6 Plus in your hand, people will
go absolutely bat shit. I want to be that guy so I’m thinking about buying
both of them.

Liv Z says:

Car made for tasteless gypsies who want to be above everyone in traffic.
Anyone who pays attention when they drive has undoubtedly noticed the
shitty driving style of X5/X6 owners, as well as their carelessness for
others. Sad BMW builds for that market because in the end, it’s a trade off
between company image and money. Hairdresser’s car. 

yousof mohmand says:

Worst car EVER!!!

dailyAutomotiveNewsHD says:

oh my god, BMW makes super ugly cars now, the rear on this one makes me

nacevmircea says:

fuck range rover

sqkiudward says:


kraenk says:

Are you writing your stuff yourself, Alex? Cause you’re damn good at it!
Keep up the good work.

647killa says:

This thing surpasses the Acura zdx in ugliness along with the first Gen
Porsche cayenne. And those are some very ugly SUVs. As a loyal bmw and
Acura customer, I have been disappointed. 

papoopa5800 says:

BMW mustn’t hamper their reputation by making such a car.

Mitchell Bachtold says:

Lol the comments in here are priceless. Remember, bmw is selling more
models then ever before in the history of the company. Think this is ugly,
look at the bloody 2 series.

Marwan jacob says:

The front look of the past X6 is much better than the current version, 

messianicrogue says:

50d upside down it is P0S – coincidence – I doubt it.

darek4488 says:

The only good reason to buy the X6 is to make it an engine donor for
another car. Imagine swaping V8 4,4 litre, DOHC, bi-turbo from 50i into any
of the 3-series.

Ryukachoo says:

the bmw x6 sells well

this is objective proof that people can have bad opinions, and bad opinions
exist….saying nothing of taste

bezor Ta says:

Despite what everyone thinks about X6 and it’s looks, the enormous success
of it has forced all other manufacturers to start make a SUV coupe. BMW has
had all the market for this niche product for themselves and are making a
tone of money off it. I guess it’s like the Nissan Juke. Everybody think
it’s ugly but Nissan still sells a lot of them.

S Miller says:

Can you review the Seat Ibiza FR with the new ACT engine?

David Keogh says:

Boring, unnecessary and dog-fucking-ugly. And that’s just the owners…

Jesse Dix says:

2:02 haha what kind of shit design is that 

candy-ass roodypoo says:

Also when 90% of people think that a cars ugly and you buy it solely
because to you the car says that “you don’t care what other people think”,
then it is not a good thing! that means that youre a fucking retard.

scheven architect says:

What an ugly thing…

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