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Sarah Sauer is back with a review of the brand-new 2016 BMW X6. The BMW X6 is powered by 4.4 liter TwinPower Turbo V8 making 445 horsepower and 480 lb-ft of …


Dacrazy-can says:

106k euros , wtf ? m5 all day , or any awd audi with the rs before the

XCARFilms says:

This certainly is an impressive car, and the sound that came from that
acceleration was amazing – We had a look at this very same model a few
months ago, check out our channel to see what we thought of it!

Dacrazy-can says:

just a 130mph ? WTF i was at least expecting 160mph without governor

Hanse Davion says:

OK knock of putting Sarah down ! she is one a few women who review motors
and does it well, better than some men, fact she presents it in not her
native tongue makes her more impressive, so knock the car not the
presenter, FYI she reviewed the Mercedes S Class AMG 2015 and……. well
convinced me to get buy one, so please, leave the lovely lady alone and
just decide on the car not her !
You rock Sarah !

Lawrence Timme says:

the x6 is a fat, ugly bastard

angry frog says:

ok let’s be honest
it’s not that ugly………..

Torben Anschau says:

I like vertical air intakes down there not just for cars…. ;-)

day3002 says:

For driving everyday and being practical they should have release diesel
version with 18 thick wheels.. only then you wont have broken back when you
drive over a hole.

I would propobly go for X5 40d if I had to choose new X series car. 30d or
40d 250-300bhp is way more then enough to do shopping and drop kids.

You want sport feeling? Buy M3.

chase lupex says:

i would take the new x5 over this but not the v8 i’d have the 35d 

RoboTekno says:

Nice review, Sarah :-)

AdvancedEliteGaming says:

Sarah I hope you know you are fantastic at what you do and don’t let anyone
else tell you otherwise. I don’t often comment on YouTube videos and I only
do when I feel something should be understood. The people who leave rude
comments aren’t aware of how lucky they are to have the opportunity to
watch free, professional and easy to watch reviews of all different types
of cars. Also to have a native reviewer – a beautiful one at that is car
reviewing at its finest. 

Graham Dillon says:

Honestly, I’ve seen one driving down the street and it looked really sharp.
The shape makes it less practical but it makes it look sportier. I know SUV
and sporty don’t usually go together but the X6 looked pretty nice when I
saw it.

nature10879 says:

This would appeal to people who drive 2 seater coupes like high end
mercs,audis like tts and even bmw 6 series, Jag F type as well. Most of
those are rear wheels and have no ground clearance. Well they cal be used
more of sports car but neither of them are taken to a track for a lap
time…and this thing can hold on its own. We think its useless because we
are use not to it like miatas and corvettes,,,which were considered useless
when they came out.

Tanner Young says:

This was in SC. That means my favorite person, possibly ever, was an hour
away, and I had no idea. Sarah is life. I want to meet her, if only to say
I have. …this may be creepy, as she’s just an Auto reviewer and not a
celebrity per se, but I think she’s awesome. So, anyway…

NZsarge1 says:

Great to see Sarah back on FL Detours, nice review 

huss1205 says:

what was the point of that introduction of “Z”ara “Z”auer?

Poseidon HD says:

Looks ugly imo,as with most BMW SUV vehicles

David MuscleGuy says:

i’m actually surprised that V8 have that V8 rumble unlike the ///M version!
btw great review and i also don’t get the amount of hate?! but i have to
tell you that i just love girls like you i wish you have little sister or
something:( alright i say it you are gorgeous. one day my wife gonna be
like you;)

Gabriel Gonzalez says:

Get off Sarah back! Stop humping her! Sarah I love U! :)

Buclodized says:

I like Sarah’s reviews and this one is especially nice. As for the car,
yeah not for everyone but I think this is the best looking version I’ve
seen. The people that buy these are probably hoping to get the best of both

Bumerang 1 says:

always a pleasure to see sarahs’ reviews, and the x6 is a nice car… but i
the new mercedes gle coupe better, especially the amg-version…
nevertheless -
klasse review, sarah, mach weiter so…!

bmwmsport11 says:

The X6 is like the GT car of SUVs. Not really made for practicality. Just a
cool looking suv.

I personally would go for a X5, because after all I might as well buy a
coupe or sedan if I wasn’t looking for space/practicality. 

nature10879 says:

If I put this thing side by side with lets say a Jag convertible or a
corvette I would find it more usable. It can hold more cargo and seat 4
adults, its AWD and much more usable on wet weather. Saying this is useless
is like saying an F type is useless and whoever buys it should buy a Jag XF
sedan instead…or lets logically look at it this way, Is a corvette
useless compared to a Cuddy CTS V? Both are made by GMC

gatto morto says:


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