2015 BMW x6 xDrive35i First Look on Everyman Driver

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Everyman Driver Car Reviews says:

First Look Impressions: 2015 @BMW x6 xDrive35i on @EverymanDriver with
@IMDaveErickson #ONEGPS @TimexSports

Kev50027 says:

Too bad you couldn’t test the 5.0 version, that turbo V8 is a beast. 

Clarence Stokes says:

It has a inline six not a V6. BMW never had a V6 in any of there cars or

curseknight5 says:

Not a big fan of having 1 car split into 3 videos…

Ford Fan97 says:

Driver and passenger seats are 21 way power seats!

Shawn David says:

Can really see the influences Mazda took from them.

rajg7 says:

How is the rear seat head room?

omar khan says:

Would you get the MDX over this or the X5 or the ML350?

杨德瀚 says:

It should be a L6 not V6 right?

ning cai says:

L6 ^-^

Takehiko Inoue says:

looks terrible.

leo Sangadej says:

….. X6 3.5i has circle for tail pipes and 5.0i has the square ish tail
pipes…. Like the one in the video…… 

vuthina roeun says:

62K :( it broke my heart lol

MrMentalSoul says:

Nice video, Dave. Just one slight correction, it’s called a USB “input,”
rather than “import” as I think you’ve been calling it. Keep up the good

Anthony Cuda says:

I hate that car makers are moving to a digital display for the tach and

jjayguy23 says:

Waiting for that Tesla review Mr. Erickson. 

Chris BH says:

I heard 62k and i was like nope

Nathan Spence says:

That’d be an awesome car to do a 0 to 60. Even though it’s not a manual.
Paddle shifters anyway. 

ngb802 says:

At first I disliked the design but after seeing it on the road I think it
looks pretty good . Too bad it’s kinda expensive for a crossover

buildmorefarms100 says:

That is one UGLY bus! Wow!

Di Mi says:

Love this car

proTESTeam+TV says:

2015 BMW x6 xDrive35i First Look // Everyman Driver

George Washington says:

Nice calves!

videoforyou73 says:

Good video!!!

ALPAN0507 says:

nice car!

XJet1982 x says:

Wow the interior looks like a Mazda or should I say the Mazda interior
looks like the BMW. Someone has been ripping off someone’s design. 

Ivan Vojt says:

It’s the BMW Crosstour / Venza.

Rdhazel01 says:

Don’t like it as a crossover. I liked it better when it was a performance
suv that competed with the Porsche Cayenne 

Driver Seat Reviews says:

Sub to me

Johnson _ Brandon 11 says:

Song? It’s really catchy please tell me anyone.

Di Mi says:

But it’s odd that the RPMs are on the right?

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