2016 Audi Q7 – First Look

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Audi’s redesigned people mover looks a lot more wagonlike than its predecessor, says Cars.com reviewer Kelsey Mays. With a spacious, luxurious interior, fami…


Amanda Hugankiss says:

So let me get this straight.
A team of AUDI designers sat in a room for months (maybe years)
contemplating the total redesign of the Audi Q7 and THIS is what they all
agreed on?
A Subaru Forester on steroids?

WHO in their right mind would swap their Range Rover, Merc GL, etc for one

Hideous! Absolutely Hideous. 

ProteanView says:

The Q3 looks too cheap to bear the Audi name. The Prologue is a copy of
Ford’s Fusion in front. Now this thing – a cross between a Subaru Outback
and a Chrysler Pacifica. I am so over Audi. This cheap-looking, milquetoast
station wagon doesn’t deserve to be called ‘Q7′. I need a moment to
collect myself.

Grace JD says:

What a hideous looking car. It looks like a Subaru and Toyota Highlander
wrapped into one car! Audi people are in shock.

V-Told says:

Man, it looks so bad both on the inside and outside. Interior looks as if
it was taken out straight from a concept car with really no features
inside. Exterior… Bigger Q3/ugly Touareg. I really like the current model
and what Audi did is a shame. Better for the competition though. The new
XC90 is going to demolish it even with these ridiculous 2.0 engines.

Martin Duprey says:

Can anybody say terrible wow STATION WAGON all the way sell your stocks cuz
there sale are, wait I’m already at the bottom since I can’t afford a
luxury SUV oh well the more the Merrier lol

Torrey B says:

Exterior is one that may grow on me…so far I’m on the fence about it.
Interior looks very nice! Hopefully we will see it across the Audi lineup

Chhaingheap Chea says:

I like Audi, but I don’t like this car. Look disgusting! What do you guys

Cars.com says:

Audi’s redesigned people mover looks a lot more wagonlike than its
predecessor, says Cars.com reviewer Kelsey Mays. With a spacious, luxurious
interior, families should find a lot to like about the new Q7, which bowed
at the 2015 North American International Auto Show. Check out the video for
more. +Audi USA +Kelsey Mays 

David S says:

redesigned my ass… since Audi Chief Designer went to Kia its has gone
downhill… interior looks BMW like

Audi For Life says:
Parrots and Potatoes says:

The beltline looks very low, which I like! Good for visibility!

lexusfan100 says:

i see some new volvo XC suv design looks

TechnologyBoy says:

Mom Please .. Awensome car 

The Stulla King says:

Looks may grow on me, but I love the technology that this new design comes
with and that maybe it’s biggest selling point. People hated the looks of
the x6 and it is still selling like crazy, so much so that Mercedes made
the GLE coupe and Audi will soon av the Q6.

Javon K says:

It looks more like the Touareg now

J JYP says:

WHAT THE FUCK is Audi doing?????!! Have they lost their minds? This is a
station wagon, and an ugly one I might add. This may sell in Europe but
this will do very poorly in the States.

Sousse Saint Lucia says:

Looks too small should of kept the large exterior foot print appearance and
just update the lights and some minors the previous gen audi is great
looking and if I had the money would still get the previous gen 

London_III says:

I guess I’ll have tho see this in person to appreciate it, because as I see
it on this video,it looks very ugly, boring, and bland… a step backwards.

dracolnyte says:

UUUUUGGGGGGGLYYY and this is coming from an audi owner

dev boy says:

I’ll have to see this in person. The interior looks nice but I’m on the
fence with exterior looks. It looks like a bloated A6 wagon. 

Bart McClain says:

Your reviews are always very professional in their style , presentation and

KonaKoo says:

Wtf, Audi? It looks like a station wagon

LanuzaFox says:

What happen to Kelsey’s face? 

footballgeorgiebest says:

This Q7 is an abomination. 

Jacques Coetzee says:
Bukunmi Abiodun says:

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