2016 Audi Q7 TDI Quattro – Exterior and Interior Walkaround – Debut at 2015 Detroit Auto Show

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lapinschous1 says:

The old one definitely looked much better

Ronald Cortez says:

For some reason the gray color looks better than the blue one for sure, the
blue one looks more like a wagon, I was really dissapointed with it when
they showed the preview or even the prototype spy images, because it
reallly looks like a wagon, this one in particular looks more SUV, Im still
hoping the black color looks alot better than this one. I can see it has a
lower center of gravity, i assumed the ride quality is better than the
current SUV specially with air suspension. Will it be available this coming
spring time?

Reynaldo Cordero says:

2016 Audi Q7 TDI Quattro – Exterior and Interior Walkaround – Debut at
2…: http://youtu.be/-eu7PNcaPyw

Jason Noel says:

ill quicker buy a used Q7 than this, its just too ugly….just hope they
didn’t do the same thing to the upcoming 2016 Q5

Johny Shutoff says:

Even though i’m an Audi fan, but i must confess that BMW X5 looks way way
better on the outside

Spring Chen says:

I will keep my 2007 TDI running until a really better Q7, not this one for

garry gill says:

This is a wagon! Man! audi needs a good SUV!

ttcro22 . says:

Looks too VW-ish and very boring, dont like it

OregonFlunder47 says:

Holy shit, AUDI, this is an incredibly boring and outdated exterior for a
brand new car.
This needs an urgent facelift.

tdreamgmail says:

Great videos! It’s like I’m actually there!

J Smith says:

Now Audi isn’t even trying to hide the fact that it’s a rebranded VW. It’s
a Touareg with a big grill

Air Crash FR - 1080p says:

wonderful car…

Ol K says:

Ugly duckling, the hybrid of Jeep Grand Cherokee and Subaru Forester with
lacking excitement- Japanese-Korean interior….We’ve bought the first
generation of Q7 4.2l (2007) and one more 2010(after facelift)….use to
love that brand for solidness, strong body and good (not jerky)
motors….now it’s lighter, shaky and “jerky”-low life turbos 2.0-3.0 with
ugly design of PLASTIC body……..please, NO MORE AUDI!

Alex Brown says:

I’m more please with the interior. The previous interior was horrible!!!!

keino111689 says:

I’m quite sure functionally this will be better and have newer and better
tech and gadgetry, however it just doesn’t do it like the old one. It
doesn’t have the presence of the old one, the narrower, skinnier, pointier
front end is not truck-like and is more Audi allroad-ish and VW tiguan-ish.
this looks like the suv that falls between the q5 and q7, kind of how there
is the bmws x1, x3, x5……this would be the x3 and the big dogg x5(q7)
comes after. so to impress with a big boss SUV with a commanding appearance
they have no choice but to make a q8 because this is very feeble car like
appearance compared to x5, ml, and my gosh!! have you seen the XC90.
interior is nice though, however that little triangle window in front of
the mirrors is a no no, that is ugly, that goes at the back not the front.
this is just disappointing because the q7 was the best looking of the three

A Freethinker says:

This one is not rock ‘n roll.

tokekkk says:

i think this is the best color for the Q7, looks “futuristic” and highlight
the shape of the car. Look at those pearlescent flakes!

Lucky man says:

Hyundai grill,mitsubishi rear lights,good copy.

jody024 says:

Audi already trademarked the Q9 name, we’ll what that will look like in the
coming years

PS: i like the music you guys used for this video

tony says:

Ugly I’m sorry

Diesel Beema says:

Looks much better than the current model. Until the front. Did the CAD
fail – and nobody bothered to challenge the hideous frontal appearance that
resulted? Is Audi really going to build it? Deserves to flop. Come on VW
group, put some designers into Audi – and quickly! 

Sympa ta robe says:

AH !!!!!! Voilà !!!! Là on a une VRAIE couleur !!! je n’en pouvais plus de
ce bleu ! Un bon gris mate et ça va mieux^^
Au delà de ça, je suis rassuré … car le Q7 que je voyais sur les premiers
clichés me laissaient perplexes … mais grâce à cette vidéo je me rend
compte que le style n’est pas “horrible” mais plutôt … Particulier^^ mais
sympathique finalement. L’intérieur est super par contre. Bravo Audi pour
cet allègement visuel !

Guido De Saavedra says:

Xc90 Is way much better. 

Brian Kenneth says:

Let me just say, when photos surfaced a few weeks ago of the new Q7, I was
disgusted that Audi actually made something so ugly. While I still think
the current Q7 looks better, this video really shows how beautifully
designed the redesign is. I’m still not a fan of the rear; too boxy, but
the front is aggressive, the side profile looks like a Jeep Grand Cherokee,
especially with those stock rims. Surprised by the stock rims as well, very
basic. Overall, this SUV looks really nice! The interior is out of this
world for an SUV!

Evolve816 says:

Well the new styling of the exterior I was not impressed with, it still
looks great. I was very pleased with the new interior and am more impressed
possible engine specs and fuel efficiency in the diesel hybrid model.
Having a S-line Q7 myself i do like their quality build, sooo if audi can
pull off those specs I may get another

Conrad Barnes says:

A sad day for Audi when the new Honda Pilot looks better than this. The
lights look good and the interior is nice but the rest is pppppppppplain
Jane. Looks like a big Subaru forrester from the outside. Yuk….

khamis aljamal says:

audi played it safe not messing with a winning formula ( the success of the
current q7 ) which is smart business , but as a car fan i must say i was
hoping for more soul from audi !! Personally i was shocked ( in a positive
manner ) with the new volvo xc 90 . i think it will bite a big chunk of
audi’s profits if it proves it self with quality and reliability. 

mmmagic123 says:

In my personal opinion old generation looks like bullet proof tank but the
new one looks like big gadget toy car.

Žiga Štupar says:

i cannot fully judge it from video, but i kinda like it, but i need too see
it in real life to form my opinion.
Im very intrested how will it drive becouse of weight loss and suspension

Sirayu Tangmunkong says:

Ugly looks like a toyota

Piotr Sieminski says:

Is it interior of Audio or BMW ?
Hey Audi don’t loose the test of Audi interior ever !!!

crazyhandroll says:

The old one is better looking on the outside, but this new generation looks
much more pleasing on the inside. The interior is well done, it feels like
an A8. The cargo area seems a bit small

lakshman Isaac says:

Beautiful German technology 

suloja61 says:

Audi…Best…MfG. suloja.

Asif Zaman says:

Finally the exterior is manly. Loved it and will consider to purchase :-).

million dollar video says:

Wow, want to have!!! 

Chuck Kerber says:

that paint is gorgeous!

korsikanec99 says:

from aside looks like Jeep !

Moe jonn says:

I luv my 2008 look s-line…

Serik Tursunbekov says:

2016 Audi Q7 TDI Quattro – Exterior and Interior Walkaround – Debut at
2…: http://youtu.be/-eu7PNcaPyw

Obevankenobe1 says:

это BMW E70…..

AllAtdin says:


Kaan Biyikal says:

It looks like a skoda

Highest Point says:

It looks wayyyyyy better in this color than it did in that blue color.

Illuminati leader says:

Uhh my Illuminati just had an orgasm

Mr Music says:


francisco DURRANI says:

omg looks soo much betten in grey then that ugly blue color

footballgeorgiebest says:

I love the interior but dislike the vile front end with grill.

enrique jardon says:

The design is very insipid; without emotion. Extremely SIMPLE.

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