2016 Audi R8: The Full Story – XCAR

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Subscribe for more XCAR videos: http://bit.ly/U9XDKc The R8 is back and all new. Audi’s released details of the second generation R8 – boasting V10 power and top speeds in excess of 200mph,…


R34 says:

3:02 OH SO THATS THE INTRO !!!! Wow haha i would have never known it was an
r8 sound. 

Zanpa says:

Aah, so that was the intro sound!

Ric Rac says:

I liked the looks of the old one better, but there is no doubt in my mind
this is a better car, so in the end that outweighs the “looks issue”.

Kenneth Larsen says:

Damn the E-Tron is sexy

Grant Goodman says:

I’ll reserve final judgment for when I see it in the flesh, but right now
I’m not impressed with the exterior, looks much more generic than the
original. The interior is lovely though.

Tawfiq Kaley says:

I’ve always wondered what car was used for the intro :)

And Shmee’s R8 V10 ! :)

crossphaded says:

The Mk1 R8 was ahead of its time when it first debuted. Its styling was
fashion forward and still looks relevant to this day. Some say the interior
looks a little tired compared to today’s standards but I think the simple,
teutonic layout is timeless.
The Mk2 R8 styling hasn’t grown on me. I see Audi has gone the way of its
cousin Porsche, opting for a more gradual progression to its design
evolution like the iconic 911 rather than taking big leaps. Perfectly fine
since the first gen was already a step ahead in its looks. Very
disappointed that there’s no proper 6MT gearbox offered. I hope they at
least offer one in the smaller engine version(V6TT or V8), if it ever comes
out to appease the purists!
I’d still take a Suzuka grey V10 Plus 6MT any day, all day. #WantAnR8 +Audi

Riiiisc says:

One thing you guys may have missed: the Audi R8 was the first production
car with “daytime” running lights, before this car…these lights didn’t
even exist. Because of this, the EU made a new rule that each new car needs
to be fitted with these daytime running lights.

Back in the “old” days, when you saw an Audi R8 coming from a distance. It
looked so special with those LEDs, something no one has ever seen before.
This car truly changed the game….and it’s hard to make a successor even
better than that. 

branot89 says:

Original R8 looks so much better then new one

yeung jasper says:

dat intro sound…

Guillermo Gutiérrez says:

The old r8 looks much better.

Dominik Vereno says:

I drove an Audi R8 V8 with a manual once. It was really amazing, the first
and still only supercar that i’ve driven, so i don’t really have a
reference point, but it was quite stunning. It was very confortable and
easy to drive, but very exciting and fast. Unforgettable experience

Emanuele Pinna says:

3:14 The old Sheemobile!!

LawGamerHD says:

To XCAR: make your god damn full story stories longer!!! I need more than 5
minutes per vid on cars from your channel ! :D 

MrMagnificentMedia says:

I love the way this guy talks, proper sounds like he knows his shit lol…
His tone is like an interesting and advertising one.

As for the R8, sigh just too square and boring. Previous model over this
ANY time!

Edward Van. says:

Never expected to be an R8 intro tune, I did know that it could sound great
if you know Paul Wallace.

soubido says:

i see +Shmee150 ‘s old R8 Spyder lol 

Claude Pierre says:

I knew that engine rev sounded familiar.

gus bisbal says:

Its the ….pauses that this guy…..seems to add to…….every sentence.

STOP IT! Just talk, stop reading the news. Do you talk to people like that.
Kill the hipster “I am so trendy and cool” bullshit and have some
authenticity for F#$% sake!!!

HesteBremse says:

Thanks XCAR ;)

Pappy Tron says:

Honestly, I don’t care how much faster and dynamic the new model is over
the old, but it just doesn’t do anything for me. I wonder if it’d be
relatively simple to make the new car look more like the old, because
getting the old car to match the new wouldn’t take much.

merrifield15 says:

The Audi R8 is a brilliant car but the new one doesn’t have the same appeal
to me. It will undoubtedly be better in every way than the mk1 R8 but the
styling is a little bit awkward. 

AndrewMacedonia says:

yet another amazing review :D

dtofq says:

Audi R8 V8…totally underrated. great car

Ben Walker says:

It’s the XCAR intro engine noise!! 3:00

vaztion says:

The R8 V8 with the manual, is one of my dream cars. 

Bart Vandenhaute says:

for brands like ferrari this is an upgrade, for the vw group it’s a new
car…, also those scoops below the front and back lights are hideous, an
elegant design until you see them, in my case it was like, huh? what? cheap
looking huge scoops who look like they were slammed on after the designers
had finished. “oh damn, the brakes are overheating, hmm well let’s slap
these huge, like cheap plastic looking scoops here and there and it’s
fixed”. i have mixed feelings on this one. it will be better then the old
one no doubt but they made some awkward decisions on the scoop placement
and size/looks… i need to get used to em i guess. 

Kaneda12 says:

looks a bit like the new TT from the front dont you think ?

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