2017 Audi R8 First Look – 2015 Geneva Motor Show

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http://www.autoguide.com/) This is Audi’s brand-new halo car: the 2017 R8. It’s on display this week at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show ahead of going on sale in Europe this summer for between…


PainEditz says:

the old r8 looked way better :/

Acc0rd79 says:

My question is, what happened to ’16, did we just take a time warp to ’16
and the ’17 will be released later this year like usual??? Stuff is so
stupid, might as well call it a ’20 next!

Otto Singer says:

you guys at Autoguide always amaze me, you seem to deliver the best videos
from auto shows around the world, Europe or America, always first with
content, and a very good content, video quality superb so is audio, the
whole style is great and of course you have your facts right, never heard
any spec mistake and do seem to have quite a dose of humor :D no.1 when it
comes to auto shows by far.

JamesCutter '98 HD says:

Prefer the older one on the outside but love the new interior! 

Ali Mohammad says:

It’s like the older one 

enemay says:

Did he just say, the ‘you row pee yans’?

Anderson says:

It does not look as striking as the old one…still I guess with the power
it can rival Hurracan at a cheaper price

SoCalFreelance says:

I’m not feeling it, perhaps better looking in person.

Michał Laskowski says:

you americans are so annoying – its the beggining of 2015 and you call it
2017???!!!! as you said it will be on sale on summer THIS YEAR!!!!!

RichL123 says:

Doesn’t look different? You don’t know R8s very well then.

MrGovenator1 says:

WHAAAAA!!!! Can’t get one until the 2017 model year…. Just kidding, can’t
afford one any ways.

footballgeorgiebest says:

Audi’s Design Department needs a kick up the ass. The New TT, Q7 and now
this looks worse that the older generation. 

kicksoffs says:

Bumble Bee.

Plus Minus Infinity says:

The last gen model’s exterior styling is timeless, this one’s is trendy. Oh
well, at least the interior is awesome. Speaking of which, I wonder how
much a first gen R8 goes for the used car market…

AutoGuide.com says:
tnemiller says:

Woulda been next to impossible to make it better looking than the original,
but seems like they’ve done everything else right. Great vid

Twinkie Cakey says:

Dude what the fuck lol that’s a 2015 R8 not 2017 R8. xD

Kommentator says:

yeah.. just go to the audi page and compare the old one with the new one..
this thing has changed a lot!

violian5 says:

Shape of the front grille reminds me of the Skyline R35.

drovid008 says:

why not put a 5.0 V10 on the plus, like in the old RS6?? tune it up and it
can provide so much more power…

håvard storeide says:

Prefer the old exterior, but the interior in the new gen is so nice

Shahul Usman says:

It will be our 2017. As it’s being released here in the US in fall 2016.

enemay says:

Ooh wow are they sure this is the new R8, looks so understated, looks more
like a sports car than a supercar, the 1st Gen looks more exotic, damn.

H Mack says:

Sweet AF! & very cool steering wheel 

Pranjal Shukla says:

Looks sick!

senorgato70 says:

I’ll take an NSX, please. Thanks. 

tmat04 says:

“The Audi R8 has never been an attractive car.” Are you kiddin me?!!! Well,
maybe not this upcoming model…..but the past ones have always been

Hassona Yousef says:

When it comes to the car, it seems a little bit underwhelming comparing to
the older one, but nevertheless the interior is quite amazing . Above all,
the R8 Plus will rise to the competition with its 610 bhp …
Well done Audi 

Acear Bern says:

still looks like crap IMO

Cool Dude says:

R8 was always looking sexy as fuck and was always cheaper and better than
the competition

Buddy Guy says:

Any news on the a4?

Tiff Nidell says:

the wheels on this look oddly similar to the ones shown in the Aventador
SV video…interesting. 

anguy11 says:

2017 my ass

tsy1992 says:

So ugly. Q7 now this. Didn’t think Audi could design anything more boring
till now

Conyea Gilmore says:

All they did was make the front look new be side it look the same

electrikoptik says:

Looks more like a facelift instead of a complete new model. 

Hydro Studios says:

It does look the same but it wouldn’t be an r8 without the curves we love
so much … I think I like the twist

goldwizzard77 says:

Old one looked so much better

Carmen L. de Guevara says:

Me gusto sólo que en ese color definitivamente no

Dumy Jobby says:

all new audis look equal from the old ones but with just a bit sharper

Karan Chandra says:

Lexus LFA? Is that you?

Clinton Li says:

does it have twin turbo?

凸(-_-)凸 says:

Fuck no they killed it :’(

yodikgothiv says:

brand new steering wheel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gunnyboyz4tw says:

Sigh There goes the old R8 ass :/

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