226 Fifth Gear – Nissan 350Z vs. BMW Z4

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vietcong4u says:

all of these cars are nice (350z, bmwZ4 or porches) But my pick have to go
with the HONDA S2000…. 

FiresprayXL says:

Bmws handle better in almost every occasion but the nissan has better

fade006 says:

Looking for music from the very beginning of this video

caha71 says:

If you want to compare turbos, compare that to the GT-R…. silly!

caha71 says:

You brought up the turbo. If the GT-R is too big, compare it to the Skyline
R34 twin turbo… still a BMW killer.

Alex K says:

Now they have Z4 twin Turbo. This was the old Z4 30i the new one is 35i

MagicAyrtonforever says:

BMW interior design is ghastly.. I have the 350Z (2008 mind you) coupe and
prefer it over a Porsche Cayman S interior.

scottievand says:

@astorbergonzoni Why is the s2000 better? They are all around the same
price “used”. There’s basically no low-end torque in it, It’s way too
small, they stopped making it all together. I just don’t get it, How could
it be better?? ;)

ex0gen says:

I have the coupe 3.0si. What are the differences in terms of performance?

Tim Berkenbosch says:

And as a surplus, it has been the gay car of the year for 4 years straight
… get it straight :P

Stabby666 says:

Hardly – I’ve driven all of these cars and the S2000 was by far the worst.
It’s absolutely gutless below 5000rpm – there’s no torque so you need to
thrash the hell out of it all the time to get any sort of decent
acceleration. If you’re a boy racer and like revving an engine to the
redline all day, fine – if you want something that’s quicker and a lot
nicer to drive (the S2000 is also cramped and “plasticy”) then the BMW or
Nissan are a hell of a lot better.

zbarneyz says:

@monsterenergy713 I would go straight to hell! ;P If you belive that shit! :D

stealthmullet says:

The 3.0Si coupe is a lovely car mate I envy you! I’m picking up a Z4 3.0
roadster this weekend but you got the new 260BHP Si engine over my older
231BHP. Compared to the 350Z I think it’s still a little slower in a
straight line (about 0.2 seconds slower to 60 if that counts for much) but
I’d take the BMW any day,better looking and just oozes class imo. Both are
great cars though!

Bryan Malone says:

Why do they keep using the roadster? It’s like 400lbs heavier than the

Cisco B. says:

Your all fags. Talk about cars mention on this video. Go talk about your
gtr somewhere else.

vainparasite says:

@GWD1983 haha how can you have a homosexual car? ;0)

ambientflier says:

No, this is an HR-powered Z. See the hood bump? The coupe is easily capable
of low 5′s to 60, and the roadster can hit mid 5′s. I was talking more
about the handling difference.

Namespolicy Isfornazis says:

I have the 2008 3.0si, which going by the hp of the Z4 in the video is the
same. I have not driven a 350z. But, I love my Z4. I used it for a daily
driver for almost a year, which would not have really been possible with
the newer (2009+) model – the trunk space in the 2008 and earlier is quite
impressive. I’ve taken numerous trips from a weekend to a week and haven’t
been left out for luggage. Keep in mind though, it also has run-flats which
some feel gives a harder ride.

Bigfish31379 says:

350ZR > Z4 I LOVE mine. I think the Z4 is a great car but it just seems too

Eidrian111 says:

why does that z4 has 260 something hp? didn’t it had 240 or something?

johnlooe says:

this is more a test of the drivers’ skills than an actual review.

405849 says:

hihi z4 is better

stealthmullet says:

The Z is a better car in coupe format but the Z4 was designed to be a
roadster from the ground up and that is the key difference here, they’re
comparing them as roasters and the Z4 wins that battle, in coupe form it
could well be a different matter.

AkiraSRT9 says:

Who wants to pay bow maintenance cost, call me gay but not me, ill take the

AkiraSRT9 says:


ambientflier says:

I wonder how big of a difference in acceleration and handling the
convertible Z is versus a hardtop.

mike scully says:

do ya fuckin think?

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