480HP Audi RS4 V6 Bi-Turbo Revs and Accelerations!

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I’ve filmed this beautiful black on black Audi RS4 B5 Avant 2.7 V6 Bi-Turbo Quattro, specially prepared to produce 480HP, 100 more than the stock one. Thanks…


Sean Badoud says:

+Erin Joiner You’re lucky I know have the RS4 I wanted when I bought my Audi

cc: +Ryan Lestage 

Haris M says:

waste of time – 4 minutes i’ll never get back. Couldnt even overtake the
little A3…


the white one…A3 or S3??? seems to be pretty fast :-D

adretube says:

hes not good on corners

Verum Quaerere Seek Truth says:

there is a fuck load of power in that engine

TheKienbaum says:

Fat Video with defekt Light… Nice

Leandro Gonzalez says:

bad driver

7fiLthy7 says:

“RS”4 as in “Ridiculously Sexy”

RS/S says:

geiles video

gropapa28 says:

good engine sound!!!!!

Adrian Flores says:

Vielleicht ist das nicht so einfach…? Unglaublich.

Killian Kermel says:

Rs4 <3

MrBajoKavka says:

Really good sound of RS4. One of the best. or best. Sounds like formula car
when you fly by

Jupjeet Phull says:

So nice I want one so bad 

teamsleepnine says:

lol…relax guys…the guy seem like he’s not even pushing the car

seedstyl says:

Sick car. Is that one of the tracks on Gran Turismo 2 for playstation??

Soprano313 says:

I miss the old B5 and C5. I liked Audi a lot more back in those days.

TimmyTVturbo says:

nice car, learn its boundary’s. push it further.

Mauricio Mauricio says:


CrxThePowerOfDreams says:

nice car, but bad driving

Marianne Tremblay says:

Very nice A6 or i should say S6 break ! I have owned an allroads with the
2.7 bi-turbo motor and I can say that it was a blast to drive stock so I
just can imagine modified must be really enterteining !
I wish the the best for your mod !
Really nice looking car !

Eric M says:

I have a Stage 3 S4. If it was in the US I’d be all over that. I’ve always
wanted an Avant.

Cyber Horror says:

Ma sei di Parma? Quanto chiedi? 

alpinaB12coupe says:

This Audi is for sale if anyone interested

mauryxxx1983 says:

sinceramente mi aspettavo che te la mangiavi la rs3 bianca!!

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