4Car: BMW Z4 review

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BMW Z4 car review by 4Car.


Benny Martinaitis says:

“its not as good as the boxster handling-wise, but thats not the point”
how is that not the point?? the boxster is a rival to this car. also the
term “hairdressers-car” is so passé it doesnt even bother me anymore. also,
so what if a woman designed it, you make it sound like a negative thing..
great car, bad review ;)

ali chasaki says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

lolicrap says:

@marshknute Sure.. Because, you wouldn’t take it if some one gave it to

sukhy singh says:

the boxters not a real porsche, people should only buy a porsche if they
can afford a 911

ThePhan7em says:

I don’t like this guy, reminds me of the chuckle brothers

bigendbob says:

Theres no wind noise, its the rubbish rft’s, they are noisy, put some
goodyear asymmetrics on, that will cure the noise and handling when the rft
get worn.

SidCurry says:

oh my god, i can’t stop looking at his nostrils, they’re humongous

Anthony Yannuzzi says:

This video is terrible.

marshknute says:

@SukhySs Where are you getting this information? The Boxster and Cayman are
the same car with different roofs. Their handling is identical and the
Cayman is only faster b/c it has 10 more hp and a slightly lighter roof. In
fact, Car and Driver voted the Boxster Spyder the best handling car in
America (they specifically tested the Boxster instead of the 911 b/c they
know that the Boxster handles better). The TT-RS is more
comfortable/practical, but is doesn’t handle nearly as well as a Boxster.

marshknute says:

@SukhySs If you were a real gearhead, you would know that the
Boxster/Cayman is one of the best drivers’ cars ever built. In fact, every
car reviewing agency in the world agrees that the 2009-present Cayman is
the best car Porsche currently builds (check out any review of a revised
Cayman if you don’t believe me). I bet you also think the Miata is a chick
car! lol

Luke Ash says:

what a cunt

Gary Thomlinson says:

Actually, if the car is specced with dynamic suspension, it does alter
suspension. It doesn’t lower it like this twerp says, but it does alter
stiffness. I have this car, it alters DCT, Suspension, Throttle and
Steering feel.

sukhy singh says:

@marshknute i know the caymans a good car, and one of the best handling
cars but the boxter aint, id rather have the 35i Z4 or slk 55 over the
boxter any day. ive got a TTRS right now and i think thats a million times
better than a boxter and a better handling car. and the ttrs has 340 bhp
compared to the boxter S 310. but its your choice if u prefer the boxter

marshknute says:

The Boxster is a better sports car, but I challenge anyone to walk away
from the BMW with a clear conscience. The interior is superb and it is
perhaps the best looking car on the market.

chakhaeboy says:

I sold my Cayman S after 2 years and picked up z4. I’m not regretting my

carl206rc says:

boxster is better

shaazy says:

Doesn’t look much different from the old car? (switching over to other
reviews midway)

Silverarrow says:

@Finn Small They call them hairdressers cars because they are very very
envious people. I couldn’t GAF what they think. This is a great car but my
05 manual 350 SLK stays with it despite being down on BHP

TheAtwoR says:

hes really trying to be funny but hes not at all :D;d;D:D:D

BeautifaiI says:

2:53 to 3:00 LOL

toyman customs says:

bmw z4 is not nice

parnol says:

the button doesn’t do anyhting with the suspension, it’s engine mapping
only. I work for bmw and I own a z4!! Tool

Jelle Van de Moortel says:

Hair-dresser; a barber, somebody that will cut your hair :)

Silverarrow says:

@Kolyan24k I own an 05 manual transmission SLK 350 and it matches this BMW
despite being down on BHP (272). Replied to another guy n here, that folk
that call these hairdressers cars are full of envy and shit.

bajabret60 says:

I thought he was amusing. But, can someone explain what a “hairdressers
car” is? Or for that matter, what a “hairdresser” is?

ubicomp says:

“Doesn’t look thaaat much different than the old car” … What is this dude

Sandiles says:

This guy is a joke!

lolicrap says:

@carl206rc You would know?

Rodrigue Zahr says:

Z Sexiest Driving machine

jonny5777 says:

I dont need the guy who owns the local newsagents telling me about a car I
can see its awesome thanks

Monk Ratava says:

What did I just watch?

primetime says:

what a faggot

Anoush13 says:

Wow, I hate this guy!

Benny Roberts says:

Top Gear …

khlstrkog says:

The z4 23i is beautiful and cheap. I like that.

Finn Small says:

I hate how everyone calls all roadsters hairdressers cars, I admit allot of
them are a wee bit camp but definitely not the z4.

inewigkeit says:

I see emotion in this vid

Drpsikoman says:

The Z4 is insanely beautiful from every angle roof up or down plus the
interior is a very special place to be in, even the latest 2011 SLK is no
match, The Z4 won red dot design award , it really deserved it…

Rage4Liberty says:

what an effing tool! this guy is rubbish!

Alfa Romeo says:

@carl206rc Better for what?? after 3000ft of height in any road of the
world porsche would be slower than the bmw besides a fully loaded bmw would
be more equiped than a boxter of the price

toyman customs says:


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