[4k] BMW M3 F80 vs Audi RS4 Avant x 2 races

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This race between BMW M3 F80 vs Audi RS4 Avant x 2 races is powered by milesPLUS 98. Stay tuned for more races from the September event in cooperation with Statoil’s launch of their new premium …


GTBOARD.com says:

[4k] BMW M3 F80 vs Audi RS4 Avant x 2 races

koschtineedssomefun says:

M3 has less Horsepower, 3.0l and 6 cylinders and won.

BMW Power

Viktor Djureholt says:

Vad gör jag här?

ukropadam says:

Gustaf! Please f80 vs V10 M5 or M6.
Dont make me ask again!!

Colin Cas says:

ahahahahahahha another one? That’s awesome. First the R8 now the RS4. I am
loving this new M3. woah woah

AudiDriven13 says:

All you guys talking shit about how the audi lost with more horsepower, 20
more horsepower isn’t gonna make up for 849 pounds, the M3 weighs 3,351
pounds and the RS4 weighs 4,200

Thanacore says:

Audi sounds like a E90 M3

Florent Izairi says:

I love audi i have audi rs6 2009 and this made me sad

David MuscleGuy says:

the RS4 V8 just sound amazing! i have to give him that i can’t love the BMW
new engine noises they remember me of playstatoin a lot:( WHY,WHY OHHH
WHY?? everytime you give a brand some credit for their awesome engine
noises they tend to fuck the successor:( 

verneri883 says:

Hooooly shit… M3 is monster

85Pagani says:

LOL..A very nice comparison. Sedan compares to Avant, seriously? NA-engine
compares to turboengine, seriously? The real power of the M3 by the
dynotest is 449 hp. The M3 has more torque, and the M3 is muuuuuch lighter
than the RS4, what did you excpect to this race. And the RS4 Avant really
competes with the M3. Hellouuu, noup, if the RS4 has a Sedan model, then it
competes with the M3. Lets wait the next gen RS4 and RS5 (+475 hp and +100
kg lighter), the RS5 competes then with the M4. And if the RS4 Sedan don’t
comes to production, then the RS5 Sportback will competes with the M3 Sedan.

I just don’t get it this kind of comparisons. 

Vince Garage says:

WEIGHT makes a huge difference here!

Rihards Mors says:

It’s not enought for being old and ugly, plus it’s slow :D

winnipower says:

The new C63 will kill both easy.. :D 

br0lypl says:

Weight and Nm Nm Nm

Yemi T.O says:

Destroyed it lol

sean siew says:

I know what BMW did to the new M3,first,they start on with weight reduction
as an addition of carbon fibres to a car,and improve power and torque

KidWeazel says:

cool race!!…still rather take the audi though LOL

iamanoobiecheez says:

The engine note doesn’t sound that good in the M3…. Normal aspirated
engine sounds better. That’s a lot of torque from the new M3. It behaves
like an AMG.

trident3b says:

errr… was that a statoil truck in the background?

grey71644 says:

At least that RS4 got a nice V8 sound ;)…anyway ///M

GT7786 says:

Love the RS sound, hate the M3 sound. Love the speed, though.

TheEryk03 says:

Turbocharged engines are strong but I still prefer rs4 and N/A high revving

Jack says:

These new M cars are very fast! They are way underrated on paper. 

Rijad Kolukaj says:

Poor audi

David Keogh says:


pacemakermas says:

now they are going to say that the BMW has started on first!

VivaLaFelix11 says:

so you want engine sound or speaker sound ? ;)

J3n555 says:

@koschtineedssomefun Bmw has twin turbo and 120nm more torque. Give the v8
twin turbo and see what happends

Krakle and Pop says:

Ouch. Gotta love the M3′s formula of light weight + more torque + an
underrated engine. That inline-6 sounded pretty good too! +Gustav Träff You
should race the M3 against a 991 CS. They would be very close. 

jojajo2707 says:

Gustav, why dont you make standing starts? when u do standing starts
everybody can clearly see the advantages and disadvantages of a car. awd
cars mostly will be faster to 100 but after that rwd car are faster. Or you
could show that the new M3 accelerates as same fast as the awd RS4. what do
you think? Or maybe do both – rolling and standing starts

Rayan Fernando says:

wow! love the M3s exhaust!!

Roland Renno says:

Silly is anyone who thinks the Audi RS4 is not new, and that the M3 won
because of the torque only. The Quattro system is already a big advantage
for Audi, so I guess the M3 beat the RS4 because of the way power/torque
delivery are. Besides, BMW always kicks Audi’s a$$.


Jim Bents says:

both cars excel in their departments. i miss my avant. 

Samuli Pentti says:

What a surprise – not.

michel dieuze says:

i can not find the huge difference .. if given the weight of the Audi

onoitsaWRX says:

I remember a time when the B5 RS4 when king of the hill in straight line
speed (vs E36 M3 and C32). I kind of miss those days. Seems like Audi has
become softer by the release. Neither the current RS4 or 5 are worthy of
the RS badge. 

Kuhmo KurculjaVEVO says:

Bimmer killed it. :)

Dale33333 says:

I’m waiting for the new C63 AMG, let’s see if it is faster then M3

Steevenoo says:


blackswan says:

not a surprise in my eyes. the audi V8 engine is just bad. it might have
around 380hp more or less but not 450 in the rs4 and not 420 or now 430 in
the r8.

700rwhp says:

WOW, that Aldi got broken off hard!!!

v8kozik says:

Still rather take the RS4, because of a naturally aspirated high revving

Yaroslav Ehln says:

550 NM + weight!!!! M3 IS A MONSTER! 

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