500 hp Audi S4 quattro vs 12″+ of fresh snow! Unstoppable…

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Last night we enjoyed a great winter storm, well over 12″ (30 cm) at my house. I wanted to see if my lowered Audi S4 on Dunlop Wintersport 4D snow tires was …


Peter Balla says:

murica.. where a family has 3 cars, and I’m just wondering, if i can buy a
bmw e30 with 100hp because the taxes are so high…

Riley Snyder says:

My 165hp 1999 Impreza 2.5rs goes through snow better than this thing
does… Not very impressive…

RazorFX says:

Recently I saw a video of a guy who retrofited an LSD from a 944 if im not
wrong into an S4 like Yours. Man did that thing move!

sevenpointsixtwo says:

subaru’s awd system is better

C Thomas says:

“After all. It is just a little Subaru.”

Pfft. Please. Put your S4 up against an STI in a rally.

The Audi won’t even finish before something electronic breaks and locks it

Alekss LALALA says:

Audi is better than Subaru…
That was Audi A6 Allroad or A4 Allroad?

Matthew Fant says:

That’s crazy, lol. I mean it’s entertaining, but didn’t it hurt your paint
a bit there?

Max Williams says:

I’ve always wanted a b5 s4, this one looks great. I saw a 2002 avant for
sale in Birmingham with 75,000 miles I might take a look at. 

Drumpower AR says:

In front a german PLATE and in the back from the US? LoL

dudelivestrong says:

All these comments are jealousy,

Dylan Sanderson says:

is that subaru snow blower an STI? u should engine swap it

Max Hanna says:

I’m just gona say I’m mad at you for not letting the turbo s warn up before
going on your quick drive…but, ill say…nice s4 you got there buddy ;)

mrstormuk says:

Breath harder faggot 

Macht Schnell says:

Both Audi and Subarus are good cars no doubt. But, here is the difference.
Slam an Audi door shut: Sounds like *THUNK*
Slam a Subaru door shut: Sounds like *TING*

Try it. I did it with a 2011 A4 and 2012 WRX

Rockwood Joe says:

Doesn’t look like twelve inches….. that’s what she said!

analanalyst says:

all of you shut up lol… Audi is better then Subaru in every way so we
will just leave it at that

fazer1RLG says:

Nice clean little Audi. Love the color on it.

8eRiChE7 says:

I had a front wheel drive 02 impala front wheel drive could do this as
good with winter tires on. If its on pavement its easy. Nice Audi though
love that color blue. I want to get rs7.

Иван Иванов says:

Too many cars for only two american fat asses

Brayden Jackson says:

rather have a Subaru than your s4. 

Jeenius IAMa says:

german numberplate in the front? are you from around cologne area?

Patrick E. says:

lol, it’s 4WD but my FWD can handle that height of snow on roads like that.
I’ve been doing so for years…the key is good tires. don’t see any snow
that was hard to maneuver out of, how about throw some hills in
there….then see if it can go up or down without getting written off

themuffinman69 says:

Subaru awd ….hahahahaahaaaahhaahah inferior to quattro , any most Scooby
drivers can’t afford greatness

denmark39 says:

I guess this Dunlop sp wintersport 4D is the tire to get if you want to get
ahead in the snow ? 

János Kapusi says:

That’s a very nice car man! Congratulations! And the video was
entertaining. Thanks!

Maxxxshop says:

You’ve wasted your money. My friend does the same in his 1985 Quattro and
136 hp.

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