500 hp Audi S4 quattro vs 13″+ of fresh snow part II! Unstoppable…ALMOST

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Adam Olsson says:

Can I just ask, is it really economically sound to change cars like you do?
I dont mean to be rude, but maybe you have a different way of owning cars
in the US then we have here i Sweden. If you were to change cars every year
it would cost like 15.000$ in depreciation alone on a Q7, that is priced at
80.000$ new. And if you lease the cars, the lease is usually for 3 years,
and most companys has a policy that you cant lease cars that cost more than
37′ $, meaning the best Audi you can get is an A4 quattro tdi with no

Zombie4416 says:

WAY to slow of an entry speed. you need the momentum. I’m from buffalo you
gone learn today. do you even snow drive bro?

Sebastian Schmitz says:

Well from my point of view i think you were a little to slow there (might
have gotten of the throttle for a second) otherwise it would’ve been fine

Tristan Rios says:

My dream: owning three Audi’s. Hopefully one day! 

Trilby Fanatic says:

Unstoppable! Unless you add one more inch of snow. 

jmonsterr says:

No more Dakota? Also, I’m jealous of your snow. We have almost nothing here
near the twin cities in Minnesota. 

Mike Adkins says:

My Blizzaks are jealous of all your snow!

J3n555 says:

We had over 1meter of snow here in northern sweden :)

metalmanjakson01 says:

That’s it. I’m selling my 330i and getting and s4. The old bmw is really
not handling this Michigan winter well.

mikent256 says:

Honestly, I hate those tires. Had them for a Speed 3 and they were the

R3define says:

Beautiful S4. That steering wheel obviously doesn’t belong. Haha. Do all
the buttons work as normal?

ThatGuyNamedScott. C says:

People say SUVs are better in snow. I disagree. My audi is so low it simply
plows the snow away from the wheels haha

o0julek0o says:

Wat a knob. Also, I smell an Audi fanboy. OP is a faggot

hxrly says:

Crazy weather. Here in the west tip of Texas it snowed about an inch and
the whole town shut down operations. 

studencikpb says:

nice, thx for upload

Nathan Thibaudeau says:

Man I want to see more of your S4

ohrye says:

Very nice car.

Import Tuners Channel says:

Do a video of your A8

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