550 HP BMW M5 E60 vs. 480 HP AUDI S6 4.0TT

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BMW M5 E60 PP-Performance Stage 2 (550 bhp) PP-Performance ECU Exhaust System Modification vs. AUDI S6 V8 4.0TT Morendi Stage 1 (480 bhp) Morendi ECU Enjoy!


Алекс Туймешев says:

Адик RS6 -ой бы дернул ваш М-пакет даже не напрягаясь!) Считай серия А –
для души, S – для бодрости, RS – для скорости! ;)

FullHDsupercars says:

480 hp my ass

Gamershellboy1 says:


S-Dub Lorenzo says:

Somebody tell that bastard to shut up.

Melaifior says:

put 70 more hp on the audi and we will see who wins xD

Lubo Mesaros says:

audi realy NICE ! hahah 550hp vs 480hp ! audi !sprint 0km/h on 400m audi
win for 4×4 ;) …audi powa a low power haha …bmw crap had put there RS6
and not just S6 may be the difference;)

leakinboost says:

should be
S6 vs 550i
RS6 vs M5

ilir700 says:

Audi ist NUR das etwas sportlich VW.
Und EWIGER letzter platz.
BMW sonst nix……!!!!!!!

Dan Fonarjov says:

BMW Check Engine light at the end…. :(
I think Audi had good 1run and then the turbo got hotter and not so
constant result as natural aspirated engine… 


WoOoW Audi ❤️

hamad alrumaihi says:

Audi did a great job

Mohammad Afifi says:

that is more than just good for an S6 .. imagine what an RS6 could do

Bill Taylor says:

Cool BMW lovers, it takes an M5 with a STAGE 2 tune to accomplish this
task. Give the S6 a Stage 2 tune, then remake this video. SPOILER ALERT!!
APR is coming out with a STAGE 2 tune for the C7 S6 and I will be uploading
my videos of my S6 crushing the competition!!! Stay tuned!

мурад садыкбеков says:

супер тачки

Sebastian Maid says:

Stage1 vs stage2 :O ..what should be mentioned is how much more Torque the
AUDI has because it is charged.

Max Wisocki says:

bmw gibt Gas haha Audi ist für gey

Jay Singh says:

Dame that m5 is quick AMD it’s the old one

arenc muka says:

try with rs6 and see your ass fuckin m5

Рамо Махмудов says:

but they say that the king bmw track! 550 hp (BMW) can not take a 480 hp
(Audi), I very much love audi!

AuDispEedFrEaK602 says:

Stg2 bmw vs stg1 Audi yea bmw berly pull so gay

HoU4x217 says:

Old generation BMW M5 with the new generation of A6, not bad for the M5 E60

BMW Powa!

Mustafa Max says:

audi умница 

12o1 says:

lol wtf . u guys crazy. M5 ftw again. that first race was bs, all with
traffic, who knows what pitfalls the M5 had to avoid. the other races show
what was really going on

altimgamr says:

That was literally one of the closest races I’ve ever seen! Both cars were
almost exactly even. Amazing cars tho and they sound badass!! 

Marite Deltamike says:


Max Wisocki says:

бмв адехает хаха ауди ат

PTR Decani says:

I thought the M5 was going to slaughter the S6, but boy was I wrong.
Equally tuned and the S6 keeps holding with the M5, nice!
Now imagine if M5 met the RS6…

Mika Rosvall says:

Audi was surprising fast..

n8neiTen8n says:

:O oh my God, I just want to say: “O KURWA! :D”

Faith Yes says:

hahahahhaha GO AUDI GO GO

luvvten says:

You know a tuned s6 is just as fast as the rs6 right? Just one fking
computer chip. Bmw is still a better machine, a real machine. And it took
audi 20 yrs to catch up, if bmw ever wanted to change their tradition, that
will not be called ultimate driving machine. No any other car can beat that
yet, the driving pleasure.

sean gash says:

fuck that audi how can you all not clearly see that the M5 is just plan and
simple the better car.

Mr Kruger says:

This is the latest Audi S6. The e60 M5 came out like 8 years ago. Bring the
RS6. The F10 M5 will rape it.

UzzyFuzzyy says:

audi Shit6.

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