5th Gear – BMW E24 6-series

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Quentin Wilson reviews the BMW E24 6-series grand touring coupé. Originally hosted as a .mov on my dotMac homepage: http://homepage.mac.com/mustang_dvs/auto-…


Bavarian Banshee says:

I bought my ’85 635CSi in May from a man in Lafayette, Colorado. She’s
white with beige, leather interior, and a 5-speed manual. And she only cost
me $2800 (£1716.18).

jk mj says:

just bought one ‘ 86 635 csi with auto trans. . from this dude in North
Hollywood Ca . all documents 0f service and repair provided… actually
from the previous owner the N. hollywood dude bought the car from . .. im
the 4th owner !! so far so good !! .. will be in My garage well taken
care of !!

IDontUsePicks says:

Yeah go for a 5-speed. The auto trannys on these tend to die around 100K
miles, unless its been babied. Plus what’s the fun in an automatic?

atama23 says:

I just bought one :) pride and joy :)

nelutzu252 says:

look good ))

Asae2 says:

in last few years the prices for that E24 models raises a lot !

Asae2 says:

sorry for that bad video-quality you see not much details aso.

78motomag says:

Get one while you still can. I started shopping 6/13. Found an acceptable
one late 11/13. Get a good one. Mine, ’85 635 is now my daily driver.
Love it.

mrzkhan1 says:


TheKrazyRussian says:

@iwousa nah g e30

Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster says:

As much as I love the E24, the E9 is superior in the looks department.

secretmarksman says:

did he say to go for the automatic? not impressed >:(

Marcus Favonius says:

This makes me miss my car. I bought a beautiful black 635csi in 2008 off a
guy who rescued her from a ranch where she’d been baking in the sun for 20
years. It was a steal just under 1000. Guy gave up the resto due to the
headache of finding parts. Best car I ever owned while I had her. A real
driver’s machine, and a beauty to look at. Anyway, I finally had to give
her up this year because of overheating problems and lack of cash to fix.
Maybe one of these days I’ll buy another :

M6zealot1 says:

Its a beautiful car, its shame he had to put the ///M badge on the boot
lid. Hes not fooling anyone. Being an owner of a REAL ///M 6. I hope he
will remove it, it just looks plain silly. Its also located on the wrong

John Ford says:

@sharkd59 – There was a CSi too. @shadowexr2 – Yes they are even better
looking than the beautiful E24 (which I own). The main problem with the E9
is . . . rust. The bodies were from Karmann and are full of places where
moisture gets trapped. (The first E24 had Karmann bodies until BMW wised
up.) For this and other reasons, a good one is 2-3X more expensive than an
E24 in similar condition.

Abraxes911 says:

I’m coming up to my 1-year anniversary with my 1985 635 :) This was one of
the videos that convinced me to buy. I got a manual though, haha.

Toby Carter says:

I had a 1985 635CSI as a 21 year old and yes they were rare and special,
you could go months without seeing another on the road, I always got the
thumbs up and pulled by the police as they just wanted a look! Ok perhaps
it was a 21 year old in a BMW coupe at the time! However as has been noted
the electronic selectable auto box (as surprisingly good as it is to drive)
failed and i had to move it on!

sharkd59 says:

The engines? No. (Save for the 380SL’s, which are time bombs.) The
electrics? Definitely.

Christopher King says:

Exactly. I wonder why he covets the slushbox though, strange comment. This
is one of the 80′s BMWs I have not YET owned.

Andrew Garcia says:

I’d rather have an SEC than an SL, and still, they never made them with
manual transmissions, so… Naaahhhhhhhh

sharkd59 says:

I’m sad to say, that I’m selling my 6er. She’s been replaced by a more
“practical” family car — an E39 540i/6 M-sport. (If only I had a 2 car
garage.) Visit my website, dvsmith.net for details.

Prentiss Thomas says:

Quentin Wilson = Legend! I was brought up watching old Top Gear and watch
epic racing driver Needel, the super brilliant rally driver Mason, the
expert Bentley, the sexy Butler Henderson, the opiniated ambassador
Clarkson and the go like advisor to the millions Wilson.

mrsquishyboots says:

why did the overheating cost a fortune? A replacement engine doesnt cost
that much.

goheat77 says:

thanks for posting this, too bad the quality is poor :(

M Col says:

they’re not expensive if you know how to maintain them. parts from
suppliers the quentin mentions in many of his pieces, and a little elbow
grease can make 80′s BMWs as cheap/cheaper than any newer car

sharkd59 says:

@kernals12 Beemers are bikes; Bimmers are cars. There’s a reason that you
rarely see C107s, these days: SL’s of this vintage are plagued by
electrical and engine reliability issues, not to mention being a snooze to

Iwo says:

E34 is the most beautiful BMW EVER !!!!!

hassoonee says:

sexy beast

James price says:

FORSHAME,, Is that an ///M badge on that BOOT LID. Its not even in the
correct place. IF you are going to fake it at least put in the proper

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