750hp GIAC Audi RS7 vs BMW M5 F10 – Onboard at Shift S3ctor

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We jump on board an Audi RS7 complete with GIAC tune to 750hp running on MS109 fuel and an Akrapovic exhaust system to hit the half mile runway at Shift S3ct…


KidWeazel says:

where are the bmw fanboys? every audi video needs at least one bitch.

LukiPlaysMinecraft says:

Get wrecked BMW

verneri883 says:

Roll start and stock f10 is faster than tuned audi. 0-60 is for girls

Khalifa Khoori says:

RS7 is AWD, M5 is RWD thats why the Audi won.

Joe ChrisBlog says:

I only say: QUATTRO!!!!!! RS7!!!! :D

SuperSonicXP97 says:

And this just shows that audi has and always will be better than BMW

Shmee150 says:

Onboard an Audi RS7 with GIAC tune against a BMW M5

TheEryk03 says:

This RS7 vs APR RS7 would be great to see.

fe1138lix says:

What the hell? At 1:51 you can definetly hear the RS7 spinning it’s tires
even though is has AWD. Amazing power!

promodelred says:

Nice run and victory for the Audi. Anybody with a brain could’ve seen this
result would happen. Now lets throw a corner into the race, or race from a
roll and I’m sure that M5 could stay up with that RS7 even though it’s

newmabreu96 says:

i still think the rs7 stock would be first , masterpiece

Crosby4hyg says:

BMW makes better cars than Audi.

Nabs Zidane says:

Gtboard.com should come here and watch the truth.
A stock f10 m5 CAN NOT win against a tuned rs6 or rs7.

Dear bimmer of Sweden tell us how much power produce your m5.

To ppl who will tell me that the rs7 won because it was a race from 0 and
if it was a race from 30 the bmw would win sorry but no the tuned audi is

ione351 says:

полный привод на старте дает преимущество! 

Mustavi Bashar says:

the wheels on the M5 are beautiful, anyone knows whats the name/code of it?

Mclaren P1GTR says:


Asca Automotive says:

Hey, Tim. I’m a big fan of yours, and I love wathing your video’s, but your
channel is becoming a bit boring. We all loved to see more like the Bentley
tour, and the supercar compilations. Can you please make a video of
carspotting in LA before returning to England. I hope you’re not cross or
anything like that, but I think you need to know.
With kind regards from Belgium!!

DanieI Joseph says:

Should have shown the M5 camera angle!

DimensiiioN says:

The RS7 is one of my favourite cars ever.

dani Gomez says:

im a fan of BMW but this M5 is a big shit,E60 M5 is a best more more fast
nd more beatiful,M5 E60 F1 IS A BLACK BEAST!!!

OG Badger says:

750 hp to an awd… oh yeah its gonna hook up
m5 has wheel spin issues, would be a better race from a roll but at the end
of the day the rs7 will kill it from light to light… m5 shines on corners

TOZ_XCVI says:

Brutal, bmw was nowhere to be seen 

dehhari9856 says:

That rs7 is a beast! 

jeppe werring says:

unfair test


I love the RS7 so much

DanofNJ says:

Nice run dude!

hamza4real says:

M5 sounds better though

Johnny Pondering says:

Holly shit! I just the guy with M5 in the Valley today.

SupercarsAntwerp says:

Shmee, please make more carspotting video’s and compilations and more
vlogs. I was really interested in the Eurotour, Gumball, The Bentley Tour,
but some video’s are really boring…..

MikeyTubeHD says:

Beautiful vehicles, German Automotives for life

zhbroder says:

even with the savage exhaust it’s so quiet inside the cabin. amazing car
thanks for the footy

Kevin Li says:

After market doesnt prove shit.

anyone can fucking boost an engine to like 1K HP but it maybe only last
like 500Km.or 1s..

I mean I like mile modification on cars, like S2 or S1 tuning which
actually does help a lot .

There is no difference between the BMW and Audi here it just comparing how
dare and how much they r boosting their

cars with. 

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