All new 2014 BMW X5 Debuts: Everything you ever wanted to know

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Close ) The all new 2014 BMW X5 just debuted and we can report that it is more powerful, more stylish and even a little bit more roomy. The…


jump oricakle says:

the first gen had a really sharp look this generation is more smoothed down
I know they do this to increase the aerodynamics and boost fuel economy on
a car that really does drink a lot of gas but I still think the first gen
is better looking. by smoothing it down it makes it look more like a Nissan
or Toyota and you don’t by a BMW to have people make that comparison.

vassillioss . says:

Actually looks pretty damn good. Big improvement over the old x5. 

ComradeDoge says:

Did Germans get a bit too drunk when they made this?

Alexandros Mavrommatis says:

Sell it cheaper really 64 00

Vik Dylan says:

Best SUVs ever made for road use.

Gbanah Passmore says:

From a distance it looked like a Volvo. 

Lucky Singh says:

looks aged 

Lucky Singh says:

looks aged 

Alex Ponce says:

I hate the back, so ugly! The last generation is better looking.

Lexus Cohen says:

bmw lost me with this one

Djonkie Bonk says:

What is this the Hyundai X5? I have no doubt it will ride and handle
amazing as all BMWs do and the fun factor will be high but what the hell
happened to the look? I’d take a 2013 X5 in white with cream interior and
the TT V8 please. 

goddesseddog says:


Eric Zhong says:

do a review

juan manuel says:

The back of the car looks like the x3! Ugly as Fuck!

muhamad fakhrurazi massailan says:

Looks ugly to me. Wbout you guys??

jorge arevalo says:

Man did BMW lose their way in Styling. Plus the reliability factor does not
make this a convincing buy. 

Филипп Верейкин says:


Abdulrahman Alghamdi says:

This SUV looks Korean
Like the Korean people who are excited to own it

Joseph Blowington says:

BMW’s don’t hold value though. It’ll be worth half the sticker price in
3-4 years. You can get a 2010 x5M with maybe 50000 clicks for 50-60k now.

Daru002 says:

where was this filmed?

Germo Staalfeldt says:

make car faster , but what about secure ?

skillz1855 says:

Bit on the ugly side, but it’s a bimmer so who cares, they’ll buy it

Nick N says:

Looks like a gmc from the front and a Hyundai from the back I’m

Michel0sso says:

Ugly? It looks badass to me, and I really like that. The old version looked
like an old lady car. And those moaning about Audi and that crap of Merc
looking better, well, gess what, my grandad thinks the same. Drive an X5
and then an Audi, Merc, etc. and then come back to comment… This car is
in another league with Porsche and RR. Nough said.

Caroline Lincoln says:

IT looks nice from the front… but the fucked up the rear with those
headlights… the old series looks better from the back.

dvieneira says:

Lately mercedes looked better. Fire your designer

*Elegant Radiance* says:

Just like everyone else I will stick with my 2007 BMW X5, but I will take
that larger nav. Screen any day. And why does it look like the x3 in the
back? Lazy?

Grayson Williams says:

Excellent review his guy knows his stuff.

hotshot1240 says:

You fucked up with the back BMW. Lucky for you I really like the 2011 2012
model or I woulda seriously bought range rover or audi

R. Mahesh Madushanka says:

dream vehicle 

WorldRichestWomanCOM says:


Dolly Plester says:

Sales Consultan 081212227602
pin bbm : 75A341A

Price list 2014

BMW Serie 1
116i Sport 1598cc 136hp:
Rp 625 juta
m 135i 2979cc 320hp:

BMW Serie 3
320i Sport 1997cc 184hp:
Rp 695 juta
320i Luxury 1997cc 184hp:
Rp 747 juta
328i Sport 1997cc 245hp:
Rp 840 juta
328i Luxury 1997cc 245hp:
Rp 840 juta
335i Luxury 2979cc 306hp:
Rp 1.025 miliar
320 Diesel modern 1995cc 184hp: Rp 745 juta
320 GT Luxury 1997cc 184hp: Rp 960 juta

BMW Serie 4
435i Coupe M Sport 2979cc 306hp: Rp 1.125 miliar
428i Convertible 1997cc 245hp: Rp 1.180 miliar

BMW Serie 5
520d modern 1995cc 184hp:
Rp 935 juta
520i modern 1997cc 184hp:
Rp 958 juta
528i M Sport 1997cc 245hp:
Rp 1.105 miliar
528i Luxury 1997cc 245hp: Rp 1.115 miliar
535i M Sport 2979cc 306hp:
Rp 1,450 milyar
535i GT Luxury 2979cc 306hp: Rp 1.628 miliar

BMW Serie 6
640i Coupe 2979cc 320hp:
Rp 1,605 milyar
640i Gran Coupe 2979cc 320hp:
Rp 1,875 milyar
640i Convertible 2979cc 320hp; Rp 1.785 miliar

BMW Serie 7
740Li 2979cc 320hp:
Rp 2.250 milyar
750Li 4395cc 450hp:
Rp 3.225 milyar
760Li 5972cc 320hp:
Rp 3.810 milyar

BMW Serie X
X1 sDrive 18i Business 1995cc 150hp:
Rp 585 juta
X1 sDrive 18i Executive 1995cc 150hp:
Rp 645 juta
X3 xDrive 20d 1995cc 184hp:
Rp 935 juta
X3 xDrive 20i 1997cc 184hp:
Rp 945 juta
X5 xDrive M Sport 35i 2979cc 306hp:
Rp 1.515 milyar
X6 xDrive 35i 2979cc 306hp:
Rp 1,980 milyar

BMW Serie Z
Z4 sDrive 20i 1997cc 184hp:
Rp 1.070 miliar
Z4 sDrive 3.5i 2979cc 306hp: Rp 1.585 miliar

Raid Alkazmari says:

Not bad :)

loveVten power says:

the best looking x5? the first one. 4.8is my favor, aggressive as hell.

Antonio Arnold says:

awesome drive

The Fast Lane Car says:
MrGreenelight says:

Looks the same as every other BMW model does in front and the interior. But
the rear is just a butt ugly as the other X5;s . However, I wish they would
stop calling it an SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle). There is nothing utility
about a BMW;… They should be called cross over, or trans-genders. Utility
means capable of performing hard work. 

Owner says:

I’ve always had a better driving experience with BMW’s over any other
luxury cars in the market, but the one thing I’ve always hated was the
center consoles. It looks like something a 90′s car would have. Get with
the program BMW, give us a new re-designed center console system!

Argentum Boyle says:


ashman0071 says:

LA Auto Show had one on display. For lack of me thinking of a better word,
I would agree that the styling is ‘incoherent’. It just doesn’t look like a
well thought out package. This is typical for BMW, they always need 3 to 4
years of ‘refreshing’ to get their styling right. Owned a V8 E39 wagon and
would have to say it was, by far, the most unreliable ride I have ever
owned. Swore I would never, ever, buy a BMW again (it was my 3rd btw).
Easy with this one, how about no.

Tony Hanna says:

Strangely, the previous model looks better than this one. i’d choose a 2007
model over this!


if its chinese is cheap””’

Tony Kras says:

I wouldn’t pay over 20k for that x5, i hate that bmw made a 4 series and a
2 series they’re trying to copy mercedes way too much and because of that
they’re company is going to crash, i liked bmw back when each series looked
completely different and had its own special feature now all the cars from
the 2 series through the 4 series looks exactly the same, to me i would
much rather grab a ml over this x5 any day, if bmw fucks up on the new 7
series like they fucked up on everything else mercedes is going to eat bmw
alive, the s class is going to be near impossible for bmw to top

samlonzo70 says:

BMW = best in the world. US made cars= junk

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