All new Audi A5 Coupe 2012

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All new Audi A5 Coupe 2012.


Viet Nam says:

THIS IS NOT 2012 Audi A5!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s 2013!!!!!! My AUDI 2012 A5 has
the old 1 Line headlight look.

Keyshawn Sampson says:

That is so stupid it’s still looks aggressive

Haddo Haddoo says:

Yupe! I agree with you! To me Audi A5 has been one of the best looking cars
and this change does not help the cause!

VIVIjr says:

Think i’ll stick to my A5 Coupe 2011. The 2012 Shape doesn’t look anywhere
near as ‘mean’ as the 2011 shape

mtksbctk says:

looks like a flattened/wider jetta

jFND90 says:

Not being biased, but I’d much rather keep my 2010 A5 than buy this one,
tbh. This one looks less aggressive, with the muted lines and wider body
shape lending itself to a more (dare I say) “feminine” look. This isn’t
what the A5 is built upon. The A5 is supposed to be the meanest looking of
the bunch – now it just looks like an offshoot of the 2012 A6. Damn, Audi,
you ruined the best looking car in your lineup (next to the R8, of course).

Edgar Magalhaes says:

I think that the old one was better looking… :s Still a good car though…

Jasper King says:

A bad face lift.

Charlie135i says:

Not digging the new LEDS the last one was better

Snake566977 says:

unbelievable. A5 FL with Audi Side Assist are not available for order, but
this car have Audi Side Assist.

Jose says:

Mercedes C coupe 2012 THE BEST!

Serguei Roudnev says:

Nice …. nature

DoNChRiSs says:

now he looks like the new A6 :/

SpeakerZoNHigH says:

what the f did they do….

X-TREM says:

Amen to that, bro! :D

lilfro2009 says:

lol @ the top comments

superzps says:

@edgar5241 totally agrees with u…… the front does not look as
aggressive as the older generation.

Keyshawn Sampson says:

More than the old this one is much better

Jason Wang says:

@edgar5241 agreed. Looks like an A4 now.

JupiterReturnz says:

Traded in your Lada did you?

Master Bruce says:

LED gives the car outstanding prestige. Saving for it now.

dunkelebene says:

Im glad to own the version before the facelift. Dont like this new design.

Eric Belanger says:

more like A4 coupe

Gerhard Kauschitz says:

omg everyone who says the old one is better, havent seen the new one in
reality. I saw them both, standing near each other. The old one just
looks… OLD now. For me, the 2012 A5 is sharper, and looks better.

Pierre Sanon says:

BTW isn’t this design supposed to be a 2013 model (not 2012)? From what
I’ve seen, that’s how it’s presented on most sites.

Ana Vega says:

totally agree

exoticrides7224 says:

I’d rather buy the old car.Waste of money on the new one which looks like
the new a4,a6…

Deltatist says:

this car doesn’t look so good and sportier like old one:/ now it looks like
some normal a6

DubVinC says:

Such a pleasure to drive these, Well behaved and at home on motorways,
windy rural roads and city driving. Prettiest coupe around too.

masterpinkz says:

el modelo anterior mejor diseño definitivamente!!

Arafet Kanso says:

where is this place ???? nice

DubVinC says:

Lol! Are they still going? I remember when skoda were utter shite, Now
they’re top class, volkswagon built.

evil2000it says:

much better the old a5…

Pierre Sanon says:

I wish/hope Audi will at least consider offering an upgrade to new advanced
LED head & tail lamps for the 2007 – 2012 A5 models. Because, the 2013
model’s body style (though attractive) is not nearly as compelling &
aggressive, it just looks like it moves slower. It seems like a new
feminine version of the A5. Overall I like the new look, but I’m mostly
glad that it doesn’t overshadow or make my 2009 look dated. Go Audi!

Haddo Haddoo says:

The Old LED..used to give it a wider look….

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