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Amazing All New BMW X5 M with 21″ M Wheels! Check the Exhaust Sound. Night Vision. 567 HP / 553 Torq. Executive Package & Driver’s Assistance Plus. Awesome vehicle. Car Review. Thumbs Up!


southbeach09 says:

Can’t wait for a video on the new 7 series.

Brandon Banducci says:

Awesome Night vision feature at the end of the video. Nice dancing Trish!

Asmir Sabovic says:

Does it have the door sills that light up and say X5M

Nick Satkovich says:

Finally, a great X5 M review. Thanks Scott and Trish!

AC1 says:

Can you show us bmw x5 :D

EnergYbomB says:

german cars… untouchable

Jermaine J says:

Great video, wish the BMW dealers here in VA cared as much as you guys do.

Stackin Benjis says:

that has got to be one of the biggest dealerships lol

Robert Zarate says:

Lucky man to be accompanied by Trish <3 lol

kaiser83n says:

Trish is super hot, show her more!! Everybody love hot girls and hot cars!
Great review.

Jermaine J says:

Can you get the X5M in Donington grey or Orbit gray?

Jermaine J says:

Frontal camera, would be nice if the M cars had that. I am sure that would
come in handy when parking, a couple of times I hit the parking stop when
pulling in with my old 545.

Tomthebombish says:

Does the light package come on the x6 m

J WAGS says:

116 my god i almost fainted

Deborah Waxman says:

Can’t wait for mine to arrive – on order to NZ. Thank you for the greatly
detailed video. So hard to buy blind but all my research via google up till
now is nicely substantiated by your video.
Very much enjoyed watching.

UzzyFuzzyy says:

ambient lighting is awesome

Dmitry Mukogorenko says:

This cool review!

23mpfootball says:

Nice meeting you today Scott! Still deciding between the M235i, 335I, 435I,
and the 228i. Do you think you could do a video on the 335i fully loaded?

Asian Jon says:


Anthony Graham says:

Great video Scott and Trish. Thank you. The night simulation interior shot
is a great addition to your shoot. Would be great to see that on all
reviews when convenient.

Thomas Dobie says:

Great video scott! Trish is looking fantastic too!! :)
I was wondering if you would pretty please do a 5 series review?
Many thanks!

Marcel Seck says:

You and Trish are a great team. It’s nice to see how much fun you have.

All my questions like it is possible to change the color of the ambient
lightning and so one have been answered except one. For me that is what a
good salesman does. You tease the customer with some nice features but then
explain them later so they feel well-advised and connected because you
already answered (nearly) all questions they had.

My question is about something you haven’t talked about. Since both cameras
in the front, front view and night vision, seemed to be in the center I was
wondering what the camera look a like thing in the left kidney is for?

AC1 says:

Can you show us your car :D please 

Rob Bay says:

Is the ambient lighting changing colors part of the new LCI m6? 

Paula Patel says:

Scott, I have been waitng so long for this video. Thank you so much for
providing! This made by day. You are truly a class act. Keep up the great

Sam Sum says:

are there all new 5 series come out next year too??? thank you

Rick Smooth says:

Thats what i have been waiting for you to show is the X5M! Thanks!

J WAGS says:

Does anything cover or protect the back were the tie down ares on the trunk
floor .. The track thats it on i would be nervous for things to fall into
the track and mess it up somehow.. like does anything go over that?

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