‘ Audi A1 1.4 TFSI ‘ Test Drive & Review – TheGetawayer

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After a long time waiting for it, I was able to test drive the smallest Audi in February 2011 … Visit my website @ http://www.thegetawayer.com or like my p…


66lesjo says:

Hi, I’ve been trying to decide which small car to buy after Christmas and
have watched dozens of reviews and still couldn’t make up my mind. I have
just watched your review on the DS3 and then this A1 review. I have finally
decided and will be buying the DS3. Thank you for your honest straight
forward and interesting films. As a car and Motorcycle nut its good to come
across something new and fresh. If my DS3 is junk though I will know who to
blame. Bye the way I spent a while in Germany in the late 80′s early 90′s
while in the army and loved it and the people. Best wishes and thanks. Les.

perrydononia87 says:

Shame you didn’t get one of the 1.4 tsi twin charged engines with the DSG
Cracking engine. 180bhp 250nm. I have a Ibiza cupra with this platform and
I must say it’s a very flexible package. You can keep up with a mk5/6 gti
I’ve had mine at 145mph (gps) and still have an average of 30mpg. Best was
52mpg on a 200mile motorway journey. 

Rui Luciano says:

Hello! Nice job on the review, but I have to disagree with you on the
consuming. To test a car fuel economy you must do a driving that it’s not
going always fast! I agree that the average that the maker says isn’t real
for us consumer’s, but you wore not far on the testing.
If you are testing the performance my measuring the handling on high speed
or on country roads to test the chassis, you can never analyze the
economics of the engine.

Thank you for the revie any way ;-)

Cosmin George says:

Ugly car and heavyweight car (1180kg) for a small one. In this range price,
you can get better cars. Only an audi fanatic will buy this car. For me,
Audi is a blend between Bmw and Mercedes. Not to sporty, not to luxurious. 

Babel368 says:

Hi TheGetawayer, I appreciate your reviews a lot! Will you make a video
about the S1 version of this car? Cheers!

G Bgli says:

Oh come on ALL Citröens are freaking ugly!

Del Johnson says:

My Wife bought one of these A1′s last year and I have to agree the MPG is
nowhere near as good as Audi would like us to think.

Daniel Bianco says:

It was a great test drive. And I’m seriously considering buying an A1. I
have to agree that its a bit expensive and the additions are also
expensive. But I will have to disagree with the consumption. You tested the
little car in the autobahn. I believe there are few places in the world you
can go that fast. Also, I have to see it from my point of view. I live in
Argentina. We only get the top line cars. The most expensive DS3, Mini and
Mito. So this Audi goes, more or less, in the middle.

dreamerbln says:

What is your opinion to Audi A3. Pitty that there is no review by you.

TheEddieoliver says:

Yes don’t buy an ex rental. I used to work for Hertz UK and the cars were
hammered from day one. We employed Polish drivers and as soon as new
vehicles were delivered there first journey was spent going 2 miles down
the road to be fueled up, the engines spent the first 2 miles of their
lives at 6,000 rpm plus bouncing off the limiter. Not good at all.

TheGetawayer says:

@MiguelRelvas1 : I don’t hold anything against Audi. Infact I love their
cars and the brand just like most people that watch this video. I know
about the 185bhp version ! Will rent one for a review, when it’s possible

TheGetawayer says:

@daCrime7 : Thanks for the kind words and your feedback !

Mike O says:

great review! I have one of these on order. My issues with a couple of
points in the review, maybe you can clarify? Driving this car at 70-85 mph
(115-135 KPH) which is the average speed in the UK how is the fuel economy?
I would expect any car flat out to use more fuel than manufacturer
guidelines state. Citrons- They have the resale of something made out of
paper plates… They fall apart, breakdown, rattle and generally have
quality issues… Would you agree?

TheGetawayer says:

@molch94 : Klingt nach ner guten Idee. Aber du hast ja die Preise gesehen,
was ein RS1 dann wohl kosten würde ….

João Carlos Santos says:

Glad to see you’re back!

TheGetawayer says:

Thank you very much for your feedback ! I hope you check out my review of
the DS3 THP150. It’s not my best video, but I really really loved this
Citroen. Greetings from germany

TheGetawayer says:

@szcz : Burg Frankenstein / Mühltal. Heißt wirklich so :)

jzy0104 says:

very nice car,is bmw not considering a competition for this?apart from the

TheGetawayer says:

The 185 hp version is a nicer package. Very dynamic for such a small car.
Sadly it only comes with the S-tronic and I would love to have a manual
like the one I drove here.

TheGetawayer says:

@Ozman6666666666 : Thanks for your comment ! Well yes, I was driving flat
out on the autobahn, but still this engine is known for not being very fuel
efficient here in germany. My 7,5 Liter on 100 kilometers are quite bad for
such a small car. It will be very hard to get it to less than 6,5, I
think… The Citroen is a great car. It felt pretty solid to
me…Long-term-testing could be different, but I think Citroens are very
popular for good reasons in the UK, arent they ?

molch94 says:

audi sollte undbedingt den RS1 rausbringen! von mir aus mit dem s3-er motor
aber sechszylinder wären auch nicht schlecht!:)

TheGetawayer says:

@jowarni :I wasn’t driving flat out all the time. The fuel tank would have
never lasted for 500 kilometers, if I had done that. Not even for 300
kilometers…It was just an extreme example and a reproduction from a test
that a german car-magazine had done. I mentioned that in the video too

Miguel Relvas says:

@TheGetawayer Nice! Thanks!

slovan says:

Fuel consumption depends on your speed. So, if you’re driving really fast,
you will use more fuel.

dreamerbln says:

I’m interested in the Audi A3 S-Tronic. I have driven some weeks ago the
manually 2.0 TDI 150PS version. It was great and I’m dreaming to get one of
them :P What do you think about S-Tronic?

minibus1351 says:

i agree with this guy. DS3 is probably the better deal. If it didn’t have
the badge, i’ll probably wont be this expensive!

Daniel Eastwood says:

I love your accent and your reviews are very informative and fun to watch.
Keep it up! :)

BeeSee123 says:

Have you driven the 185 HP sport plus version and what’s your view on that?

TheGetawayer says:

@radiclaed : Thanks for your awesome and detailed comment ! Many people
think different about the fuel consumption, but the autobahn-test was just
a reproduction of a test a big german magazine had done. Read a few other
german articles about this car and all say that this engine isn’t that
great at fuel consumption. I try to be very honest / authentic in my
reviews and tell my true opinion. Still I hope you will have fun with your
new ride. Test Drive it before you buy it ! Greets

TheGetawayer says:

@davidr8849 : Thanks, that’s what I try to be all about as an independent

Endureromex says:

Thanks for this test. I couldn’t test drive the A1 because they are
sold-out in Mexico and you have to wait for about 4 months to get one. I
live in Puebla at 2100 meters above the sea level, same as in Mexico City.
You need more power to compensate for the altitude. My biggest concern was
the engine, so you confirmed that it is underpowered. I took a look at the
numbers and my pick-up Toyota Tacoma has a better weight to power ratio
than the A1. What do you think about the 185hp A1?

blizzard104 says:

mit einer vernunftsausstattung, ist es kein problem ein gutes, spaßiges
auto für weit unter 20k€ zu fahren. wer auf navigation, megasoundsystem
sowie übertriebener motorleistung (86ps mit turbo sind bis zu einer
geschwindigkeit von 140 ausreichend) verzichten kann, fährt immernoch einen
brandneuen, praktikablen und wendigen audi. insbesondere der günstige
unterhalt (versicherung, steuern), sowie der hohe wiederverkaufswert und
die sehr gute verarbeitung sind wichtige punkte 86ps 120km/h= 5,5l…

BeeSee123 says:

Have you driven the 185 HP version and what’s your opinion on that?

Santi Alcála says:

Man nice video, i want your job and an Audi a1!!! cheers from Mx!!

maninthestreet01 says:

You drove the car at 200kph+, and at 4000 rpm+, and you wonder why you
didn’t get good fuel consumption? I’m currently test drving an A1 1.4 TFSi,
and am easily getting below 7l/100km.

sambuka1989 says:

Thank you for your review. I was so tempted to buy this car but I have
decided not to, it is just too overpriced. Sure it has the Audi premium
feel about it but in order to match the standard options you get on the
other supermini’s out there you need to tick many options, and those
options push the car way over budget for a small car like this. I think I’m
going to get the new Clio 200, the quality doesn’t really compare with the
Audi but for the price and performance it’s a winner in my book.

Tariq Sayed says:

hey I love your reviews! I am thinking of getting the A1.. my first car was
a VW Polo too! :D

MrBasit1989 says:

And then you flat out?? Also modern engines need to run-in. The new owner
of this car will thank you i think….

Paul Hitchcock says:

This popular view about Citroens in the UK was never true; regarding the
small ones at any rate. (This is from family experience.) The DS3 I now
have is, however, a great step forward. According to one used car guide, it
is amongst the top ten least depreciating cars in the UK. I have no
personal experience of the A.1 but it looks as if it has absolutely no
flair. I might have considered one if the DS3 did not exist.

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