Audi A1 first drive review – evo Magazine

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Full review: The Audi A1 is arguably the most important small car to be launched thi…


samuelberman100 says:

Love the guys enthusiasm!

rickylayal says:

looks ok, but i’d go for a ds3!!

mrd88888 says:


MyAyit says:

i rather buy a scirocco rather than buy this piece of shit.

X says:

The front is very cool, but the rear lights are horrible!

guigow2004 says:

Mini and Fiat 500 >>>>>>> Audi A1

Fathil Shahab says:

WHATTTT??? “…It’s not for you and me”??? How do you know what I want?

Molo9000 says:

@Tomaszeks I doubt that a video of the speedometer is enough evidence. It’s
only a fine of 120-160Euros anyway. I might be wrong but I don’t think
driving offenses abroad can get u any points on your license. Even inside
the EU. If he had a German driving license he would get 3points for this or
even be banned from driving for 1 month if he got above 141km/h (87mph).
(I’m assuming that the speed limit on that road is 100km/h (62mph).)

xicot86 says:

What a ugly car

D Ochc says:

You only frefer mini coopers because is a british brand

FootprintsElsewHere says:

ibiza cupra

Eduardo Cortazar says:

just a review summary….. it feels german

terminator689 says:

What the hell is up with this reviewer?!! He says MINI a million times in
the review.

Alexander Borm says:

@lene2free amen

an50331 says:

wheres chris harris

ALFTUBE50 says:

Buy an S3

kartkidchun says:

@scrustle I happen to think the Swift is a cool looking car.

Blaze and Ace says:

@guigow2004 “Fiat 500 >>>>>>> Audi A1 ” LOOOL Fiat ? Seriously ? Somebody
cant afford a real car here. Fiat … lol

ScotttyR94 says:

He mentioned Mini 10 times. I counted.

nzroadrider says:

They’ll sell shit loads of them, that’s for sure.

kagolko says:

rather than buying this – I’d have 2-3 years old A3 or A4. of course with
much better engine and stuff in the car..

NukEsC says:

thats one ugly shit

Aldo Benavides says:

Waiting for the S1 !!!! d >,< b

ThatGuyNamedScott. C says:

Or get a fiat 500

Gangreen167 says:

It looks decent but to beat the champ (The Mini) you have to be more then
just decent!!!

Alexander Borm says:

you’re drivng on the wrong side of the road

mqmqmwmw says:

@rforracing no, its a premium car, duh

HHsomeoneHH says:

This video should be called: “Mini A1 Mini drive Mini – Mini Magazine”

JobbiJabbers says:

The mini….the mini….the mini….

T0mat0S0up says:



This is no way comparable to the mini cooper or cooper-S wait for the
upcoming S1 then we shall see

NS says:

@terminator689 On the take ?

Razor4ever says:

give it 2.0 tfsi and quattro and its sold !!

Scrustle says:

@kartkidchun I agree I would actually rather like to have one.

rforracing says:

What does this guy expect from a 120hp car? Its an economy car, duh.

Hollyweed says:

@lene2free hey who knows he might be right :)

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